AIP-130: Bored Ape Food Festival - A Feast for the Apes!

Proposal Name: Ape Food Festival 2022

Proposal Category: Brand Decision


Celebrate the Apes’ Love for Food this festive season with the first Ape Food Festival in OneRare, the Food Metaverse, to be held in the last week of December 2022.

OneRare has created an exclusive Gamified Food Menu inspired by the Apes, featuring 3 Dishes- Bored Banana Burger, Bored Banafries and Bored Sushi-Nana. These recipes all feature a star ingredient, Bored Banana- loved by the Apes.

Each dish has a recipe just like the real world, and users must collect all ingredients as per the recipe to mint the Dish NFT. Through the exclusive Ingredient Pool, APE holders (with >1 $APE) will be able to claim Bored Bananas and other ingredients required to cook up these dishes & use them in upcoming games.

Enjoy our enchanting gameplay as we put the spotlight on the potential impact of the Ape Community on the Global F&B industry. We seek to bring out the foodie personality of the Apes and build a food ecosystem that can build towards APE domination in real-life as well.


Through the pandemic, we have seen the Global F&B businesses experience major upheaval - as much of the food business shifted from dining to deliveries. Every time such a black swan event takes place - markets transform irreversibly presenting new challenges and opportunities.

A key trend that has emerged is the advent of virtual restaurants and increasing diffusion of new brands. At OneRare, we are building new business models for the F&B industry leveraging Web3, NFTs and gamification.

New, emerging markets also need new brands. The APE Community is at the forefront of Web3 Adoption and expanding their horizons into various traditional industries. As long time fans of the ape project, we feel that $APE can have a big role to play in shaping the innovation that lies ahead in this industry and finding mass adoption.

A Bored ape is a hungry ape and there is strong synergy with the Food industry. With a coin, a brand and the organization that a DAO brings, there is lot to explore in this space. Many food projects have already started being built on the strength of the community.

Since buzz and branding is so crucial to this space - we want to highlight the Apecoin X Food3 space through an experimental real life playable crossover game.


The strength of the APE community comes from nurturing an open Web3 for all. With your guiding values of Equality and Boldness, this proposal aims to provide equal opportunity to APE holders while bringing something new to the ecosystem.

OneRare is building the world’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. Featured in news outlets like BBC, Forbes, Mashable and Eater, OneRare was recently in the news for tokenising recipes of 4 famous chefs including Saransh Goila (India’s Top Young Chef), Anthony Sarpong (Michelin-starred chef), Deepinder Chibber (Masterchef Australia Contestant) and Vicky Ratnani (Celebrity Chef & TV personality).

OneRare aims to celebrate Global Food - and this celebration is incomplete without celebrating Web3 Foodies. Collaborating with OneRare will accrue the following benefits to the DAO.

  • Allow the Apes to bring out a new side of their personality - their love for Food.
  • Through our Bored Banana Menu, Apes can enjoy dishes designed specially for the APE community and use these NFTs to enjoy in-game privileges.
  • Focus conversations on the APECOIN X FOOD theme.

Most importantly, this proposal allows us to try something exciting, edgy and experimental at the same time- in synergy with the true pioneering spirit of the APE Community.

Key Terms (optional)


OneRare - How it Works

On OneRare, Gamers can mint dishes by combining ingredient NFTs in the Kitchen.

Eg. Potato🥔+ Cooking Oil🛢+ Salt🧂 = French Fries🍟

Each time a dish is minted, the minting difficulty increases as the next user will need x+2 of each ingredient to cook up the dish.


For example, to mint the second French Fries NFT🍟, you will need 3 Potato🥔 + 3 Cooking Oil🛢 + 3Salt🧂. As mints go up, it becomes harder to mint the dish, keeping a natural check on supply.

The dishes can be used to play various upcoming food themed games win prizes and upcoming IRL utility.

