🎉 Ape Birthday Bash 2023

Original Proposal
Proposal Name: Ape Food Festival 2022

Proposal Category: Brand Decision
Abstract: Celebrate the Apes’ Love for Food this festive season with the first Ape Food Festival

Reason for Return

The AIP idea was sent to the Special Council. It was Returned for Reconstruction because the timeline on the AIP indicated that the event had to be hosted on Christmas/New year, and the date has already passed.

Resubmission Updates

  • Shifted the proposal dates to some time in March/April
  • Transformed the event into the legendary “Ape Birthday Bash”
  • Threw in some extra juicy details for good measure.

Proposal Name: Ape Birthday Bash 2023

Proposal Category: Brand Decision


Ladies and Gentle-apes, grab your spatulas and get ready to celebrate the Apes’ Birthday Bash in style! OneRare, the Food Metaverse, is throwing the first ever Ape Birthday Bash Festival and it’s going to be a wild ride.

Get ready to cook up a storm on OneRare, where gamers can create unique dishes by combining ingredient NFTs in the virtual kitchen. It’s like playing with your food, but even more fun!

On the Birthday Menu are 4 dishes inspired by the Apes - that will make your taste buds go bananas! Bored Banana Burger, Bored Banafries, Bored Sushi-Nana, and the Bored Banana Split, all starring the beloved Bored Banana as the main ingredient.

But here’s the catch, to cook up these dishes, you must collect all the ingredients and combine them in the OneRare kitchen. And lucky for you, APE holders (with >1 $APE) have access to the exclusive Ingredient Pool where they can claim Bored Bananas and all the other ingredients they need to cook up these recipes.

And once they’re cooked, they’ll have NFT dishes that they can use as Foodie Trump Cards in games.


The Ape Birthday Bash is coming to town. This food-themed event for the Apecoin community is a chance for members to compete and collaborate in equal measure. And, it’s not just a party - it’s an opportunity to showcase the potential impact of the Ape Community on the global food and beverage industry.

With the pandemic shaking up the industry, virtual restaurants and new brands are emerging. At OneRare, we’re using Web3, NFTs, and gamification to build new business model for the F&B world. And, the Ape Community is leading the charge in Web3 adoption and expanding into traditional industries. With a coin, a brand, and the organization of a DAO, there’s a lot to explore in the foodie world.

Let’s put the spotlight on the Apecoin x Food3 space and have some fun with a real-life crossover game. After all, a bored ape is a hungry ape, and there’s strong synergy between apes and food. It’s time to get creative and see what we can cook up!


The strength of the APE community comes from nurturing an open Web3 for all. With your guiding values of Equality and Boldness, this proposal aims to provide equal opportunity to APE holders while bringing something new to the ecosystem.

OneRare is building the world’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. Featured in news outlets like BBC, Forbes, Mashable and Eater, OneRare was recently in the news for tokenising recipes of 4 famous chefs including Saransh Goila (India’s Top Young Chef), Anthony Sarpong (Michelin-starred chef), Deepinder Chibber (Masterchef Australia Contestant) and Vicky Ratnani (Celebrity Chef & TV personality).

Most importantly, this proposal allows us to try something exciting, edgy and experimental at the same time- in synergy with the true pioneering spirit of the APE Community.

Key Terms (optional)


OneRare - How it Works

Each time a dish is minted, the difficulty increases, making it harder for the next chef to whip up the same dish. The finished product is an NFT dish, with its own special attributes like level, cook time, spice, and skill. These NFT dishes can be used to play Foodtruck Wars, an upcoming multiplayer game where players must match their dishes to the theme and outsmart their opponents. So, grab your ingredient NFTs and let’s start cooking!

Difficulty level going up on OneRare

Select Your Dishes On Foodtruck Wars

Battle Begins on Foodtruck Wars

Ape Birthday Bash 2023

OneRare is proposing to host the Ape Birthday Bash 2023, where Apes will be able to mint 3 special dishes + the Bored Banana Split using the first-ever Ape Exclusive Ingredient, Bored Banana.

