Add "Note" field to Flag functionality

Hi Facilitators,

Would it be possible to add a Note field that so one can specify exactly which part of the post the flag applies to / their reasoning for flagging?

Thank you :heart:


Hi Sasha,

As you may know, when you flag a post you’ll be asked to provide a reason for doing so from the list of these options:

The “Something Else” option will allow you to leave a more detailed note, which hopefully addresses your question.


Ahh, thanks, I never selected Something Else as of yet. I guess I meant for other options, more specifically when selecting “It’s Inappropriate” as opinions on that may vary and a note field allows the submitter be precise with their opinion as to why it’s inappropriate.

It may be useful for “It’s Spam, too” - can add link of where else it was seen, such as on Twitter or link to another DAO forum with same post.

If it’s a major effort or felt unneeded, it’s cool. Just a feature I found myself wanting when flagging with “It’s Inappropriate” selection.


Understood. It’s largely about context, and as I said, most flags we’ve encountered are fairly straightforward in terms of the area of concern. But it seems the best bet is the “Something Else” option and really utilizing that Note field if you’re looking to be specific.


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