@TheFatherOfAllStorms - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @TheFatherOfAllStorms

Twitter: https://twitter.com/duquepawlovsky

Educational Background: Medical university Ukraine, Music School, Microsoft program USA, Apple University USA while worked 5 years at Apple (Genius Bar and Corporate during pandemic and after), Malaga University Languages and International studies Spain, other certifications aside, tech and sport certifications (example: Freestyle Academy LAAX Switzerland for Big Air Safety)

Professional Background: Singer in chorus as a kid, DJ and entrepreneur at teenage years, Worked on National TV as a kid storyteller, practice as pharmacist and doctor, startups support in Andorra as consultant, director as restaurant and hospitality family company (sold), opened a fashion company in Spain Marbella bringing and collaborating with french and Italian designers (sold), telecommunication job; moved to USA and after more studies recruited to manage big EXPOS set up and support as well as smaller events (contractor), mainly as seaport execution center Boston, recruited for Genius Bar tier 2 escalation technician and stayed will apple till recently, was also a tester and set up person for product launches and liaison for LGBT coworkers internationally, after being selected to go to Singapore for one of the events I was locked there in a glass airport room without rights to call due to my invitation letter stating exactly the event purpose, I secretly connected to the internet and was rescued by the embassy 8 h later; advocate for woman rights within apple and invited to big international online webinars to bring awareness and told to Biggest Apple Employees in charge about it, bringing changes. When pandemic started I was offered to be one of the first support and escalation tech group AHA support covering AMR (USA and Canada) from micro office setup with personal node, my corporate training was done and also included support of companies and small corporations, other systems like Microsoft and private networks issues. After performing great my support expanded to all regions in the world regarding to the issue (from Oceania to equator, APAC, ALAC including EUROPE, AMR English support ), I heard heartbreaking stories and aligned with people in dee lever, from CEO startups to simple folks like me in tragic situations and serious personal outcomes due to tech support deficiency in their region. Soon I was offered to support spanish speakers too and was giving special training for Latin America, where I discover that things really heavily depends on contractors, from shopping to physical support, I connected with them in person or people with them. It involved a lot of personal managing skills as well as research and complacency, also I had to always check if job was done. Reopening started partially, I felt in the middle of the 2 words of office and international support , my bosses in corporate didn’t wanted to let me go, my bosses in retail and GEnius bar wanted me back. Corporate step in and offered me a new position in corporate escalations at the lever of Store escalations and retail support plus big orders and private orders escalations or activation issues and credits. I took it. Did training , someone who had joint venture share experience, fraud prevention (talked to enough very elaborate scammers) and tech ready, including database and bank compliance management - that was a perfect job for me. I had a lot of room to make money moves to make things right for any issue, other things I can’t actually even talk about, but putting it simple - there was no issue I could not solve or department I could not talk to help someone or prevent something. When reopening finally get to its pick - I had a lot of accumulated vacation, o wanted to take it ASAP before my interview and my salary review, I was one of the biggest out performers and was confident to fully move to remote work and maintain my little office. I didn’t feel any that power I was given, I felt that I can do more on international scale. So I fly to Spain , after sleeping a day later I finally wanted to make it to the beach, tech the sand and water, so I come down to it and on the first green light the speedy car jumps it and hits me taking me with it. I didn’t make it to the beach after all… 4 hospitals and half body in a cast later without ability to move I felt like my life as I