The Birthday Menu features Dish NFTs created by artists from across the world and drawing inspiration from one of the most loved foods by Apes - Bananas. With a magical twist, the Banana has transformed into the Bored Banana - made exclusively for the APE community and the star of our menu.

Bored Banana (2)

With this star ingredient at the crux, our festival menu features three dishes : Bored Banana Burger, Bored BanaFries and Bored Sushi-Nana. Let’s check them out!


Bored Banana Burger (4)

The ultimate grub for chillin’ Apes, this Burger features a luscious Bored Banana Patty along with the classics.

Ingredients : Burger Bun, Bored Banana, Lettuce, Cheese, Burger Sauce


Bored Banafries (3)

Everybody loves Fries, but the Banafries are more than love. Topping fried Bananas with a touch of cinnamon, the Banafries are perfectly sweet and salty.

Ingredients : Bored Banana, Oil, Sugar and Cinnamon


Bored Banana Sushi (2)

Beating the summer blues with some fresh rolls, the Bored Sushi-Nana features refreshing ingredients like Banana and Mango with a sesame drizzle.

Ingredients : Sushi Rice, Bored Banana, Rice Vinegar, Nori, Sesame Seeds, Mango

*Please Note : Artworks are displayed in Low Resolution GIF format due to forum software constraints. Actual artwork will be minted in High Res Animated SVG Format - Like [Here]
(Farmer’s Market | OneRare Foodverse)


Get ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen, because the Ape Birthday Bash is all about cooking up a foodie frenzy! To cook up the exclusive Gamified Food Menu, you’ll need all the right ingredients. And, where do you get them? At the special NFT Claiming Pool, of course!

But, here’s the catch - this pool is only accessible to APE Holders. And, if you’re lucky enough to be an APE holder with more than 1 $APE in your wallet, you’ll be whitelisted for the receiving of NFTs from the ingredient faucet based on your holdings.

So, let’s talk ingredients. A total of 10,000 randomized ingredients will be made available, including the beloved Bored Bananas with a whopping 2500 up for grabs! And, if you find yourself missing an ingredient or two, don’t fret. You can always trade with other players to help you mint your dish.

It’s time to don your apron and get cooking!

:banana: Users with 1 to 10 $APE - 02 Ingredient NFTs each (Randomised from pool)

:banana: Users with 10 to 100 $APE - 4 Ingredient NFTs each (1 Bored Banana + 3 Randomised)

:banana: Users with 100 to 1000 $APE - 7 Ingredient NFTs each (2 Bored Banana + 5 Randomized)

:banana: Users with 1000 to 10000 $APE - 17 Ingredient NFTs each (5 Bored Banana + 12 Randomised)

:banana: Users with >10000 $APE - 35 Ingredient NFTs each (10 Bored Banana + 25 Randomised)

The Minting Difficulty of the Dishes will be the same as OneRare Kitchen rules, which means minting the dish as fast as possible gives you a significant advantage of needing lesser ingredient NFTs. APE holders can collect all the required ingredients and mint their APE dish.

Steps to Implement

Our plan for taking over the food world with Ape-inspired dishes and artwork is coming together like a perfectly grilled steak! Here’s the rundown:

STEP 1: Monkey Business - We’ve got the bored menu drafted with dishes that are straight out of a banana-picking good time! (Check!)

STEP 2: Approval from the Top Bananas - We’re waiting on the APE DAO to give us the green light and some feedback.

STEP 3: Call in the Big Guns - We’re bringing in the celeb chefs, Ape food projects, and industry partners to raise awareness for the festival. (Get ready to swing into action!)

STEP 4: Launch Party! - We’ll be spreading the word about the campaign dates across all the social media platforms. (Let the good times roll!)

STEP 5: Claim Pool Launch Day - We’ll be releasing the whitelist and letting everyone dive in and claim their share. (It’s going to be a wild ride!)

STEP 6: Reporting to the Bosses - We’ll be reporting back to the DAO with the results of the campaign and our next steps. (Time to show off our bananas!)