Ape Food Festival 2022

OneRare is proposing to host the Ape Food Festival 2022, where Apes will be able to mint 3 special dishes using the first-ever Ape Exclusive Ingredient, Bored Banana. This event will be scheduled for the festive celebration week between 25 December 2022 (Christmas) to 1 January 2023 (New Year).

The Festival Menu features Dish NFTs created by artists from across the world and drawing inspiration from one of the most loved foods by Apes - Bananas. With a magical twist, the Banana has transformed into the Bored Banana - made exclusively for the APE community and the star of our menu.

Bored Banana (2)

With this star ingredient at the crux, our festival menu features three dishes : Bored Banana Burger, Bored BanaFries and Bored Sushi-Nana. Let’s check them out!


Bored Banana Burger (4)

The ultimate grub for chillin’ Apes, this Burger features a luscious Bored Banana Patty along with the classics.

Ingredients : Burger Bun, Bored Banana, Lettuce, Cheese, Burger Sauce


Bored Banafries (3)

Everybody loves Fries, but the Banafries are more than love. Topping fried Bananas with a touch of cinnamon, the Banafries are perfectly sweet and salty.

Ingredients : Bored Banana, Oil, Sugar and Cinnamon


Bored Banana Sushi (2)

Beating the summer blues with some fresh rolls, the Bored Sushi-Nana features refreshing ingredients like Banana and Mango with a sesame drizzle.

Ingredients : Sushi Rice, Bored Banana, Rice Vinegar, Nori, Sesame Seeds, Mango

*Please Note : Artworks are displayed in Low Resolution GIF format due to forum software constraints. Actual artwork will be minted in High Res Animated SVG Format - Like [Here]
(Farmer’s Market | OneRare Foodverse)


As per the norm at OneRare, a user must have all the correct ingredients to cook up the dish. All the Ingredients mentioned in the Ape Festival recipes will be put into a special NFT Claiming Pool, which will only be accessible to APE Holders. Apes can claim these NFTs to cook up their dish, or trade them to other players to help them mint their dishes.

A total of 30000 randomised Ingredients will be made available of which 12,500 will be bored bananas.

Ape Community Wallets that hold more than 1 $APE Assets will be whitelisted to gaslessly receive NFTs from and ingredient faucet based on their holding.

:banana: Users with 1 to 10 $APE - 05 Ingredient NFTs each (Randomised from pool)

:banana: Users with 10 to 100 $APE - 10 Ingredient NFTs each (3 Bored Banana + 7 Randomised)

:banana: Users with 100 to 1000 $APE - 20 Ingredient NFTs each (6 Bored Banana + 14 Randomized)

:banana: Users with 1000 to 10000 $APE - 50 Ingredient NFTs each (15 Bored Banana + 35 Randomised)

:banana: Users with >10000 $APE - 100 Ingredient NFTs each (30 Bored Banana + 70 Randomised)

The Minting Difficulty of the Dishes will be the same as OneRare Kitchen rules, which means minting the dish as fast as possible gives you a significant advantage of needing lesser ingredient NFTs. APE holders can collect all the required ingredients and mint their APE dish.

*All Unclaimed NFTs in the claiming pool at the end of campaign will be verifiably burnt at a predetermined date and time.

**Limitation : It will not be possible to factor in APE Coin held on CEXs for the purpose of this whitelist.

***No purchase of any kind is required from the community to participate in the APE Festival.

Steps to Implement

For implementing this campaign, we are looking at the following steps :

STEP 1 : Creation of Bored Menu with Ape-inspired Dishes and Artwork (Done)

STEP 2 : Approval from the APE DAO for the campaign with feedback (Awaited)

STEP 3 : Activating Celebrity Chefs, Ape Food Projects & Industry Partners for bringing awareness to the Festival.

STEP 4 : Launching the Campaign with the campaign dates across Social Media and all relevant platforms

STEP 5 : Launch Day - Releasing the Whitelist and Launching the Claim Pool

STEP 6: Report to the DAO with the results of the Campaign and potential next steps.


