AIP-463: Empowering Otherside Wiki


Empowering Otherside Wiki


  • Mario - Frostyz, Business, Product & Technology
    As the driving force behind Otherside-Wiki, Mario has played a key role in defining the project’s direction and vision.
    Mario worked for 10 years in a DAX30 company where he led a team and developed several web applications. His first contact with cryptocurrencies was in 2015.

  • Mario - M3Br0wn, Technology, Business Development & Operations
    Mario possesses extensive expertise in Web 2.0 applications and their underlying infrastructure. In addition to his scripting and technical skills, he provides thorough management of projects, tasks and ensures that the content we deliver is of a certain standard.

  • Richard - Richie, Marketing, Legal & Operations
    Richard studied economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has been interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects since 2016. He is focused on the financial structure and takes care of the legal situation, bookkeeping and cost accounting.

Upon approval of the AIP we will increase our manpower to 3 FTE for the next two years.

Voluntary Supporters, Discord Moderation - Content Creation:

Our team currently has several volunteers who actively support us and share their time and ideas with us.

  • Flokie [Discord admin]
    Known as the mastermind behind our Discord server, Flokie has configured the server to a secure environment and set up all the bots, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Otherguide [Moderator]
    A pivotal contributor to the Yuga ecosystem since joining about a year ago, Justin enhances our community with his daily videos and content contribution

  • Nissla [Graphical Representation]
    Assisted in enhancing our visual presentations, bringing a creative flair to our platform and numerous posts.

  • Phatfinger [Moderator]
    As our first moderator on Discord, Phatfinger has been an essential part of our community from day one. His consistent contributions over the past year have been invaluable.

  • Richpor [Moderator]
    Known for engaging in deep, tactical conversations related to Otherside and LOTM, Richpor is a profound contributor whose insights have greatly benefited our platform.

  • Saool [Content Creation]
    A major force in developing our LOTM (Legend of the Mara) Guidelines, Saool’s contributions have significantly shaped our community’s framework.

  • Sketch [ Moderator]
    Having joined us a year ago, Sketch contributes actively every day, becoming a key member of our community and a very important part of the Otherside-Wiki Team.

Advisory Board & Technical Partners:

  • Agora-Marketplace.eth, Advisor
    Agora-Marketplace.eth is the Founder and CEO of SITL Ventures, a venture capital firm known for its strategic investments in a variety of companies in web2 and web3.
    A passionate supporter of Yuga Labs, Agora has built an extensive portfolio related to Otherside that demonstrates a high level of commitment.

  • Nix.eth, Advisor
    Nix.eth passionately believes that any positive future for humanity will be based on a decentralized foundation. As a Web2 entrepreneur, he spent two decades building social technologies. He has also been in the crypto space since 2012, working on early protocols and DAOs. Most recently, he led product innovation at Horizen Labs Ventures, working on strategy for the top Web3 projects, including Yuga and ApeCoin.

  • Solc.eth, Advisor
    Solc.eth works with Agora-Marketplace.eth at SITL Ventures, he has a deep understanding of the tech landscape and is deeply involved in the development of SITL Ventures’ portfolio. He has been in crypto since 2017 and has experience in scaling companies globally.

  • Remco, Technical Advisor
    Remco works with Agora-Marketplace.eth at SITL Ventures, responsible for tech and growth. Managing a dev team of 8 on a daily basis, supporting the SITL portfolio.


The Otherside-Wiki Team is reaching out to the Apecoin DAO for support in our ongoing operations, as well as in the further development, integration into ApeChain and enhancement of our platform. Our goal is to update Otherside-Wiki to align with contemporary web standards and to significantly enhance the user experience.

Since its inception on May 15th, 2022, following the mint of Otherside, we have been working to improve and evolve the platform. Our coverage and support extend to all developments within Otherside and ApeChain, with our priority being to provide timely updates and serve as a pivotal resource for the community.