February 2023 Approval of the Proposal by the Ape Community

  • Let’s hear it from the monkeys - We’ll be interacting with the Ape Community to get feedback and approval.
  • Assembling the Dream Team - We’ll be putting together a crack project team.
  • Finishing Touches - We’ll be finalizing the UI/UX and other techie details for the festival

March 2023

  • A-Team Assembled - We’ll be putting together an all-star lineup of influencers and APE brands to partner with.
  • Announcement Time - We’ll be finalizing the event dates and making a community announcement.
  • Building the Hype - We’ll be creating a buzz around the APE Food Festival.
  • Reach for the Stars - We’ll be reaching out to media partners and promoting this campaign on Twitter, Reddit, Discord & Telegram.
  • Test and Go! - We’ll be testing and operationalizing the user flow.

End March/Early April 2023

  • Time to celebrate with the Apecoin Birthday Bash
  • Get all the players in the game, partners & big media players on board.
  • Gather some juicy insights to report back to the ApeCoin DAO
  • Light the fire and burn any unused ingredients.

Overall Cost

It’s time for pandemonium with the Ape Birthday Bash! And, the best part? This celebration doesn’t cost a penny! All we need is a simple brand decision from the Apecoin DAO Community to host it in official collaboration.

So, let’s make some noise and get this party started! The Apes are ready to celebrate, and we’re ready to make it the best birthday bash yet! All we need is a green light from the Apecoin DAO Community. Let’s make it happen!

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.

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I am going to have to “digest” this one. :yum: What is the best spot to see your metaverse and something similar to what you are proposing here, in action?


As I believe I wrote the first time this came around: while I do appreciate that this isn’t asking for anything aside from a brand decision collaboration with ApeCoin DAO, and clearly is trying to incentivize participants who hold $APE through the project, I’m a bit reluctant to wholeheartedly endorse this idea without a bit clearer sense of what we hope to accomplish with this. Something about it feels just a bit too inscrutable and tangential to wholeheartedly endorse, for my part. But I’m curious to see what other community members have to say on this.


Yo CapetainTrippy,

Thanks for being the trailblazer and getting the convo started! Here’s the skinny on the action:

a) If you want to get an overall sense of the gameplay, you can check it out here

b) Ingredient NFTs are doled out to players like manna from heaven at the Farm.

c) The kitchen is where all the fixings come together and get turned into something worth chowing down on.

d) Players can swap goods on the farmers market like they’re Wall Street traders.

And the big news, FoodtruckWars, our first multiplayer game, is about to hit the scene very soon.


you said it well. I too am seeking a clearer sense of what we hope to accomplish on this.


I suppose that, in the end, my main concern is NFT project creators developing concepts with ApeCoin and the DAO in the forefront, rather than leveraging a DAO endorsement to further their brand. If the two things manage to line up seamlessly, then all the better. But I’d like to exercise caution and have a clear picture of the whole before moving forward.


Thanks for the thoughtful comment! We understand your reservations, but let us assure you that we are huge fans of the ape project and community and the impact it has had!

Our goal is to add a foodie twist and bring the community together in a collaborative global treasure hunt. We believe that the combination of food and the ApeCoin DAO community is a natural fit and a unique opportunity. At the very least, this endeavor will be enjoyable, universally engaging and spark intriguing conversations in the outside world.

We recognise that crossovers in web3 are not quite as common and what we are proposing might be experimental, but we think it’s worth exploring. By creating some buzz around this concept, we hope to see where it takes us and what exciting things can come out of it.


This idea has some potential.

The combination of gaming, food, and NFTs is interesting. Seems well thought out with infrastructure in place.

The food and beverage industry is quite large and there could be potential for growth. It’s good that all APE holders are being incentivized, not just the larger ones. There doesn’t seem to be any major cost or significant downside to this idea, which is a big plus. Overall, it’s an intriguing concept. Good Luck :+1:


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Hi @Pearson

Happy to Move to the next step.



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