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ApeCoin DAO:

Last July, I was elected by a majority vote in the first ApeCoin Working Group elections and have been driving results ever since.

Key highlights include having five AIP proposals passed, spread across six successful DAO-wide campaigns, including my last election. I was the primary advocate behind further-decentralizing the Working Group structure by implementing an independent legal framework, and rolled out in-house community reward programs to bring some of the DAOs most passionate members under the GWG umbrella.

Before the APE Foundation signalled their openness to revenue share options with AIP authors, I recognized the need for research and development to make the DAO more sustainable and played a key role in securing a comprehensive third-party report that treasury management firms are now using to build proposal concepts aimed at subsidizing ApeCoin DAO infrastructure, such as Working Groups.

I’ve established non-traditional platforms to unite voting delegations, keeping them informed on ApeCoin governance and providing a more intimate level of exposure to important proposals making their way through the DAO.

Most recently, with the passing of AIP-408, I spearheaded the plan to distribute over 52% of our total grant back into the community through small grant and reward programs, and delegated APE to new communities wanting to experience voting. Furthermore, 23.5% of that budget will be invested into training resources for our ecosystem, including our internal leadership teams.

I’ve established key brand partnerships with industry players like OpenCampus and ForbesWeb3 to help realize the GWGs vision to empower the ApeCoin community through an education-first approach, aiming to improve their ability to succeed once grants have been issued.

I’ve also set the standard for transparency within ApeCoin DAO, as shown in our AIP-317 Budget Impact and Transparency Report and the recent 2024 Q1 Transparency Report, and I don’t shy away from challenges when things aren’t moving along as planned. Instead, I include the community in progress, highlight where pain points were encountered, and problem-solve together as shown here.

Furthermore, my efforts to expand ApeCoin’s ecosystem by leveraging outside networks has brought big exposure for ApeCoin. For instance, at the NFC Conference from May 28-30, we negotiated the largest booth at the conference, secured three presentation panels, and achieved co-organizer status for the final wrap-up day, all at some of the most reasonable pricing made available for any premiere Web3 event worldwide. The activation was also paid for entirely in APE.

Project Management, Regulations & Compliance:

Prior to entering Web3, I was working in the Canadian cannabis industry from 2017, during the onset of federal legalization. During that time, I began by offering market entry strategy and consulting services, preparing analyses on cannabis-focused federal and Health Canada messaging.

In British Columbia, cannabis is distributed through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB), a government-operated entity previously known as the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB), which had been announced pre-legalization. To increase the effectiveness of my recommendations and understand similarly regulated markets, I studied liquor and tobacco laws and soon took it further by providing municipal assessments around the province, gathering insights through public consultations and in-person City Council meetings.

This is also when my interest in local government developed quickly, as I recognized that many City Councilors were just well-rounded community members with good networks who understood their city’s people and needs – a realization that resonates with me to this day as a prominent member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, and ApeCoin DAO communities who is constantly looking to build bridges between them.

Following the implementation of provincial and municipal regulations, I began taking on project management and compliance contracts to navigate new entrants through the processes of obtaining necessary licenses and sourcing suitable properties. This required mastering regulatory frameworks and licensing processes including The Cannabis Act and British Columbia Cannabis Licensing Regulation. Additionally, I had to understand extensive security screenings and financial integrity audits, considered to be some of the most rigorous in the country.

It should also be noted that these positions allowed me to rise up as an advocate and educator for cannabis, and while legalization and cryptocurrencies are distinct, I view them quite similarly in terms of regulatory challenges, societal perceptions, and market dynamics.


My work at ApeCoin DAO is proven, and my commitment to strengthening our community through developing progressive infrastructure speaks for itself – yet every day I’m looking for new ways to drive value.

I’m deeply rooted within the ApeCoin ecosystem in both front-facing and operational capacities, with critical levels of trust built within the community and the DAOs internal leadership – something other candidates may not have yet, which can take months, sometimes years, to develop. Time that ApeCoin doesn’t have right now.

I know what the DAO needs and became the first Steward to openly voice the importance of hiring and begin contracting service providers. I also understand how to build a brand and leverage that equity to form strategic partnerships to help scale.

Stewards must also need to be able to pass various initiatives and new budget proposals through DAO-wide votes, which means having the ability to articulate a vision that aligns with the community and earning their trust to vote on it. When including budget proposals, I’ve passed more than anyone else.

Outside of my Steward scope, I assist AIP authors by reviewing proposal and providing valuable insights on what my experiences when passing them have been.