Approval of the Proposal by the Ape Community

  • Interact with the Ape Community to get feedback & approval.
  • Assemble a crack project team.
  • Define performance parameters for internal team promoting campaign.
  • Finalise UI/UX and faucet contracts for the Festival

November - December

  • Assemble A-Team of Influencers and APE brands to partner with.
  • Finalise Event Dates and Make Community Announcement
  • Build conversations and buzz around the APE Food Festival
  • Reach out media partners and promote this campaign on Twitter, Reddit, Discord & Telegram
  • Test and Operationalise User Flow.

December End

  • Execute the Apecoin Food Festival in the last week of December (X-Mas & New Year)
  • Activate all stakeholders, partners & align major media platforms.
  • Collect data to report back to the ApeCoin DAO
  • Burn unused ingredients if any.

Overall Cost

This proposal costs zero and only requests a brand decision to allow us to host the Ape Food Festival in official collaboration with the Apecoin DAO.

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I like this idea overall. I think ideas that come to Apecoin with fully fleshed out infrastructure are to be commended. I think the idea of bringing foodie culture to web3 is a great one — this is a mainstream subculture if there ever was one.

Is there a way to allow all $APE holders to participate, as in, those with less than 12 ETH worth of assets?


Thank you so much for the support @Mantis. Yes, the F&B industry worldwide is truly as mainstream as it gets.

Yes, thats a nice suggestion - we will introduce an additional raffle for all APE holders with >1 $APE to try their luck at getting ingredients from a claiming pool.


Hello, and thank you for putting this AIP idea together!

I just have a few motivational concerns I was hoping you could help me understand. :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on why you feel this is necessary? I’m struggling to understand the “focus on real world adoption of food” in any context.

Can you explain how increasing the cost to create an NFT increases the value of the NFT? From my experience, only demand will determine the cost of any NFT. Making an NFT difficult or expensive to create does not give it inherent demand.

My understanding from your website is that to participate in this scheme, you must purchase $ORARE tokens and stake them in order to begin receiving ingredients that you can then use to craft food at a rapidly increasing cost. This crafted food can then be used in the Food Truck wars video game where presumably you have the opportunity to earn $ORARE tokens back? Or how does that work? What is the point of all this?

I wanted to clarify that none of these assets are “APE Assets.” They would be considered Yuga assets. For the purposes of serving the ApeCoin DAO I don’t feel that this proposal is inclusive at all for our 90K+ holders. It mostly serves the BAYC/MAYC community.

I’m confused as to what we would be voting on if this AIP went to snapshot. Can you explain a little about your motivation for creating an Ape Improvement Proposal?

Again, I am confused by your motivation. What is the purpose of all this? It sounds like the only beneficiaries are the ones selling $ORARE, which I suspect is your team.

Thank you for taking my difficult questions! I look forward to your reply and continuing constructive conversation. :slight_smile:


I have to agree with some points and questions raised by @Amplify in regards to motivation. It appears that this proposal requests no funding, nor even use of the APE IP. It largely looks like a marketing or partnership request, a way to onboard DAO members & followers. By going through our process, it gets this polygon project infront of more eyes, pass or fail. As is written, there’s little upside for the DAO to even entertain this.


Thanks for the questions @Amplify

Answers inline

We are building brand new utility for NFTs in the food industry through gaming. Over the pandemic, we have seen the Global F&B suffer - as much of the food business shifted from dining to deliveries.

Blockchain is a wonderful new technology that enables not only transparency but also allows for new business models. At OneRare, we are exploring some of these ideas such as Swap NFTs for a Real Meals, creating NFT-gated membership clubs around eating establishments and rewarding loyalty.

Gaming is only the first part of this project which will enable F&B businesses to tokenize their Dishes/Creations and engage with users alongside engaging and experimental gameplay.

The idea here is not to replace eating itself but to create an enhanced offering around F&B through a phygital game.

