Community led assessment of the DAOs treasury

As per the official source (ApeCoin) these are the wallets which consists of our DAOs treasury.

About 60 of the 100 wallets listed over here has already been discarded and as this list hasn’t been updated in quite a while, due to which it has become long obsolete.

Some of the tools I was using for onchain intelligence were tracking the outdated list so they had a vastly different idea of our treasury and its balance.

Will also include a Dune dashboard for easier following.

Current Balance :

Without access to the internal documentation and people responsible for the operations of the treasury, this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. As I’ve done this already for Apecoin Tracker, so It’s only fair if I make this information public so that other users can look into it if they want.

Keeping that information might’ve been

@br00no does this classify as a bootleg audit ? or a fake one ? :eyes:

This took a lot of time and effort so I hope this helps

List of active wallets as of right now :

* 0x7F3C24C58Dd3B43Da52E73cb6dCE44d53e4054f5

* 0x8a368826A82A7fdeF58C8cb12efB7701012C968B

* 0x8cf0c3C45a78Ac181486F26C5C4EBBa2dBeDF9e7

* 0x93F91d1B3ACDf78894e99930eEE6C07326992434

* 0x9b645E4C288989eDfD644caAE5610E0CdE508392

* 0xecE3251Ce30236f199A5551071fFcF1a12d26ed5

* 0x4F7068BC86f769da5a333E494bABD922cFebfA8c

* 0x2b27d10c7764675466f0fcBC575fc241fac0d2af

* 0x2e044fED0291F1bBF306C64A356a121Ca1786dbd

* 0x82e57DdD56124841190E82117f3B7F49D3FF9758

* 0x3a47ABF085cD75156E38EdAAABD12Bbdda84109f

* 0x7E185Fb9Ad7EF79ba359956Dd7D73a1595f65524

* 0x8290332ae839F998E2d125e53b9C06B77F8Da2C6

* 0x9F4bb0c99EDFDCdac75E2D0BA9a3a3fc51D30403

* 0xa4b4fCF404ED71868173a69ac4bd0dc7040F9268

* 0xC9481B98260Fbc9f3318f19287E54dC29A45f48C

* 0xF4dBa63012f0ef4908B6fe000962620Cf9E85835

* 0xf9e916b9Ef59D14869a402eBF93Dd933c4200555

* 0xf9f4fD27b9711d4558092954379D6d6625ccbcd5

* 0x39e846478603214a28fb137f479c7aE7a9891C55

* 0x42e0346C698Ae7e9f1E3d37610BF7445be35C92a

* 0x48BD3a1E104931A8568772D3F146CaFca2E86FA7

* 0x375DEc58BEa3B9aE67fF4Fea5820683cFAb734c7

* 0x4F764DFe43314Bd540Be2EC74e1c769eAAac1889

* 0x5b53Ef8F2Bc6315eBedD8c536498C76773404Fd8

* 0x888170a71aBC93614932Bf83d4BEDA281418dD2a

* 0x64e252a4034c3524A052B2Cc4Febaf23f03b93e3

* 0xac09759E9032EdB18A13cDf478B326dE40dede7f

* 0xA8D203924B908be655b2CEEBA78DF4929880e9Dc

* 0xb1Df9c43981479dCD43BB738fF5001322A65fDfc

* 0xb269F4f01174b04918dF9619fD9613E6c41d1800

* 0xF9FE6CFFE20D350B3FeA834aa88d0A9B534ad6B4

* 0xdc106Da1CB18108D2166bD73a56BA17f24Bfa461

* 0xDf1925127bd2c58cC76672679cA64da1Ea058942

* 0xE0B3a77693191a69A4b157bFCf721cCf7308249a

* 0xd3E14f2C63110B2068e912b1b34028025CD9c5A3

* 0x0CFfC9ac055D2E6c8E873D3E8DA86882f67F7d8B

* 0x107874b8e2E62E71b65895cBD412889DC1eAdDb7

* 0x1f0e667A6e893D88D8177A9d6307E34F8Aa495a1

* 0x119a01063b01C1A93457F2e1Fdc7b9EA553Ec9A3

* 0x229A7098Ec2c3a65A62f2361c2A3ffC82FaB4564

* 0xAc7e9AD2Ac7d65bd5aCc294478AD72fe63c17c19

* 0x767196B10Be078A36831c3b19A2DCCCefc378ADF

* 0x7C35EA45dDc392F1d15e7b7D96510b49B118c915

* 0x1D7f4ea1051B9501072f6a7D4026BD934B0b3479

* 0xAc05e4874c5F0890C8aa7304415CeCC7A464F840

* 0x2fC3ee33DCd9f003D907795FEbA7f0569a7B9a5d

* 0xa60F05baa59187b6fec22581A735F4f57A855B72

* 0xa843588B6d4c6e846136E7E5ddbC10f8D78D45a5

* 0xe3e5e311467D056CA183EA60a301a00Da862C9A6

* 0x1c73647de4d9BDE06dD5F3B35c026c6e403dCa13

* 0x2278879C60fAF01cb5Af93ea2d6d7396812Dc068

* 0x63a5D49353616bd7bBCba42B1C05b2442E46f7D5

* 0x1f91cbA44195B5d21cF198F716da627183a2FEA9

* 0x20FaCCBecf9CbEd05A56aF16fa8EE729dCb53DCa

* 0xd30744ca4Cf5a48c6cfbDF071eB38bFD6949610A