Otherside Wiki was developed by our lead developer Frostyz. With additional funding from current investors and ApeCoin DAO, we plan to further expand the platform by bringing on board more developers who have specialized expertise. This expansion will improve our capacity for growth and ensure that the platform can thrive with a more diverse team of developers.

We have developed and enriched the experience for Otherside Users significantly, and also improved the filter experience on marketplaces. Within this we drove additional revenue to Yuga Labs and its partners, provided deep knowledge and data connected to Otherside, and enriched our platform with extensive deep data.

Currently we are the go to platform for Otherside data, marketplace browsing and information. To back this up with figures, last month we reached about 57k unique monthly visitors, which have an average engagement time of 20 minutes each, all completely through organic marketing and natural demand.

For two years, we have developed Otherside-Wiki at our own expense, without focusing on monetization. Our priority is to provide the best possible information to Otherside participants. In order to realize this and remain independent, financial support came from us, the founders, as well as contributions from Sky is the Limit Ventures and nix.eth.

We integrate and enhance the following topics with our funding request:

  1. General Overhaul of our UI AND UX Design: As we grew our UI and UX has become outdated. We’re planning to modernize it significantly to meet current web standards.

  2. Modern Web Technologies: As we’re expecting a bright future for ApeChain & Otherside, we want to be able to scale for millions of users. We want to have a solid system using current standards such as Laravel & VueJS using serverless scaling technologies so we can focus on building the tech and not maintaining the servers. Using standards also makes sure the website is no longer dependent on a single person.

  3. Tailored Data Streams: Dealing with the large number of projects and news in the Otherside/Apecoin ecosystem can indeed be overwhelming. To address this, our platform is developing a major feature—an entirely personalized Apecoin/Gaming feed. We want to aggregate data and information from various platforms and community initiatives into one coherent stream.
    Users will have the flexibility to customize this feed to align with their specific interests and preferences.

  4. Deep Insights: We will continue to provide and expand our deep data insights into ApeChain and Otherside. Our goal is to support a growing number of games on ApeChain and provide valuable in-depth insights.

  5. Multilingual Support: To better serve the global community, we plan to add support in two of the world’s most widely spoken languages, Chinese and Spanish, in addition to English.

We carefully considered the timing of our AIP application with Apecoin and chose to proceed only when it became truly necessary. Given the unforeseen delays in the launch of Otherside, and the postponement of release dates, we believe now is the critical moment for this support. This funding will ensure the continued development and success of Otherside-Wiki, maintaining our commitment to keeping the platform predominantly free while preparing for a more comprehensive business model post-launch of Otherside.

Note from Agora-Marketplace.eth (SITL Ventures): In the last 2 years we’ve invested around 1,000 ETH in Otherside related assets and also funded together with nix.eth the first 2 years of operation for Otherside-Wiki. Hereby we’re committing another investment of $300,000 USD to cover a part of the development costs. For us it’s a risk to do a follow-up round while seeing Otherside delays. Therefore we would like to see a positive response on this proposal from the community to ensure all together another 2 years of operation + improvements for Otherside-Wiki

Partnerships & Integrations

After the acquisition of the assets of Kodamara, Mara and HV-MTL as part of Faraway, we have built a strong partnership with them. Together we have developed a tool that enables users to visualize future points within the Faraway ecosystem.

We have established a crosslinking partnership with Otherpage, enhancing visibility and exposure for both parties across our platforms.

As early supporters of Zharta, we have integrated their digital asset rental protocol into our platform. In return, Zharta provides crosslinks from their website to our asset pages.

Inceptive Studio (in progress)
We are partnering with Inceptive Studio to seamlessly integrate our data and feeds into Otherside/Improbable.


  • Apecoin
    We offer insights into the DAO and gaming activities related to Apecoin for Faraway and Yuga Labs games.

  • Marketplaces
    Our platform integrates listings from all major marketplaces, including Magic Eden, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, and Apecoin Marketplace.

