Create TWITTER usage guidelines and codes of practice

As @btang made clear, there currently are no guidelines or general terms of use in place for APECOIN TWITTER, and there should be.

I propose we discuss what needs to be done, how it should be implemented, and what should be done and how if these terms/guidelines are not adhered to.

We are so early still, but without a clear direction, statement of intent and usage guidelines around our main tools, they can and will most probably be used for personal gain at some stage, history teaches us power corrupts.

I am not the big bad wolf as some like to paint me out to be, I am passionate in my beliefs and heavily devoted to the success of our DAO and extended communities.

I don’t want to stifle progress, hinder achievements, dull aspirations or crush dreams, but what I do want to do is make sure that every single APECOIN holder, regardless of the size of his/her bag, gets a “fair crack of the whip” (basically everyone gets the same chances), regardless of who’s ones frens are, who has connections to those in power etc, a fair playing field for all, and we do this by community driven input and fair discussion and voting always and we start with looking at what we have that’s community owned and operational - and right now I think we take the time to reflect on APECOIN TWITTER and how we improve it and maintain excellence going forward.

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.

Hey @furiousanger

Although it’s not required, I would suggest using the AIP template to more concisely convey your thoughts to us readers. I think you’re on to something here, but I’m unsure how to offer feedback until the ask or idea is more structured.

What have you observed up until today? How is it being used? What would you recommend restricting or promoting?

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Makes total sense, this is kinda just a way for me to gauge the community will and then maybe if applicable I’ll go full throttle, but noted and totally agree.

Btang agreed that there is a lack of clarity, no defined rights or wrongs or dos and don’ts when it comes to how the twitter should be used and they are basically making it up as they go along. This was sort of okay when we started I guess, but we are now at a stage when even a few tweets from our community APECOIN TWITTER feed with 355K followers has such great power it must be properly used, and tbh I’m seeing the total opposite of late, with aggressive retweeting, up until recently, of frens ideas and AIPs they wanna see succeed for whatever reason. Just look at APECOIN TWITTER feed, its neither fair or unbiased and many share my view including those who control it (cartan group).

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We draw up guidelines, for example we treat and tweet all AIPs the same, with maybe breakdown of how, what, why, when etc etc, and link, we stay neutral and fair, add no weight to any AIP idea and we do not try to influence the community votes - TWITTER becomes Switzerland (but without the N**I gold laundering ofc), a neutral entity purely to relay important information.

We could then maybe move onto the newsletters, as we all see the alarming HIT PIECE written the other day and posted on a DAO funded newsletter to damage and FUD an opposing DISCORD AIP - these are our community resources, not a theifdom for the few to help their frens up the ladder and secure monies. SMH

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You do have a point here. ApeCoin retweeted ApeComms Special Council Nominees #3 & #4, but I’m not seeing #1, #2, or #5. I was actually speaking in #4.

I’m aligned that we can collectively draw up guidelines. What if we also outlined a scope for the social media channels then invited social media management companies to formally bid? Then we send it to vote and hand over the keys from Cartan to the winning company?


That sounds amazing good idea! This is what needs to be done.

I hope someone with better skills than me runs with these ideas etc and puts them into an appropriate AIP format, that we can all get behind and really make fit correctly.

If my reply above gets 5 :hearts: I’ll run with it. Will wait to see if there’s support.

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One thing I would like to see the Twitter account do a better job of reporting on are updates on approved/implemented proposals.

So far, there have been 27 approved proposals but I only remember seeing Twitter updates on some of them.


The issue is that there’s no true way to be completely “neutral and fair” especially when users in the community produce something retweetable. That is a decision made by people, and some users share consistently relevant, factual information. Is multiple retweets from an account that’s doing great summary/analysis work “favoring” that account, or is it simply sharing high-level information that ApeCoin Twitter simply isn’t? This is a community, after all. While I’m sure certain standards can be put into place, we run the risk of withholding value to the community in the name of “neutrality” in some cases.


I agree with some of your points. It will be hard and probably not 100% achieveable, but we can get close and do much better than now. Or maybe we elect a sub team to run the twitter, reviewed every 3 month, reports every month, no idea tbh.

When I look at the TWITTER feed I see:

  1. Lack of consistency.
  2. Favoured ideas and/or teams pushed more, regularly.
  3. Total non-exposure for some ideas, and this sometimes repeats, based on the AIP’s authors and/or affiliates.
  4. No real clarity of direction, confused even, often used to help frens.

Maybe just a declaration of purpose and goals for TWITTER? Is twitter just informational or more? Maybe just a few lines agreed on that says all AIP ideas get 1 retweet? Or if AIP gets to a certain stage they do? Maybe no AIP in the idea or vote stage gets multiple retweets? No AIP teams get extended exposure? Or maybe we go full 180 and say there’s no rules, cartan team decide how twitter is used and that’s that, with no defined usage guidelines or fairness policy etc, which is currently the case and imho is what is causing all this unfairness and outrage.

I think maybe if this had happened sooner, the creation of some fairness policy or alike, especially around how twitter is used, maybe cartan group AIP wouldn’t be down so bad right now?

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Who is managing the Twitter account? And how the DAO members can contact him?

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Hello @ASEC,

The ApeCoin DAO Twitter account is managed by the Foundation administrators. You can send me a dm if you like and I can try to get you connected with the relevant party for your needs. Otherwise I recommend sending an email to:

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You have another way to communicate with the Twitter managers? What is the way?

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You can search for the ApeCoin DAO Administrators, and reach out to them directly on twitter, their website, or these forums. :slight_smile:

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Hi @furiousanger,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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I stressed this on last night spaces, the twitter account must have branding power and marketing team behind it from the community, I made sure the new council aware of how important this is and they are

also all announcements must come from our twitter not third party companies we hire.


2 things

the power of memes and engagement



I think we should look internally to find social management, is this something the Comms team could potentially handle? In one of our AIPs we propose the creation and management of the YouTube channel. Im sure we can find capable people from within the community so this doesn’t happen to us.


:laughing: Hahahahaha (20 characters min)

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