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@FuriousAnger - DAO member.


The treasury dashboard should be removed as it is misleading.

The treasury UI displays (prominently) information which includes spent $ape, locked $ape & $ape which is unavailable awaiting dispersal.

Unfortunately most of this cannot be fixed as the data is never available in real-time - so the dashboard will always be unfit for purpose.


Readers will no longer see misleading/poorly explained data/graphics which are outdated & non-factual.


Treasury Dashboard - website which is linked via the apecoin landing page.



The treasury link will be removed from the apecoin landing page immediately upon approval.



Just want to add that this is not an attack on the person(s) who created the treasury dashboard. They are working with what information is readily/automatically available and can be scraped.

Can we make the UI a bit better without manual intervention always? Possibly. Possibly not. Not sure.

But we should discuss it and see what can be done I feel.


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Instead of just removing it, why not just ask @MemeBrains to work with the GwG to update it?


This one might be more of an SC thing as it falls on the ApeCoin website but can definitely vouch for Nodeblocks having worked with them so closely on the GWG side for our governance dashboard. Super easy to work with and always receptive to feedback. Lightning quick response times as well.




Just wanted to spread awareness that the number we’re greeted with - 290m - half is spent and half is locked up. Won’t be going forward with it. Would like it changed tho.

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Why remove access to info, instead of improve access to info.?
Super Agreed wrong info is also not ideal at all.
If update not possible, then maybe disclaimer of the date the information was last gathered, and verified.

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