Tracking events within the fold using ACT stack v2.0

Keeping up with the events within the space :

I’ve made this forum post to inform the other members about this fully functional Integration which I’ve built to help facilitate the coordination between important spaces within the ApeVerse and the Members who’d love to contribute more towards the discussion over there.

It’s increasingly harder and harder to keep up with all the spaces and discussions happening across soo many channels, so if you’re like me and need some help in this regard then you are at the right place.

Summaries are the best way you can keep up with all the new updates within the fold, we condense all that infomation into byte sized content which you can consume within minutes while gathering as much context as it can.

What can you access with this ? → Summary, Diarized Transcriptions, Agenda / TLDR, Archive of audio file and much more. Adding more functionality as we speak.

Before going forward, I’m gonna define a few terms :

Diarization (DZ) → Basically, who spoke what and when. Helps to add additional context to spoken data
ASR → Automated speech recognition

Now when I Talk about Transcription or Transcripts, assume I am talking about Diarized content

Here’s how you do it →

Simply add this as a subscription calendar to a device of your choice.

Link to the Subscription Calendar →

For iOS :

1. Open Calendar

2. Click on calendars on the Bottom middle part of the screen

3. Select 'Add Calendar' -> Subscription Calender

4. Add in Airtable link and click Subscribe

5. Boom, That's all

Step 1 → Add

Step 3 → It’s all done, now all you gotta do is click on the particular event you wanna access

Example : You clicked on the Special Council Debrief #50 (it’s still live atm so I was unable to process it, hence I’ll take another as an example)

You click on the link provided

The fields are empty cause the space was live when I was posting this

Now seeing an example which has some content :

The archive of the 5 hour spaces recording is embedded directly into it. It also has the TLDR / Agenda, the Summary and The Diarized Transcripts

For Google :

1) Go to →

2) Click on Other Calendars

3) Select `From URL`

4) Add the link to the subscription calendar given above

5) Add in the link → Add Calendar

6) Voila ✨ That’s all Folks !!

(Notice the yellow circle )


Result →

For Microsoft :

me omw to tactically acquire a Microsoft device

Link to Outlook → Outlook

Here’s the Process :heart:

1. Go to outlook calendar → [Outlook ](
2. Click on Add Calendar, right above My Calendars.
3. Select “Subscribe from Web”
4. Add in the Airtable URL and click on Import
5. Boom, That’s it frens

Result → Here’s what’ll greet you in a couple of minutes. :people_hugging:

This is calibrated for my Timezone (+5:30 GMT || +9:30 EST) . Will adjust accordingly to your timezone.

Will add it to a frontend at some point in the future, dunno when but one day. Maybe bully me into it :man_shrugging:

Why this approach ?

I’m gonna steal my words from before but Sometimes the simplest implementation is also the best implementation.

This was the simplest implementation which would let us modify those records and that being reflected on the calendar itself. This ensures even if schedules change, the people can be notified.

I’ve done some validation testing and have derived that the changes made to the main db will be replicated within 5 minutes. That’s decent enough :man_shrugging:

This allows the user to stay upto date with all events happening within the ApeVerse and integrate this directly into their existing calendar apps , without having to put in a lot of effort for a custom implementation.

Feel free to build around it, just include a thanks for me :sparkling_heart:

Hope this helps, Bye !!


Event Calendar → Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker)
Regional Events →


Automation and time management are my pain and suffering)


Time management is always a challenge, so definitely this is appreciated :sparkles:

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What a great job you’ve done… Thank you. I envy people who have such a great head)

same here bro :joy: and I’m always been nagged about it, time management especially, I somehow always tend to forget about some important stuffs and when I realize it, it’s either too late or something else :face_exhaling:


It seems to me that many people have this problem) I, for example, am no exception)

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This is a great initiative, the spaces are being too numerous it’s actually hard keeping up

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Ngl, that’s why i made this

Can’t keep up. One thing you can do is just go through the summary or TLDR to get the gist of it

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This is very helpful

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nice idea it will really help reduce our didficulties, thanks and keep up the good work


Time management is always a challenge, this will be a game changer

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This initiative is excellent, but the increasing number of spaces makes it challenging to keep up


Great concept! It’ll ease our challenges in time management, it’s a nice way to keep up with important stuffs

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Is this calendar still being updated?

Hi @bigbull

I’m gonna update the calendar tomorrow and it should be good to go for the next month or two.

I have to ask lost if the timings are the same for the spaces, or are they doing any other spaces as well or not

after that, I’ll get this up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, It’s been enough time that it has stayed offline


Updated the events and hour after making the comment

They should now reflect on the calendar


With summaries, diarized transcriptions, agendas, and more, it’s a comprehensive solution for those looking to stay informed without getting overwhelmed by the volume of information. Thanks for sharing this resource!


Thanks very much :yellow_heart:
In another discord we use sesh which gives ics link, roles can be allowed to create events.
We had that sync with a larger calendar that aggregated a few into one.

I never found an events on chain calendar.
imo, low maintenance and many people adding to it will help it be more sustainable.
I think there’s also a demand for a mega calendar of all major web3 events. Sync the entire space at certain events.