ApeCoin DAO Headquarters on Otherside

Title : “ApeCoin DAO Headquarters on Otherside”

:right_anger_bubble: One sentence summary of idea : Today, we don’t yet know much about Otherside, but it is certain that the ApeCoin DAO must have its place, and offer activities in this Metaverse in the future !

:point_right:So we need our headquarters !

:pencil2:At least 1-2 paragraphs of description : We don’t yet know everything about the future possibilities on Otherside, despite the fact that in the last few weeks we have more and more information about the possibilities for each of the Lands (resources, sediments, vessels, etc.)

BUT one thing is certain, we know that the exchange currency will be ApeCoin.
As the best representatives of ApeCoin, ApeCoin DAO must be present on Otherside in a symbolic way by having its own property.

:spiral_calendar:Steps to implement :
My example here is Land #22 but of course it could be another one.
(22 in relation to 2022, the year ApeCoin was born)

    1. Select the appropriate land : Discussion with the members of the Discord WG0 / thank-ape chanel, of the criteria for choosing the Land
      (location, for example not too far from the center and therefore from the Clubhouse)
    1. Buy/Add this land in a dedicated ApeCoin DAO Wallet
    1. Provide communications related to Otherside news, in order to onboard more and more members to ApeCoin DAO. It will be a great communication tool.
    1. Start working on the possibilities through a group of invested members of the ApeCoin DAO, why not the Working Group dedicated to the Metaverse?

:moneybag:Cost : depending on the choice of the Land.

If we retain the idea of ​​a central location…

  • Currently, you can find about twenty lands located in the 999 closest to the center, for a budget of about 20 ETH.

  • Even better, if we want to have a position on the central island of the Clubhouse (just under 350 lands), there are 5/6 Lands available for a budget of around 55 ETH.

If you like this idea, please add a a comment, we will have the opportunity to talk about it in order to define the selection strategy for this future Land to create our headquarters there.


I like the sound of this idea. While we know the DAO itself isn’t capable of custodying assets (like an Otherdeed), this sounds like it might be a fit for our Metaverse Working Group Charter (AIP-245), which is currently pending Administrative Review. I’m curious how the logistics would work, both in this ever-evolving DAO structure as well as in the actual Otherside itself.

I also wonder if paying a premium for being in the center island will offer any additional perks aside from the “clout factor” of being central. I’m not clear if all other Deeds are equally accessible regardless of their placement on the map, since it seems we use portals (based on First and Second Trip) to get from one deed to another.


Makes sense in general, but seems early / a bit ahead of its time. Though you’re clearly a better planner than me for planning that much ahead! Kudos on that :smiley:


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I feel like this idea is best to be brainstormed as a larger group when the ‘Metaverse Working Group’ comes out at a later time. (Although I do think the idea for an official DAO HQ plot is fun :purple_heart: ).

Might be too early to put this idea to a vote when we have very little information about the Otherside^^ Bc when we know more we can have better information with which plots to choose and what is a better use of DAO funds. (regarding land type, tiers, location etc.)

Just my thoughts :star2:


Also, if this AIP can comes at a later time I would also like to see it proposed with a specific 3D modeling metaverse building team attached. This way a budget can be formed efficiently and we can really get this done properly with a clear vision.


I really like this!! Looking forward to seeing how it works out. Any activation ideas that you can build into the proposal? Maybe educational opportunities for wallet safety or some kind of Welcome spot on the land, exchange kiosk… I know we still don’t know much, but as info comes out, it would be good to have some ideas for ways this could become somewhere people want to stop by.

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This hearkens all the way back to June ‘22 when this topic first came up. How much more we have learned since then, yet how much still remains to be seen.

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+1 to what the pink-haired, cool-glasses ape said


Agree, too early without more information about how Otherside will shape up.


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