  • Legends of the Mara / HV-MTL by Yuga Labs
    We have actively supported every game developed and published by Yuga Labs. We were the first to provide detailed insights and link on-chain data with in-game data.


  • Rocketcode
    Our trusted development partner, providing additional developer resources on demand for a variety of features.
  • Pixelrebel
    Our go-to partner for graphical implementations and visual enhancements.


Otherside will be the cornerstone use case for the Apecoin ecosystem. Our commitment to Apecoin integration not only expands its visibility, but also solidifies its utility on our platform. As we roll out premium tools and features, we will exclusively use Apecoin as our accepted currency.

By supporting us, the Apecoin DAO & Community will benefit in several ways:

  1. Apecoin as Currency: With the introduction of advanced features and tools, all microtransactions within our platform will utilize Apecoin, particularly for transactions related to our data feed.
  2. ApeChain as Platform: Within the Rollout of ApeChain, we will be one of the first DAPPs who will actively support ApeChain.
  3. Game Integration: We will actively support and integrate games which have achieved significant popularity, further enhancing our platform’s ecosystem.
  4. Merge of Data: Our personalized Apecoin/Gaming Feed will consolidate data from various platforms and community initiatives into a single, streamlined personalized user experience.

By increasing the adoption and utility of Apecoin, our platform will not only serve as a dynamic showcase for the potential of Apecoin, but will also motivate other developers and platforms to adopt Apecoin.

This could lead to an expanded user base with increased visibility to people outside of the current Apecoin ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship not only enables further growth of our platform, but also drives the Apecoin ecosystem to broader adoption.


For tech we are looking at the Laravel framework as a monolith to maintain development speed, scaling through serverless technology using GCP or AWS. For building the frontend HTML we will be using Tailwind and VueJS with Laravel (InertiaJS) to make everything dynamic and fast.

Data storage will be done in either MySQL or MongoDB, we will have to do some research here to see what is the best fit for purpose now and in the future. Preferably we only use one storage type to keep the tech stack as simple as possible.


  • Laravel: A PHP framework for building web application

  • VueJS: A Java Script Framework for building user interfaces

  • Tailwind: CSS framework

  • MySQL: An open-source relational database system

  • MongoDB: A NoSQL database that stores data for high performance and scalability.

  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform): Google’s suite of cloud computing services

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): Amazon’s suite of cloud computing services

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): A European Union regulation for data privacy and protection.


Milestone 1
Start Date: upon receipt of funds from the ApeCoin DAO & current investors

  • Administrative and project setup
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Software Architecture and Planning

Cost: $60,000
Timeline: 1 month

Milestone 2
Start Date: upon completion of milestone 1

  • Design Mockups
  • UX/UI Technical Implementation

Cost: $45,000
Timeline: 2 months

Milestone 3
Start Date: upon completion of milestone 2

  • Framework Improvements
    • Integrate into a modern technical framework
      • Backend Development
      • Frontend Development
  • New Feature Development
  • Migration to V2

Cost: $510,000
Timeline: 7 months

Milestone 4
Start Date: upon completion of milestone 3

  • Smart Contract
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Audit (both internal & external)
    • Integration into Otherside-Wiki

Cost: $80,000
Timeline: 2 months

Milestone 5
Start Date: upon completion of milestone 4

  • Launch & Adaptive Operations
    • Go-Live of Reworked Platform
    • Continuous adaptation to developments from Otherside and ApeChain
    • Support games, establishing the platform as a go-to for ApeChain games
    • Marketing Initiatives

Cost: $230,000
Timeline: -


Otherside Wiki will provide the ApeCoin DAO with a quarterly update, publicly shared via the Twitter account @otherside_wiki and reporting will continue for the entire duration of the AIP, including the two years of maintenance and development. We will provide quarterly updates during this period.

