WG0 Discord -> ApeCoin DAO Discord

GM Apecoin Community!

The old Working Group Zero (WG0) Discord server created through AIP-196 has changed the official Discord invite link to discord.gg/apecoindao - this is now the only way to access the Discord server (Server ID: 1059304419428139039).

Remember, safety first! Make sure to double check any invite code you use to join the Discord. If you shared previous links to the Discord server, please double check them and delete them if they were using the old vanity address. :blue_heart:

Thank you everyone, I look forward to seeing you all in there!



Thanks for the invitation. :ok_hand:

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Guys, are you planning to replace links and information previously posted on various resources? A recommendation will be given to make a mandatory replacement of the information who publishes them on their resources. For example, Thank Ape on ThriveCoin


Hello @Zaid_Orr,

Yes, thank you for bringing this up. We’ve gone through and scrubbed old invite links, but missed some of the most important ones! :sweat:

We’re on it! :saluting_face:



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