AIP-259: Language and Market Focus for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025

PROPOSAL BY: Mister Hype
PROPOSAL NAME: Language and Market Focus for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025


This proposal aims to establish clear decision-making processes within ApeCoin DAO to prioritize and focus our efforts on specific markets. By identifying selected markets and aligning our actions accordingly, we can maximize our impact, promote inclusivity, and build a stronger presence in targeted regions or demographics.


I am Mr. Hype, an enthusiastic member of the ApeCoin community dedicated to fostering inclusivity and driving community growth. Within the ApeCoin DAO, I actively contribute by streamlining proposals and integrating valuable feedback to ensure optimal success. My professional expertise lies in establishing and expanding early-stage media and technology ventures. With a solid background in law, I have accumulated five years of experience providing legal counsel in infrastructure sectors, including green energy, water, communications (5G), and natural gas. Notably, I served as a legal advisor for The Quarry Rehabilitation Fund, overseeing multimillion-dollar valuation executions, shaping long-term policies, and actively collaborating with the public sector to ensure democratic laws and implementation strategies.

About the web3 landscape, I have dedicated the past two years full-time to web3 endeavors. As CEO of an NFT investment DAO, I meticulously analyze market trends and possess in-depth insights into blockchain technology from a programming standpoint. My educational qualifications include an LL.B and B.A. from Reichman University, specializing in Finances and Risk Management. Presently, I take pride in my role as the creator of The Pixelated Apes and the visionary founder of PixeLabs DAO.

In short, The Diamond Handed Zombie :fire: :man_zombie:


The challenge we currently face is the need for collective agreement on which markets to prioritize as a DAO. While individual community members may continue activities in other languages, it is crucial for the DAO treasury to determine the focus of our efforts to ensure success in specific markets. By channeling our capabilities and resources effectively, we can dominate these markets and achieve significant impact.


The rationale behind this proposal is to ensure the efficient allocation of resources and the focused execution of initiatives within ApeCoin DAO. By selecting specific markets to prioritize, we can maximize our impact, promote inclusivity, and establish a stronger presence in targeted regions or demographics. The following points highlight the importance and benefits of adopting a language and market focus strategy:

1. Strategic Resource Allocation

By concentrating our efforts on selected markets, we can allocate our resources more effectively. By specifying the markets to be targeted, it enables AIP authors to align their proposals with the overall strategic goals of the DAO. This streamlining ensures that AIPs are purposeful, relevant, and contribute to the selected market objectives;

2. Clear Direction for Community

A clear language and market focus strategy provides the community with a sense of direction and purpose. It eliminates confusion and uncertainty regarding the markets we aim to target and the initiatives we plan to undertake. This clarity enhances community cohesion and allows individuals to align their efforts with the DAO’s overarching goals;

3. Enhanced AIP Impact

Concentrating AIP efforts on selected markets allows for a more significant impact. Instead of dispersing resources and attention across multiple markets, a focused approach enables AIPs to address the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities within the targeted regions or demographics. This focus enhances the potential effectiveness and success of each AIP;

4. Optimal Impact and Influence

A focused approach enables us to make a significant impact in selected markets. By concentrating our efforts, we can establish a stronger presence and gain influence within these regions or demographics. This can lead to increased market adoption, partnerships, and overall growth for ApeCoin DAO;

5. Efficient Decision-Making

Implementing a language and market focus strategy provides a clear framework for decision-making within ApeCoin DAO. It ensures that proposals and initiatives are aligned with the selected markets, avoiding dilution of efforts across multiple markets. This streamlined decision-making process improves efficiency, accountability, and the overall execution of projects. Focusing on specific markets allows for better measurement and evaluation of AIP outcomes;

6. Coordinated Market Expansion

By concentrating our efforts on selected markets, we can ensure coordinated and strategic expansion. Instead of individual AIPs focusing on different markets, a unified approach allows us to maximize impact and avoid potential fragmentation of resources and initiatives.

