Which Discourse Plug-Ins to use?

There are many plug-ins available in discourse. All listed here:

There are all kinds from seeing who is online, translators to Chat-GPT.

There has been many Topics about translation in the past. Maybe this could be useful?

Translator example

Good to get others opinions from the community and for the GWG to integrate those that are most important.


We took a look through this a few weeks back and definitely some interesting options…

You down to hop on a call tomorrow and dig around? VC in the server might be fun too.

Get more people involved. Sounds kinda fun tbh :+1:



@bigbull any translation options for the web version of discord? Maybe you know them

There is a plug-in I put above but the team would need to test it and then adopt on the forum.

Sounds good, this is the kind of thing Ape Assembly can help with.


Thanks for flagging this @bigbull! The GWG is currently looking into a potential Translation plug-in. Providing the material on this forum in many languages would be very beneficial to the community across the world.

Beyond that, I agree there are other interesting plug-ins to explore in an effort to increase efficiency and make information more accessible.

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


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