Empowering Transparency through Community Contribution (Dashboards+Data analysis)

Hello friends! I’m delighted to meet you all on this forum. My name is Mia, and you can also call me mialalala. I’m from thepass.to which is a DAO aggregator and treasury analysis platform. We started connecting with the ApecoinDAO community late last year and we get connected with many wonderful people including Amplify, Gerry, and Vulkan. They have been amazing individuals who have helped us understand how Apecoin DAO works and assisted us in building the data dashboard and enhancing information on our platform for ApecoinDAO. It’s been great to witness the vibrant community as we learn more about it.

Although there have been some discussions within the community in recent weeks regarding fund transparency and the use of funds in the DAO, it’s important to note that having such debates is a positive thing in DAO governance. Many DAOs haven’t reached this stage yet, and any progress made through these discussions is a step in the right direction.

During the journey with ApecoinDAO, we participated in ThankApe Season 2, where we built a tool and data dashboard for ApecoinDAO to enhance transparency and provide a one-stop hub for newcomers to access DAO information and also host a twitter space to feature Apecoin DAO. We would like to take this opportunity to showcase a walkthrough about the tool is providing to the community. Additionally, we will be posting updates on a monthly basis (hopefully), utilizing platform data to provide the community with asset and governance-related information. We hope it proves helpful to the community. :heart:

For the video walkthrough, check it here: https://twitter.com/thepass_to/status/1670646782848815104

The dashboards aims for better transparency and exploring various aspects of Apecoin DAO, including treasury, governance, members, and more.

1/ Treasury: This section provides valuable insights into the treasury. You can find information such as aggregated treasury addresses, the total balance of the treasury, a historical balance chart, the native token ratio, and rankings of multiple assets based on their value and quantity. Additionally, it includes details about inflow and outflow activities.

2/ Governance: In this section, you will find an overview of proposals and governance tokens. We also provide an analysis of proposal frequency, voter participation, and voting trends through interactive charts and graphs.

3/ Members: This section offers individual DAO identity pages for members. These pages include information about NFT and FT assets owned by the members, DAO participation data, and detailed voting records. Moreover, it provides NFT credentials that enable the identification and filtering of qualified contributors.

By leveraging this DAO dashboard, the community can gain a comprehensive understanding of ApecoinDAO, its treasury status, governance activities, and member involvement especially for new comers.

We will update treasury and governance data here in a community perspective​:heart: Do note everything on the platform is in progress, always feel free to report features or problems to us :heart:

Updated on 6/21 with a new feature and section👇


hi i’ve just read your post and it’s very interesting thank you, the dashboard looks easy to use


This is really cool, thank you for making this! I especially love the voting process history. One UI issue I noticed: With this vote, the labels have merged with the graph so it’s hard to see.


thank you for the feedbacks mate! :blue_heart:

Thanks for reporting this! We are on it now :eyes::muscle:

This is great, love the visuals. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for this MiaBao, transparency its always needed plus very simple too look into with this!


Love the dashboard. Great work!


Great to see this type dashboard for different data points and metrics. I can see this tool bringing a lot of “ease of clarity.”


I looked closer at this tool. It’s really cool and has a lot of great data. Good work!


Thanks friend! Love the feedbacks!

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Love it great job MiaBao


hey fren, we just updated a new report based on the dashboards covering treasury and governance here: The PASS—DAO Aggregator which makes more clear for the community!

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Thank you soo freacking dope/clean and easy acess


This looks so good!!

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