Whenever more of any particular NFT is minted, the value of that NFT usually goes down - largely at the expense of the current holders due to dilution. At OneRare, we have created upward sloping mechanism that requires users to burn more ingredients to be able to mint the same NFT again.

This allows price discovery of a particular dish to be done in ingredient terms alone while rewarding the early minters. For eg. the first minter of French Fries burned only 1 ingredient each where as the 5th minter burned 9. So the inherent input for each dish increases with each mint.

Ofcourse value here only means the input number of ingredients. The cost is determined by market forces alone, we have no part to play in that.

My understanding from your website is that to participate in this scheme, you must purchase $ORARE tokens and stake them in order to begin receiving ingredients that you can then use to craft food at a rapidly increasing cost. This crafted food can then be used in the Food Truck wars video game where presumably you have the opportunity to earn $ORARE tokens back? Or how does that work? What is the point of all this?

We are creating an ecosystem of food themed games around food NFTs. Users can stake tokens to generate randomized ingredients which they can use to mint brand new dishes by trading with each other. These dishes can then used to play foodtruck wars and other other upcoming games and experiences leveraging the same NFTs. Additionally, we are working on creating IRL utility for these gaming NFTs - where they can be swapped or use for more experiences in real world restaurants.

Foodtruck allows foodies to go up against each other in the PvPvP mode and win tokens if they have the right set of dishes for the right theme. The wider the selection of dishes you have, the better your chances of winning are.

At this stage this is just an idea and we are exploring the best way to fairly distribute the ingredient NFTs amongst stakeholders in the APE DAO community.

We proposed the current scheme since we felt there could be a number of active APE holders who hold their coins on CEXs. By also including NFT holders, we believe we would be able to cover more holders via one or the other criteria, since there is a big overlap between these communities.

We are more than happy to receive any suggestions on the best way to do this going forward and rework this to cover the DAO better.


All ingredients required to mint dishes will be randomly distributed via the claiming pool. Gamers will be able to mint ape dishes without making any purchases if they so desire. Any missing ingredients can be procured by users trading amongst themselves without making any purchases.

The motivation is to celebrate the APE community within the Foodverse and create new building blocks for future gameplay.

Immediate Use
The APE dishes for instance will have various characteristics like level, time, skill and spice that will give gamers an advantage on the Ape theme in Foodtruck Wars.

Future Ideas
These NFTs can be further built upon. For instance APE Dishes can serve as access token to a secret Bored Ape Food Lounge where holders can talk FoodXWeb3 in our upcoming Foodverse.

The broader point around the motivation is that we want to start a conversation around the Ape+Web3 theme by creating massive buzz. The food industry needs new ideas and new age brands to coalesce around and we want to further the ape community as a natural claimant in this space, as one of the world’s best known Web3 projects.

We feel the best way to do this is through experimental gameplay and creating a playable experience for global audiences now.

Since we have already built out the platform, we don’t require any additional funding to run this campaign. The vote is to request a brand decision - to allow us to run this campaign in official collaboration with the ApeCoin DAO.


@0xSword - Have responded to some of @Amplify’s questions below.

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Hi @OneRare-Foodverse,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- river


Hi @river

We are happy with the feedback received…


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Thank you @OneRare-Foodverse for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @OneRare-Foodverse please see your messages for the next steps.

- river


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@OneRare-Foodverse has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

We have sent a list of questions to the author

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@OneRare-Foodverse has responded to our questions and they are in our review once again.

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Looks like a very well thought out proposal. Love the fact that OP has taken the effort to create a solid plan of action and is willing to put the effort and time to push adoption without asking for a huge amount of funding.

There seems to be no downside to this - F&B is big and I think it will be very interesting to see where this goes.

:ok_hand: :ok_hand:

You have my support !


Thank you for your comment @apethor


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

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This Topic will be moved to and remain in the Final AIPs: Returned for Reconstruction category. The author may resubmit their proposal if they wish.

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