planned it is over. Not to mention my wedding dress was stuck in Paris for 3 years and wedding itself cancelled due to pandemic. All plans were just wiped. I wanted to go back to work even if it was on a wheelchair because people need my help. Weeks pass and lo I realize is that I didn’t have enough time for myself and my other potentials, like creating, connecting with people on more levels. Ones I was able to move 2 fingers I opened my old Twitter I forgot about and just started to connect again, my Instagram sport folks, other media too. My sister came to take care of me to give my heparin shots, she kept talking about her boyfriend and his APES and NFTs and his obsession. I asked her: WHAT APES? AMC /GME (cz I was one of those on Reddit), she says: NO , THE NFT APES, he just flipped one and he is obsessed. I asked her if it was Binance art APES from Wu Kong Van Gough (because besides crypto I was collecting art), she said - NO, other chain, go on Twitter! So I went down the rabbit hole, got into Jenkins and more, learned minting form contract and so on. Weeks later I got more NFTs , found same minded folks, and it’s just was an amazing and sometimes surprising journey. Bad things also happen, but more good ones to me. Year later , felling much better and a new person I started to finally posting my own snowboarding and climbing photography to Foundation( who knew!), then I started to create experimental NFTs and 3D art and it’s just the part of this little beginning. I started the Twitter podcast “sipping with an Ape”, invite people who do interesting things and don’t get payed for it, I just do it for the culture. When started to walk again - started to attend events and meet people in person too. Apefest, charity events, small events and just meeting in person! While finishing my recovery and physical therapy that takes most part of the day, my office kept pushing fir the corporate programs to end and told everyone to return to the big office, I still have Sedwick approved and I can vacation I didn’t use yet. Next time I know is that many of my coworkers walked out the door in group or just left writhing couple of weeks. My big office calls me and offers the bump in the salary as well as respect my position but give me the one at genius bas ASAP, I explained that I actually can type yet properly or fully walk yet, they offer the disability desk regardless. I understood during this more time for myself that I want something bigger and can’t come back anymore, I want to connect more people and bring joy for bigger crowds. Still solving problems but more in a way of helping and preventing them. I was able to secure the mutant which showed me how supporting the community is, when I money was running out and I was affected by limited support the car insurance of driver under influence could give me. I needed a better doctors and recovery , apecoin changed my life. But the biggest support was not even that, biggest support was from the commute members after the russian invaded Europe and my grandma was kidnapped by caregivers for ransom, brought to the front and kept there. After my family being drained from money we was able to hire contractors and rescue her under the bombs shilling. She was brought to the hospital with further burns, she dies the next day. She survived nazis, red Russian empire invasion of Europe and occupation and hunger, struggles under Soviet rule, cancer, COVID and just die like that because of trying to save her orchard business during 14 years of rashian invasion. It mind seam unrelated but here is the thing: I would not be able to move on with all of this and keep being here if not for the communities I found and I want other people to know that I’m there for them too when they need it. During this struggles I was scammed and lost some valuable NFTs , folks I met irl offered gas to save the rest and were very supportive, even offered money to buy back - I refused at the end. But I also saw then the ugly sides too, obviously. For some reason my spirit didn’t die and soon later it gave me more every time promote good work of others, their ideas, research on the proposals and elevate the ones who deserves it without a doubt ! I think being the APE DAO council will allow me to shine the light on others and filter unethical founders. I see a bright future for us. I will be blessed if I can continue doing what I love. Thank you for this opportunity.