By adopting a language and market focus strategy, ApeCoin DAO can optimize its resources, increase market penetration, foster inclusivity, achieve significant impact, and streamline decision-making processes. This approach sets the foundation for a dynamic, diverse, and successful community that transcends linguistic barriers and expands its influence globally.


Selected Markets

Selected markets are specific regions or demographics that are identified and prioritized by ApeCoin DAO for focused efforts and resource allocation. These markets represent target areas where the DAO aims to expand its presence and achieve significant impact.

Language and Market Focus Strategy

The language and market focus strategy refers to the approach of concentrating efforts and resources on specific markets within ApeCoin DAO. This strategy involves prioritizing certain regions or demographics and aligning actions, initiatives, and AIPs accordingly to maximize impact and establish a stronger presence in those targeted areas.

Coordinated Market Expansion

Coordinated market expansion refers to the strategic and synchronized expansion efforts of ApeCoin DAO within selected markets. Instead of pursuing individual initiatives or AIPs targeting different markets, a coordinated approach ensures harmonized actions, collaboration, and avoidance of fragmentation in resources and initiatives. This coordinated expansion maximizes impact and facilitates the growth of ApeCoin within the selected markets.

Please note that these definitions are specific to the context of the proposal and may not reflect broader industry or community-wide definitions.


Mandate and Scope

The Language and Market Focus proposal for ApeCoin DAO in 2024-2025 aims to establish a binding decision that prioritizes market-focused efforts. The proposal outlines a framework for selecting markets in which ApeCoin DAO will concentrate its resources and initiatives in 2024 and 2025. The primary objectives of this framework are to align with the overall goals of the DAO, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the effectiveness of initiatives within the chosen markets.

General Guarantees
  1. Identifying specific markets that align with the following goals:
    A. Facilitating the growth of existing offerings and operations within the DAO.
    B. Promoting economic growth and reducing disparities through web3 activities.
  2. Cultivating the DAO as an inclusive community while targeting preferred areas.
  3. Establishing guidelines for incentivizing proposal authors to focus on the preferred markets, based on the defined priority strategy.
  1. Formation and approval of an AIP to establish an expert steering committee or engage an external consulting company, to suggest Language and Market Focus Strategy.

  2. Formation and approval of an AIP outlining the selected markets, along with the incentive rules and associated costs for the year 2024-2025.


  1. Formation of an AIP of a steering committee responsible for recommending potential markets, and engaging the services of an external consulting company or involving community members to conduct comprehensive market research, including gathering feedback and insights from the community.

  2. Analysis of the research findings and recommendation of specific markets that align with the outlined objectives. Development and refinement of the incentive rules and associated costs, considering the selected markets and the DAO’s available resources.

  3. Final approval of the AIP by the DAO members, to determine the markets to be focused on in 2024-2025, include rules for receiving incentives and determining the associated costs for the selected markets.


Milestone #1: End of Q3 2023
  1. Formation of Steering Committee
Milestone #2: End of Q4 2023
  1. Publish Language and Market Focus Strategy for 2024-2025
Milestone #3: End of Q1 2024
  1. Community Input and Feedback, and live AIP to vote on the Language and Market Focus Strategy & Coordinated Market Expansion.



So nice to see you taking the step right away on this. We had such an amazing convo just yesterday and ideas are coming around so nicely


Hi @MisterHype,

Here’s my take, the Discourse should be available in as many languages as possible. Ideally we’d have a native speaker who is familiar with ApeCoin DAO / Web3 to help interpret where machine translations fall short.

This would provide accessibility to as many people as possible and nothing about this needs any related business plan or enforcement on the AIP side, it’s just about providing access. Thank you,



Hey MisterHype!
The right step towards the expansion of geography. I would also recommend having people translate AMA Spaces from Twitter and publish them in text format. It might be nice to have AMAs in other languages too. We need not just native speakers of different languages, but native speakers of different languages who also know English. If I’m not mistaken, there was an idea to implement an ambassador program. So, if this idea is accepted, then having ambassadors from different regions, the task of translating posts, as well as conducting live broadcasts in other languages, would become much easier.