Three weeks ago, the ApeCoin community supported a GWG financial plan by casting over 21,000,000 votes in favor. Our previous plan was successful, delivered under budget and with a Steward short, extending a six-month budget into eight. We even had a surplus to assist new Working Groups in structuring themselves legally.


My motivation is simple – ApeCoin.

And my work here isn’t done until the Working Group structure is a fine-tuned machine, firing on all cylinders with the right blend of proven Web2 infrastructure baked into our decentralized Web3 ethos.

Here’s what the next year will look like with me coming back for another term:

  • Community training and education resources: Core infrastructure development for strengthening the ApeCoin DAO community. I’ve already contracted the APE_U initiative with Open Campus and ForbesWeb3, a fourteen-program initiative expected to span twelve months, focusing on AIP mentorships and other essential training for new project founders – improving the financial literacy of our authors will be next.

  • Access to on-chain small grants: Currently structuring a small and micro grant initiative that will target both existing and new communities through our bespoke programs that you can read more about here.

  • Stronger reporting: Right now there isn’t anything binding for AIP authors to report back to the DAO once funding has been released. The Facilitators are doing a great job with outreach, but responses are minimal. So outside of paying grants in draws, where there is no one-size-fits-all solution, I believe that we need to adopt a more social approach, similar to government programs with automated “stub” systems requiring authors to complete monthly reports, with a public, non-invasive database showing their follow-up frequency.

  • More community hires: The GWG Community Governance Improvement Program is an initiative where we can tap into the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem and empower members to assist with the coordination and, in some cases, development of our programs – and I want to enable more of this.

  • A redefined Working Group structure: “Building the Working Group blueprint” is a phrase you will hear me talk about regularly, including on stage at the NFC Lisbon conference. However, that doesn’t mean that ApeCoin has it all figured out yet, particularly due to older AIPs that we’re currently bound to. This is why it was crucial to me that the GWG established a formal OKR to revise the original Working Group Charter.


I grew up in one of the most culturally diverse areas of Canada. A blue-collar neighborhood of Greater Vancouver, where my family and friends come from all walks of life.

I understand people, community, and ethics.

I know how to spot problems and work toward solving them, viewing strategic thinking as a creative outlet and refusing to give up on things I believe in. These are some of the values that drive me to show up every day for ApeCoin. From the moment my eyes open to the moment they close, I’m analyzing where we’re at and strategizing how we can strengthen ourselves.

As far as commitment goes, one example might be that we’ve been down a Steward for months with a substantially unbalanced workload – yet I make sure that we deliver.

You can check out what an average two-week period looks like using the link below. There, you can also read more about what the GWG needs out of a new Steward.

GWG Election Expectations & Steward Log: March 25th - April 8th 2024


When making your nomination decision, consider the experience, achievements, and commitment of candidates to maximize effectiveness and efficiency as ApeCoin DAO transitions onto ApeChain, where aggressive growth is anticipated and the need to hit the ground running is crucial.

So in closing, let’s make sure that we don’t stray away from the 21,000,000 votes of support on an almost $1.3 million budget proposal that I spearheaded in conceptualizing, writing, campaigning, and now executing – just like I did on the previous one.

Vote for ALL CITY.


Good luck AllCity! And as always a beautiful write-up :apecoin:


Full support for you brother. The work you have done so far and your level of involvement is priceless to the DAO


I’ve been really enjoying this initiative of yours and see great value in it for both the short and long term path of the DAO

I’ve seen the full dedication, great to see you up for re-election in GWG :heart: :gorilla:


Good luck for the candidacy AllCity!

For anyone that’s interested to check out a breakdown of each Governance WG execution plan, simply click on the image below! Hope it helps :saluting_face:

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Appreciate you two @Moonlyght @MemeBrains :muscle::muscle:




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You have my sword.

And I have to type more to meet the 20 character minimum requirement.


And you have my axe :axe:


The man’s spearheading the DAO towards commercial success, GL for the re-election. Catch ya at the Austrian Grand Prix probably :racing_car: :checkered_flag:


Haha… My man :heart::muscle::muscle:


Appreciate you Alok!



Since I’ve started working on building ApeChain, I’ve spent a lot of time collaborating with AllCity. He is incredibly positive, passionate, hard working and smart. In addition, the Ape culture is deep with him…he really understands the art and irreverence and its roots way back in graffiti culture.

He’s done a great job in difficult circumstances in his first term and has so much planned for next term. I think it would be a real shame if the community didn’t get behind this OG and re-elect him. I certainly know I’ll be voting for him!


