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Hi everyone. I’m DavidW. I was one of the early members of CityDAO, where I helped write the charter and operating agreement, and served as lead facilitator for the education guild and the legal guild for about three years. I’m a licensed lawyer and a university teacher, currently getting a Ph.D. in sociology of the metaverse. I am most interested in how to create legitimacy for the DAO, metaverse and web3 space, and in how to build virtual communities. I believe that that education is a key factor in creating an international DAO that has true credibility. I’m excited to be here in ApeCoin DAO and hope I can bring some positive contributions to this exciting project!


Very interesting background, welcome to ApeCoin DAO!

Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m Spike, I work for Avantgarde finance, covering everything related to governance, voting and DAO decision-making in general. In the past believe it or not - I used to be investment banker doing mergers and acquisitions. At some point I got bored of it and simultaneously Ethereum appeared out of nowhere - I’ve been hooked ever since.

Done some coding, research on protocols, worked within blockchain investment fund and many many other interesting things.

Exciting space and happy to be here! :star:

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Thanks! Glad to be here!

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i am Etini and i’m new here, i’m open to learn and hope i will be carried along… nice to meet you all

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I guess I should have done this already, I’ve been on the forums for a couple of months now.
My name is Chris aka boiler aka boilerrat.
I’ve been in and out of crypto for a very long time now but really sank my teeth in and stayed around 2019. Somehow I missed minting an Ape, as I was deeply involved with another NFT project I thought for sure was gonna moon… but it rugged. No hard feelings on it (now) though, learned a lot and it led me to the DAO space, specifically DAOhaus. I landed there, hoping to create some community governance to support the a fore mentioned rugged NFT project.
When I do a deep dive, I do a deep dive, what can I say, I’m still in the DAO world and trying to figure it out to the best of my ability.
After hanging around DAOhaus for a while, and sweeping the floors sort of, I eventually made myself onto the core team developing DAOhaus. From here I was introduced to a whole ecosystem of DAOs, Metacartel, Moloch DAO, Raid Guld etc.
I ended up working on and creating a bunch of DAO experiments but most notably, I became a member of the Metaguides, which was a subDAO of Metacartel. Metaguides purpose was to guide grantees through the grant process at Metacartel. I spent a few months learning the ins and out of grants and guiding projects through the grant process. This earned me a sweat share in Metacartel, which I am very proud of to this day.
While this was going on I started writing grants too, for DAOhaus, usually successfully. I was starting to figure out my place in this whole web3 thing.
After a couple years at DAOhaus, a few members there decided to branch off and form a DAO called DAO Masons, where we would “help DAOs win” We originally devised this DAO as a service DAO, helping DAOs with their governance issues. This came right at a time when the crash started happening. Not the best time for DAOs. But we stuck to it.
We tried really hard to get a governance facilitator gig at Maker DAO, and we had to dig a DEEP rabbit hole on that one. (Ask me about endgame sometime). We didn’t get the gig. Not gonna make excuses, I don’t think we could have done any better but the DAO didn’t choose us. They chose a good dude though and he’s been killing it.
We moved on.
We were eventually given an opportunity, through a contest, to design a grants system for Plurality Labs. We won that contest and were eventually awarded a grant to build it. Thats’s when DAO Masons transitioned to a product team and developed Grant Ships, still focused on our original goal, to help DAOs win.
Other than that, I’m a husband, Dad of two boys, and I work in the Nuclear Industry in radiation protection, but that’s an entirely different story.
edit: Can’t believe I forgot this, I’m a Deadhead, through and through.


Mongolia becoming big in crypto

This is cool. Are you a Daolist is large or just couple?

Welcome , what is your favourite platforms to analyse data? Have you tried snowflake platform?

Hello everyone, my name is Thelma. I am a community manager and also a crypto enthusiast. I am here to connect and make friends

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Welcome. How about voting and participating in discussions?)))

Oh, haha, I mean a Daoist like the Chinese philosophy Daoism : ) I have been interested in Daoism for decades before I ever joined a Dao. In fact, I wrote my first master’s thesis on how the metaverse appears to have a Daoist philosphical structure. It’s a wonderful irony that I’m now writing my PhD dissertation on DAOs and the metaverse, when the thing that got me started was studying the Dao. What an unexpected and fascinating world we live in.


Oh! Interesting!
Incredible how those 2 words interact)
Daolism and Daoism