Nomination Statement

Let’s shine the light on the projects, that can bring joy and prosperity to all of us!


Never bored, always deliver! I want to elevate all of us and what we do, constantly bring value to the APES and the opportunities by research on the opportunities and detailed breakdown of the processed that can make it a success.


Team captain (basketball), camp organizer (snowboard camps), appointed to run corporate spaces as a council on work time as well as for outside work hours special spaces dedicated to elevate woman, LGBTQ and Latin communities, Charity gaming events at corporate, Dress for Success member / woman professional group. Voter support events. Garden society member for local community. Run spaces on Twitter inviting unique folks, trying to bring value to rest of the spaces and participating in web3 webinars outside it related to Web3 building/3D fashion/gaming and NFTs, participating in tech and designer events. IRL events are very important to me too, it brought a lot of connections to my life with amazing Brooke before WEB3, hope I can help with that too for the folks who looking for some support in it. I love to connect people and give them means and opportunities and platform to do so.


Several projects I am in have tokenized governance participation and token related participation and I’m gladly participating in them . What’s more important is my ability to shine the light on others when I have this opportunity, bring smallest ideas to life if they can really be big out performers and people as well.experience as business owner sure helps, alignment with majority too; But nothing can beat when you say the true statement and explain why something is great with details while the person or folks who brought the idea don’t yet realize the whole bigger capacity or benefits of it. I felt was always a teacher in my life, it’s an important part of bringing awareness and knowledge to your coworkers and anyone, but how you do it is more important. Sometime you have to separate the excitement from facts or improve the narrative to make it understandable to others. No one wants to hear tech details, even me, trust me. Changing it’s crucial role to the app leasing narrative that can be taken properly is important. I always explain why something must be done and ask questions before doing anything.

Concluding Statement

I’m a simple human that don’t give up on people with life and work experiences related to this work. Being a council is not a crown wearing and even crown is heavy when someone puts it on you. This is a job for people, it’s being a servant and bringing clarity of any intent and motion for action. How things done is important, not just a result and I want to help bringing the perspective of many and make everyone herd. Let’s do it together!


Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,

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amazing seeing more women running in the space

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Thank you for nominating yourself and for being part of the DAO. It’s amazing to see more women show interest in de-Gov. Wishing you all the best with your nomination and future involvement in the DAO. :saluting_face:


Thank you!
Looking forward for your suggestions and comments.
You can always reach me on Twitter @duquepawlovsky

Thank you very much!! yes! lets bring this nice wether change here!

  1. due to my multitasking abilities I will sure accomplish more then one thing. Nothing flies solo, everything is connected. If I were the bird - i will grow wings and need a good wind and air to fly and somewhere to fly. If i would be given a wind task - i would need the molecules to create one and place to sustain. Nothing elevates solo, I want to be the person that will shine the spotlights and help top accomplish things. This will affect the rest of the things related to the accomplishment.

  2. No. Thank you for this legal and unique question. Short answer is NO, noting is a conflict of interest.

Council is more than full time job. So if someone of the nominees has a job right now, project they work at or have contracts - it can be a very serious not just legal conflict of interests but also unreliable time frame limits. I would be also a conflict of interests if council would delegate any of private documents and administrative tasks to its private team, third parties and side hires. Council is not payed salary to not do its administrative tasks and its a lot of paperwork and checking and helping to make things proper.
And I understand that this concerns were raised the most in the last couple of days in spaces: is someone an influencer? Has too much followers to sustain? Has a personal interest to promote and project? works for other projects? payed by web3 companies or sponsored announcements for those? - So I will be checking all the profiles and really see if people ready to serve and help others or its one of the above and recommend everyone to do the same.

  1. Probably my favourite question here, And let me say i had a great discussion about it with DAO members on spaces yesterday and today.
    When you thing about reading structural proposals - people don’t like it. Im looking towards the ways of implementing the reading and specially for visual adult learners as well as people with disabilities , some prefer to listen to the text or watch a video. Languages inclusion is another thing. Spanish language, for example, is crucial to use an express on it as well as some other major languages. I can help with this.
    Even if proposals are in English - I am looking forward on helping and try to change the difficulty to a susses for multiple language groups and located in different continents. My multiple native languages for sure will help with that too! and most importantly people skills. Having to dial with vendors and contractors, running businesses, launching startups and setting them up for success , as well as 5 years in Apple Inc is not for nothing experience from me)
    Im planning to be proactive digitally in this, also proactive physically by attending small gatherings, meetings and mini pro events.
    So lets get to it!

  2. Koda make farts, farts, they are big (both), fats mind be a crucial element, now its all about interaction, Kodas must be freed before someone can fight them, Kodas can visit your land (for good or not - we dont know yet) and its provocative. They mind like obelisks and I hope they dont bite. Im scared of bites and mind get personal on it :smiley:


amazing! love seeing women in web3 shine🤍


More ideas of speed and compliance implementations:

I just posted a discussion about Otherside chains and Marketplace.
Please go there after this and interact.
It is a crucial topic after a discussion about YugaLabs proposing it’s own chain for Otherside development as an idea.
Please speak out your mind again, including the technical point I made and implementation of inclusivity and expansion of the OTEHRSIDE build.

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