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Thanks for the clarity.

  1. Yes - I am aware of this. And that’s why I wrote that; because it occured to me that people will start thinking that my goal was to get rid of him completely. And so, I intended to add clarity to the AIP once it goes to draft.
  2. Yup. I only found this out yesterday. It’s just crazy to me that this DAO doesn’t have its own Discord server - and nobody actually thought that it was probably a good idea to buy it from Lost - while still having him run it. The liability issues are immense. But hey, who cares about such things, right?
  3. Lost moderates on Discord. How else was he able to give me a 24 hr timeout? So, contractual or not, that’s still him moderating. And since we aren’t privy to the deal that he made with the DAO - because, you know, anything to do with docs is such a big secret, we have no insight as to how it’s all connected. That, in and of itself, is concerning. AIP-240 passed and Lost was seeded in it, while two others were voted in. No explanation other than this: “Through this AIP, the DAO will engage 3 Discourse Facilitators for a period of 4 months. The DAO will select two Discourse Facilitators via DAO-wide vote, while Lost.Admin will be seeded as the third Discourse Facilitators, to ensure continuity from the current Discourse Facilitator team. Future contracting of Discourse Facilitators will be performed by the Governance Working Group.”
  4. Yes. And as I pointed out, the DAO is already liable because it’s closely connected to the Discord server in many critical ways. e.g. user authentication, AIP aggregation etc. A reasonable person would never know that the Discord is neither owned by nor maintained by the DAO. I don’t believe that the server needs to be nuked. And yes, if I have copies of everything here on Discord and on Discord, so too do regulators. It’s trivial really. And they can go directly to the source as well if they so chose.
  5. Someone said on Discord that it was his server. I believe that I have the screen cap somewhere - or I can just run a search query on the server dump from this weekend. And I only found this out on Sat following the incident. However, further research suggested otherwise - though I have yet to do a deep dive to see if anything changed. Basically, the Discord was created in AIP-196 as mentioned here by the old WG0. So, at this time, I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe that Lost, not the Ape Foundation, owns/operates the Discord server. Regardless of that fact, there exists a contract between Lost and the Ape Foundation. Until the Ape Foundation clarifies this, we’ll never know for sure what backdoor dealings - if any - somehow transferred ownership to Lost. That person could probably be clueless and/or just lying. So there’s that. That’s the problem with ApeCoin DAO, there’s so much crud that you simply can’t find clear answers to even the most mundane things.

I believe that @amplify.Admin who wrote up what I excerpted above in #5 has those answers.

Right. I will remove the option to terminate his Ape Foundation contract (as per the Working Group tasking in AIP-240) because that was not the intent. Though people in larger corps have been fired for less - especially if that person takes action that could create a legal liability for the corp - or even make them look bad. Happens every single day. I simply don’t think that he’s trained to be a moderator for a $750m small cap DAO. If he was, he wouldn’t have done what he did and in the manner that he did it.

Right now, we do not know who owns the server. As of this writing, it appears that it does belong (as in, they created it) to the Ape Foundation as per AIP-196 which was crystal clear on that. So, that being the case, this AIP would still stand because we need to hire a professional with that experience and who can write up proper rules and guidelines for moderating both Discourse and Discord. That would normally fall into the Marketing & Communications Working Group as per AIP-239.

But, as you’re aware, the future of the Ape Assembly is now in disarray and doubt due to the recently created AIP Idea that seeks to knee-cap it via a highly flawed and unfair election process that’s just going to retain the status quo even as nothing [tangible] changes.

I note that you said this in a prior post above. How did you arrive at this conclusion?

Indeed. And I too made my position wrt to him, very clear.