These updates will include:

  • Successfully achieved AIP milestones
  • A financial statement detailing the current use of the received grant


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $715,000 - to be paid in $APE

Sky is the Limit Ventures has committed additional $300k for development upon approval of the AIP. (Total Budget: $1,015,000)

Enhancement of the Platform Design and further Product Development: $680k (1) (2)

  • Design UI & UX: $45k
  • Framework Improvements & Integration: $265k
  • Smart Contract & Internal + External Audit: $80k
  • New Features: $160k
  • Adaptive Operations: $130k

Infrastructure & Maintenance Costs: $120k (1)

  • Hosting Costs: $60,000
  • Maintenance: $30,000
  • Licenses & third-party services: $30,000

Marketing & Business Development: $100k

  • Business Development & Partnerships: $60,000
  • Marketing & Community Engagement: $40,000

Operations & Contingency Funds: $90k (1)

  • Operations: $50,000
  • Contingency Fund: $40,000

Legal & Compliance: $25k

(1) The budget proposal covers our maintenance, infrastructure and development costs for the next 2 years.
(2) 300k are covered by SITL Ventures

I see the yellow Koda and I know we have support.

Frostyz is part of the 0.01% of really serious people in our space. The anti-grifter.

Very detailed AIP!!!
Really cool to see that there will be investment from a VC as well.
715k for 2 years seems reasonable as well.


A proposal from one of the true builders in the space! You love to see it.

The AIP is reasonable and well structured. The Wiki has been a tremendously positive product to the Otherside community and I believe it will continue to be that for the overall ApeChain community.


Otherside-Wiki and Frostyz have served as critical infrastructure for community for a very long time.

I have no doubt they will continue to provide and function as an entry point for new users into Otherside, especially with partnerships with Faraway, OtherPage, Zharta, etc.

With OtherDex no longer up, it is imperative that Otherside-Wiki remain in service especially with high profile launches like Project Dragon, ApeChain, and more coming soon.


Appreciate the kind words and your support @kodama :pray:


Means a lot from you @pirex. Thank you!


Thank you @otherguide. Job ain’t finished! :saluting_face:


Detailed AIP for a much needed platform by one of the top builders in the space. A big YES


Full support! Detailed proposal and thoughtful direction on how to help Otherside Wiki take it to the next level with ApeChain. Full support with this team and product.


Stacked team! Love the vision. LFG.


I support this proposal. I used Otherside Wiki for a year now, it is great product and helps with day to day trading of Otherside assets


This proposal is very comprehensive, and the team seems to have tremendous support in the comments, which says a lot about the trust that you have built in the community. As a newcomer, though, can I ask for a little clarity (just for my own edification) on what this proposal is about? I read the proposal more than once, but the only description I took away was that this is the “go to platform for Otherside data”. However, I don’t really know what that means. Is it possible to ELI5 this proposal in a few sentences for a non-tech newbie like me, please?


Hello David,
Our platform currently serves as a comprehensive data hub for Otherside-related information and positions us as the primary source for detailed insights into Otherside and other Yuga related games.
With this request, we would like to expand our scope to support community initiatives and become the central hub for ApeChain and Apecoin related projects.
Does this answer your question? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick answer! In exploring (which is really beautifully done!) it seems that the Otherdeeds are available on both Magic Eden and Opensea. Just to confirm, Otherside hasn’t formally launched yet, right? As someone who studies metaverses, I’m really excited by this, especially in terms of how the community will be built and governed. For your proposal, I’m curious what kinds of other information or insights would be available. Maybe this is too simplistic a question, but will you be building a website/dashboard or other method to share information on Otherside and other Yuga games?


Our project is already live and we have been developing it over the last two years. You can visit our current website here to get an overview of the data we are currently providing.


Facts x one-hundred…

Great work here @Frostyz and very excited to see more passionate OGs getting involved with ApeCoin DAO!!!



Otherside Wiki and @Frostyz are the most hard working people in the space . Fully support this !!


Appreciate your support, Rida!

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Hi @Frostyz ,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.
  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.
  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Hello @12GAUGE.Admin,
thank you. I am ready to proceed.