Resources for non-English speakers?

As the ApeCoin ecosystem continues to grow above and beyond the native English-speaking crowd, what steps can we take to ensure that information and participation is made available to those who aren’t able to effectively communicate in English? How will we know when the need is great enough to warrant adding these resources?

This may be a premature talking point, I’ll admit, but I know that language servers are a thing in Discord and wonder what steps would be necessary to implement, say, a Spanish-language forum space for exclusively Spanish-speaking participants.


this is pretty basic but why not put some important comms in google translate and publish it here on the community discourse. the apecoin twitter handle could even start publishing tweets in spanish.

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Hi. I’m not a native speaker, but still… I guess that most people can use Google Translate, Google Chrome Translate integration, or even Twitter translate functions (for example, I’m translating Mr. Ghost’s traditional Chinese into English on Twitter without problems). There are so many languages, and you will not satisfy them all.

The current translation tools are enough and easier to use than doing all the stuff in xy languages.
Just my thoughts on the topic.

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very good points on how people can use the translation tools on the platforms themselves. i always see to forget about that.

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I love the idea of increasing communication across languages. Have you seen
AIP-123: Apeverse - A Multi-language Web Hub for Ape Ecosystem and $APE Holders by @ChrisL?


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