AIP - Wreck League Proposal for ApeCoin Logo Useage


nWay and Animoca, in partnership with Horizen Labs Ventures, are developing a brand new web3 gaming experience for the mobile and PC platforms. While the product has been in production for some time now, we are now near completion and ready to showcase this product to the world. Some of you may have seen in the past this particular announcement - LINK or even this official tweet from BAYC - LINK. This is the title we’re working on and this is what this request is for.


Now that we’re inching closer to public release, we want to make sure that all of the key players are well represented, and this includes the ApeCoin community, as Wreck League is powered by ApeCoin.


Our project is planning to bridge the major gap between web3 and web2 gaming audiences. There have been projects within our space that attempted this and to be frank, not one has succeeded in doing so. So we at nWay, Animoca, and HLV want to achieve the impossible and be bold pioneers in this space. We want the best values of Web3 represented in this title while fusing love and passion about gaming into it. It is because of this, we want ApeCoin to be part of this journey with us.


As such, we are seeking approval for usage rights to ApeCoin logo in our key placements such as the websites, teasers, trailers, and social contents.

Under this proposal, once rights and permissions are given, implementation of ApeCoin logos would outcome in references below:


Implementation would be immediate upon approval.




Link to the full proposal:

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AIP - Wreck League Proposal for ApeCoin Logo Useage - Google Docs.pdf (144.7 KB)

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Hi. Congrats on the impending release!

I just want to mention that I don’t believe that you need an AIP for this. The Ape Foundation has a license agreement for the use of the logo, marks etc. Just ask someone in the Ape Council for more info.



If this is a commercial product leveraging the ApeCoin IP, an AIP is the appropriate course of action here. For reference, AIP-215 is an excellent example of a successful AIP requesting use of the ApeCoin logo.


Thanks Chris.

This is highly inefficient, I must say. This is just a license agreement. I don’t see any reason why anyone should have to got through a time-consuming AIP just to get permission to use the ApeCoin logo, when in fact we should be encouraging people to use it, not gating it like this.

Also, when Gerry wrote up AIP-274, he explicitly stated:

“Both Logos will become available to those who qualify upon this AIP passing.”

As written, it doesn’t say anything about needing an AIP to use it.

Did I miss something?

Paging @Gerry


Need to cross reference with this.

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Yeah, I linked that in my post above.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@dakim has requested to withdraw their application. This AIP will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs category.

Kind Regards,