* 0xCF4a941D81B394D52f2aEC8C6765CCB48E736D50

* 0x3C9818566884266f88cc6Ded42A178443bA1229E

* 0xCaec0964513E413b80b8D1126181a97C30DA5151

* 0xAF3225FD5977b3ef5f8669D09A28d8d9bd2B7772

* 0x4a977E5705B6FdC6C924131470f727a9eA927A04

* 0x49501183D1038825c22a18Af76736e6c62eC29de

* 0xE6e7C90566A80acC801E643E20C17d2D98C2B0E7

* 0xf98FC5f0326c6b2dbF7EbA955A27B13b7d52fA98

* 0xA162f268A6B531e1bE832293b680CbffcE801e11

* 0x329E2443009046Ee787FBFebE98985db8566892E

* 0x33f662b9665C1A59b937BeB803c30f6274c956F6

* 0x340ec0453c99342B96E0e4FcC32cA82093A262cA

* 0xE8022dc49685Fed1731C6147D8ED1F26aafEBc0B

* 0x60F9F1954D18b36fa04371fbf355aa2b90a448d9

* 0x5B874DfD9e09cc0B2B3Ff772155ecC58422c8889

* 0x9e14dD25e3966D6ceb53820863868f23AE17c4A7

* 0x96E8F9494453eC200a15335dee68539ca2aA7646

* 0x94A279dc939b9De589Db2f0DFf1417C02519fD21

* 0x6bB65aDA9C46a42a1Adc7c1BcdFa2929EADa200E

* 0xef23b4A3BD6912FF39f54BB895F800D518c092eE

* 0xC68709b676bA479E68e356ca4eC087a83198ec07

* 0xCa9740A42c480759a2B236F134d43A39232fD265

* 0x7766B176c924Dd336eB73559250aa2d2aeE73b2C

* 0xE79b3aE36843649169fd8B91814b6cbe3eACB64a

* 0xf8902d01723B02b3ABe3A0df041f52a9059E5226

* 0xcD7BeDd2aE9e40152D9a2800Ba8576b18D5537Be

* 0x28855D107c95cd47a14FEeB932d17C93A9b818EA

* 0xca3e79d3E70a6E11a22DDEf04437243A58C19296

* 0x90515d88f4478563aB44b80E9a3058C5c6145fF4

* 0x51A3afD17b675f762fF68918b8c6A446c29Ec3F0

Keep in mind this wallet list excludes the wallets and staking balances which amount to somewhere around 50 million $APE.

I hope this helps, will add to this to reflect changes made periodically


This list is scrollable, consists of 80+ wallets


Way to keep us updated. Numbers are king.


Doing whatever I can to serve the community best.


Appreciate the informative and detailed info that you are able to gather and share with us :+1:

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I never check prices but damn? We down by so much :0
P.S. good work ser

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Thanks my friend, Love those kind words

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The entire mkt is downbad : (

Thank you for the update ser

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My pleasure friend, I’ll update this periodically so that the DAO can remain upto date on this


Wonder if we should set an annual limit of the DAO spending. The DAO treasury looks deep for now, but cannot afford the aggressive AIP spending like what is happening right now. More and more eyes are on the treasury and try to get a fat share of it with only a long essay.


Good innitiative to make this list, great job sir :saluting_face:


What ? I don’t understand

it was a reply to another comment but there seem to be a glitch on mobile.

I like what you’re doing wrt to transparency

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CEO at your service :saluting_face:

Oh, That makes sense.

Any idea as to which comment that was, or was it on another post ?

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Thanks for bringing this up @CR,

In my opinion, a DAO-wide budget like we had in AIP-3 is very much needed to set expectations every year. The 3 Governance WG Stewards will work on it. :slight_smile:



Well said amp, Let’s get to business (after onboarding the 2 stews)

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How do we update or how often is this updated?

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This is the latest estimate as of today (no major txns in the last 5 days) and this list can be updated weekly or Bi monthly.

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