Best of luck! So many people these days in Lisbon have praised your incredible work at the DAO


This means a lot!!

Thanks Jordan!

Much appreciated brother… Teamwork makes the dream work.

Appreciate you :muscle::muscle:


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@AllCityBAYC cares deeply about ApeCoin DAO.

The overall DAO landscape is complex, as is the ApeCoin DAO. It is important to have continuity of members in roles, no matter if in the Special Council or a Working Group.

This isn’t just my opinion. Here is a write up to this question from Perplexity, Link to answer.

Can you tell me the importance of team members saying for at least two years in an organisation?

N.B. SC are not employees, but the general conclusions still apply.

It is generally beneficial for team members to stay with an organization for at least two years for the following reasons:

  1. It takes time to build trust and strong working relationships within a team.[3] When team members stick around for a couple of years, they have the opportunity to truly get to know each other’s strengths, working styles, and personalities. This deeper understanding facilitates better collaboration and communication.[1]

  2. Teams go through various stages of development - forming, storming, norming, and performing.[1] It often takes over a year for a team to progress through these stages and reach the high-performing “performing” stage where they operate cohesively and efficiently.[1] If team members leave before this stage, the team has to restart the development process with new members.

  3. Employee retention boosts morale and creates a sense of community within the organization.[2] High turnover can disrupt team dynamics, damage culture, and lead to lower engagement and productivity.[4] Retaining team members for at least two years helps maintain stability and camaraderie.[2][4]

  4. It takes time for new employees to get fully ramped up and become highly productive contributors.[2] If team members leave before reaching their full potential, the organization loses that investment in their training and development.[2]

  5. Longer tenures allow team members to deepen their skills, knowledge, and experience within the organization.[1] This institutional knowledge is valuable for improving processes, problem-solving, and mentoring new team members.[1][2]

In summary, retaining team members for a minimum of two years allows teams to solidify, build strong interpersonal bonds, and reach peak performance - benefiting the organization through increased productivity, efficiency, and a positive team culture.[1][2][4]

[1] Using the Stages of Team Development | MIT Human Resources
[3] The Importance Of Getting To Know Your Team Members
[4] 11 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace (With Examples) [2024] • Asana

What are the negatives if a team member leaves after one year?

N.B. SC are not employees, but the general conclusions still apply.

Perplexity link to answer.

Having a team member leave after just one year can have several negative impacts:

  • Loss of productivity and knowledge: It takes time and resources to train a new employee. When someone leaves after a short tenure, that investment is lost, and productivity suffers until a replacement is hired and trained.[1]

  • Disruption to team dynamics: Established teams often have good rapport and work well together. Losing a member disrupts that dynamic and can negatively impact morale and collaboration.[2]

  • Increased workload on remaining staff: Until a replacement is found, the workload of the departed employee falls on the remaining team members, leading to potential burnout and resentment.[3]

  • Recruitment and hiring costs: Hiring a new employee incurs costs like advertising the role, interviewing candidates, onboarding, etc. These costs recur more frequently with high turnover.[4]

  • Loss of client relationships: If the departing employee had strong client relationships, those connections may be severed when they leave, impacting business development.[5]

  • Negative perception of the company: High turnover can create a perception that the company has a negative culture or poor management, making it harder to attract top talent.[2][4]

The negative impacts are amplified when the departing employee is experienced and knowledgeable about critical processes or projects. Minimizing turnover, especially among strong performers, is important for team cohesion, productivity, and maintaining institutional knowledge.[1][3][5]

[1] Negative employees: How to keep one from spoiling the whole bunch - Insperity
[2] 9 Tips to Manage Negative Employees - Tandem HR
[3] Reddit - Dive into anything
[4] Expert Advice for Dealing With Negative Employees | The Muse
[5] How to handle an employee who shuts down when I give negative feedback - manager | Ask MetaFilter

I strongly support All City for the ApeCoin DAO Governance Working Group Steward. Proven track record in driving key initiatives, establishing partnerships, and fostering community engagement makes him an exceptional candidate. All City’s dedication to transparency, innovative thinking, and strategic leadership will ensure ApeCoin DAO continues to grow and thrive as we transition to ApeChain.

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Appreciate you brother :heart: :muscle: :muscle:


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Do you yourself a canabis user and did it ever afected your job?
You mention the “hiring” , are you planning to go around elections and don’t let people elect a DAO worker and instead just subhire, including to complete your position requirements or you are trying to say that you would like more working groups?

Do you also ask this question to everyone who drinks alcohol?