I’ve addressed an AIP about creating ways to diffuse APE Coin content in another languages. We could work together to craft a better proposal related to languages. I’m available to contribute and I’m from Brazil, so it’s one more language covered for us.

Here is the AIP I wrote: ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance - #144 by artbianque


I totally agree with Russell, translating important announcements, spaces and content for different languages is key for mass diffusion.
I do love the idea of translation broadcasts, spaces in different languages as well, one way to do that would be an well defined ambassador program, but since it’s not a thing yet we should definitely try thinking in other ways to achieve it as well


It is a wonderful idea. I can help you with some languages.
ApeCoiners! Let’s synchronize our efforts and focus on inclusivity to build a thriving community.


Hey @MisterHype ,

Having as many translation in different language is definitely a good idea to break the language barrier and creating inclusivity globally. But I agree with @badteeth looking for a particular native speaker would be good enough and providing accessibility to as many ppl as possible.


It’s very important to diffuse APE Coin content in another languages if we want a real global dissemination for all ape kind! I loved your contribution and im very happy to see another Brazilian, thank you bro and keep going!


I agree with you, I think we should have more inclusion so that people who are not native speakers of English can have clear access to this content, I am a community manager at The Nest which is a Brazilian DAO and we have many members who have difficulty reading and understanding English, it would be wonderful if there was a translation into other languages.


The human touch is so important. Though a machine translator does justice most of the times, we need someone to vet the messaging and interact with the community members. Growth is better that way


Building a dynamic and inclusive community is so important. I remember from my early crypto days and my early Topshot days that being from Asia, specially from India, made me feel left out of many community conversations. Language is such an important aspect of community engagement. As we get more connected and our community grows, we need to engage with as many apecoiners as possible. Thank you for bringing this up @MisterHype :pray:t4:


Hi @Evil,

After our conversation that was truly inspiring, I thought instead having another great discord VC, we should discuss here.
It’s incredible to see how ideas are flowing and shaping up. The synergy we have within our community is truly remarkable, and I can’t wait to see how our collective efforts will continue to unfold. If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or any new ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to do so.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Yup ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎


Hi Mr. Hype,

Thanks for your proposal and love that you’re thinking about how to make things more accessible and inclusive for those who don’t speak English. I agree that it’s key to expanding our community.

I also agree with @badteeth in translating things into as many languages as possible and that this probably doesn’t need an AIP as it’s already being worked on.

There’s a translator plug-in for Discourse that I think is going to be added, and while that won’t be a perfect translation, it is a start. It could be improved upon by having DAO members who speak different languages available to answer questions since things can be confusing even for those who are native English speakers.

As of now, we’ve already had @dyorjdr doing an amazing job translating things and doing AIP breakdowns for the French ApeCoin community and I believe some of the members even held an ApeCoin Twitter Spaces in French recently. We’ve had super helpful community members like @holocronape and @Halina.eth step up and translate things into Spanish and Chinese as well. I think @Mantis is also trying to get more people involved from communities that aren’t exposed to ApeCoin and may not be native to English.

I believe @CEOofWeb3.0 is starting to look into how to best do transcriptions for the relevant Twitter Spaces and Workshops as well as have them translated into different languages.I think @BojangleGuy is also looking into having the onboarding guide translated in different languages as well. So I think all of this is a great start to the DAO being more accessible and inclusive, but should evolve as the DAO evolves.

As far as your proposal, I’m a little confused by what you mean by “selected markets” and “setting our playground” if you wouldn’t mind expanding.

Thanks so much, and love that you are thinking about these things as well!


Hi @MisterHype thanks for inviting me to comment.

As others have said, i think the more inclusive we can be the better. Accessibility enables adoption and promotes greater collective input.

