Translate the AIP proposals

Hello, as a non-native English speaker, it’s quite difficult for me to understand the various explanations in the AIP. Is there any future initiative to translate the proposals into French or other languages for non-native English speakers?

Thank you


Hey @redfish,

Bonjour to the DAO! To change language you can check FAQ topic below -

Note for the DAO members, we can implement Official Discourse Translator Plugin, I think Ape Assembly can make a quick vote to implement it.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


basic knowledge of English and Google translator solve this problem)
Although it would be great to perceive complex information in their native language, but who will do this)

Hi @redfish ,

We have recently added a multilingual plug-in that allows users to translate posts. In the user preferences, you can update your native language and then find a globe icon at the bottom of each post. This will allow you to view all posts in Discourse in your preferred language, translated by Google. The combination of this plug-in and the ability to set your native language in Discourse will enable you to read the entire forum in the language of your choice.



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