Very supportive :heart:


Hi @adventurousape,

I really appreciate your insightful response and your commitment to making our community more accessible and inclusive for non-English speakers. It’s fantastic to hear that steps are already being taken in that direction.

I fully agree with you and @badteeth that translating content into multiple languages is crucial. It’s great news that there’s a plan to incorporate a translator plug-in for Discourse, even if it may not provide a perfect translation. Additionally, having DAO members who can answer questions and provide assistance in different languages is a brilliant idea. This approach will help alleviate confusion for both non-native English speakers and native English speakers.

I’m absolutely thrilled about the exceptional contributions made by community members such as @dyorjdr, @holocronape, @Halina.eth, @Mantis, @CEOofWeb3.0, and @BojangleGuy. Their efforts to bridge the language gap and engage with the French, Spanish, Chinese, and other communities are truly commendable. It’s vital that we reach out to communities unfamiliar with ApeCoin and where English isn’t the primary language. These initiatives are invaluable for promoting accessibility and inclusivity within our DAO, and they should definitely evolve as our DAO continues to grow.

However, here’s the challenge I’m currently facing. From my perspective, we need to collectively agree on which markets to prioritize as a DAO. It doesn’t mean we should completely halt our activities in other languages as individual community members, but the DAO treasury should determine where our focused efforts will be directed to ensure success in those markets. As I see it, our current actions are not allowing us to dominate those markets because we haven’t fully channeled our capabilities and resources to win there.

In regards to my proposal, I apologize for any confusion caused by the terms “selected markets” and “setting our playground.” Let me clarify further. My proposal aims to establish clear decision-making processes within the DAO, ensuring that our decisions are focused, efficient, and effective. As proposals that divert our attention to multiple markets may prevent us from achieving significant impact in any specific market.

By “selected markets,” I mean identifying specific regions or demographics where we want to concentrate our efforts to expand and promote ApeCoin. This targeted approach will enable us to maximize our impact and establish a stronger presence in those markets. When I refer to “setting our playground,” I’m suggesting that the DAO collectively determines the actions and initiatives we undertake in those selected markets. In my proposal, I suggest that each AIP should address one or more of these markets, and naturally, there may be other proposals that contribute to this goal as well.

I hope this clarification provides a better understanding of my proposal, and I genuinely value your engagement and support in considering these important aspects. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions or additional insights to share?

Remember, the purpose of this forum is to discuss and explore different perspectives, so what I suggest may not necessarily be the definitive course of action.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


My 3 cents:

  1. We must first know what languages should be covered. I.e., do we have any significant portion of $ape holders that speak some language but not English? (where ‘significant,’ as just an example, can mean owning > 1% of $ape total per language). How may we get this data, any ideas?

  2. It needs to be end-to-end. Having parts in many languages (the mission, intro material, etc.) is cool/sweet, but is there truly much of an impact when all AIPs are written in English? So if 1) above finds any significant population of $ape voters not fluent in English, then we should perhaps talk about funding permanent translators for AIPs.

  3. How can we solve the Discourse problem? I.e. if someone replies to an English AIP in another language, how can author really respond? How can the vast majority of readers (who do speak English) follow such conversation? I honestly have no idea how this can be solved in any practical way. And without this, participation for non-English speakers seems hard and impact of other translations will be lowered.

Honestly 1) is key b/c we could just be imagining a problem that doesn’t (yet) exist or is anecdotal (yes, there are many non-English speakers, but how many of them are not only in crypto but also have $ape). I definitely support figuring out a way to get this data and from there we’ll have far easier decision paths.


This is a great idea. We’ve talked to many people about the DAO, and they all want translations. Without them, people won’t read it. We need to make it easier for people all over the world to read, and we need to make sure more people see these proposals. I don’t have any questions about this idea - I really like it and I support it!


How do we get to know about these VC sessions? I don’t receive a lot of pings at our discord and when I look at it it’s crowded with messages, do we have some scheduling that I’m missing?

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