Safeguarding our DAO with $1,100,000 of Monthly Profit


TripleCube: I’m not requesting funds for myself. I’m declaring that a consistent profit of $1.1 Million per month will transform our DAO. Due to my experience in the Bitcoin mining industry, I’m proposing the two most-trustworthy companies who should “host” our miners.


What’s better than saving $50,000 each month? PROFITING $1.1 Million each month.

By allocating 10,000,000 ApeCoin to acquire 7,000 Bitcoin Miners, ApeCoin DAO will profit $1.1 Million EACH and EVERY month for the next FIVE years, generating an excess profit of $66 Million

These monthly profits will safeguard and enhance the long-term viability of our DAO, and will propel us into the future, with enough conviction, focus, AND energy to identify (and achieve) our long-term goals.

Monthly profits will be allocated however our DAO desires, pursuant to the normal AIP process. Including but not limited to:

  1. increasing Special Council salaries (to attract top-tier talent), 2) converting profits to ApeCoin (to serve as a perpetual “ApeSink”), 3) retaining profits as Bitcoin, 4) funding future AIPs, 5) attracting high-impact DAO members, 6) paying our DAO’s monthly legal fees, 7) funding PR/marketing initiatives, 8) paying salaries for future Working Group employees, 9) spontaneous acts of charity when the world needs hope, etc.

If our DAO decides to use monthly profits to “buy-back” ApeCoin, this initiative will serve as an “ApeSink”, allowing our DAO to buy-back ApeCoin at a 10x+ multiple. Instead of our DAO losing 50,000 ApeCoin each month (on SC salaries), our DAO will buy-back 850,000+ ApeCoin each month.

Thanks to our perfect timing right before the bull-run, Bitcoin miners are at a 90% discount from their peak of $15,000. Now, they’re just $1,590.

When I noticed this 90% discount, I immediately began writing this AIP, to ensure we acquire our miners before the price increases.

A mere 15% increase in Bitcoin’s price may send miners to $3,000+. If that happens, we’d be limited to half the miners and half the monthly profit. The ETF approval could send miners to $10,000. It’s key for our DAO to approve this AIP now, so we can acquire ALL 7,000+ miners and reap the FULL benefits of our amazing timing.

Our DAO talks about profit generation all the time. There’s no better way to generate profit, than by acquiring 7,000 Bitcoin miners, and earning a mathematically-backed profit for the next 5 years. This profit is consistent, reliable, and crypto-centric. Earning profit any other way is unreliable, and adds massive stress/work to our DAO. This method of profit generation is a dream come true… it taps into the power of Bitcoin, and allows us to reap the benefits of consistent cash flow, without experiencing any stress, because a “hosting” company will manage our miners for us.

If we take too long to approve this AIP, the ETF will be approved, and we’ll be limited to 3,000 miners. It’s key for our DAO to act with conviction NOW, so we can acquire all 7,000 miners BEFORE the ETF approval.

Our DAO isn’t lacking conviction. We know this: The ETF approval is moments away, and the moment The Halving sparks the Bull Run, Bitcoin will soar to new heights.

If/when Bitcoin 3x’s to $100K, 6x’s to $200K, or 10x’s to $350K over the next 6-36 months, our DAO will greatly exceed $1.1 Million of monthly profit.

Thanks to our 7,000+ miners, we’ll be profiting $1.8 Million, $3.6 Million, or $6 Million respectively, EACH and EVERY month, thanks to ONE decision, TODAY.

No one has a crystal ball. No one can perfectly predict how higher our profitability will be each month. But it’s safe to say, even 1 or 2 Million of monthly profit will absolutely transform our DAO.

This safeguards our DAO, and propels us into the future with abundance and persistence, so we can focus ALL our energy on identifying (and achieving) our industry-changing opportunities.

Managing 7,000 Bitcoin miners takes an experienced “hosting” company with top-tier infrastructure and SUPER cheap electricity. Our two most profitable and trustworthy options are Wattum and MiningStore:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.16.41 PM
*Based on an allocation of 10M ApeCoin ($1.39 each), and a Bitcoin price of $36,500.

Additionally, MiningStore offered to implement this strategy to maximize our profits: At the peak of the bull run, when our miner’s have appreciated to ~$13,000-$19,000 each, MiningStore will help us sell our miners. This is their signature strategy: at the peak of the bull run, they’ll calculate if selling our miners (for ~$13,000 to $19,000 each) will produce more profit than mining for the remaining 2 years. And most likely, that will be an obvious YES.

With the bull market right around the corner, MiningStore’s CEO believes this is our golden strategy: we mine for 3 years, and we sell our miners at the peak (at an average of ~$13,000 to $19,000), allowing ApeCoin DAO to earn an additional profit of ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. These additional profits will fill our treasury, and will be used however our DAO desires, whether that’s funding future AIPs, or buying-back massive amounts of ApeCoin.

I ask our DAO to vote for the option you prefer.

Assuming Wattum and MiningStore cumulatively receive more than 50% of votes, this AIP will be approved, and whoever receives more votes will immediately order our miners, which will arrive at their facility within 14 days.

Within 15 days after delivery, all 7,000+ miners will be installed, and ApeCoin DAO will be propelled forward with $1,100,000+ of profit EACH and EVERY month.

ApeCoin DAO is here to stay. And together as DAO members, we’ll ensure $APE becomes a coin everyone wishes they knew about earlier.

By approving this AIP today, we breathe new life, abundance, and momentum into our DAO, propelling us towards a prosperous future, and granting us the peace-of-mind to use the next 5 years to put ApeCoin DAO on the most amazing trajectory we could ever dream of.

The rest of this AIP emphasizes how transformative this monthly profit will be. If you prefer to listen, click this link, and listen at 1.5x speed during your next car ride! Enjoy! And afterwards, I hope to see your vote! :slight_smile:


ApeCoin DAO is a boat. But we don’t have a “motor” yet.

It may take 2-3 years to identify our “motors”: our industry-changing opportunities that propel our DAO towards success.

In the meantime, everyone is “paddling” in hundreds of different short-term directions.

Here’s the issue: paddling is EXHAUSTING. Especially for 2 years. And if the energy of our DAO members is drained in 2 years, then we don’t have a DAO anymore.

So what if we did this… Instead of “paddling” against each other, what if we strapped a “motor” onto our DAO, to propel us forward with so much momentum, that each member would happily drop their short-term “paddle,” and pick up a new tool… the long-term “Telescope.”

This is the tool that’ll guide our DAO towards success. But we’ll only drop our paddles, ONCE we have a “motor” propelling us forward.

This is incredibly important. And what if it only took 2% of funds to acquire this “motor?” Our DAO has 400+ million ApeCoin, and if 2% vanished, we wouldn’t even notice. But you know what we would notice? If our DAO no longer exists in 2 years, because we completely exhausted and divided ourselves.

Let’s avoid that. By allocating 2% to Bitcoin miners, the funds don’t vanish. The EXACT opposite happens: Thanks to our new monthly profit, our DAO fills with life, energy, and momentum. Satoshi invented something magical… a technology that ADDS abundance to everything it touches.

Let’s touch some Bitcoin miners!

By acquiring 7,000 Bitcoin miners, we not only safeguard the financial security of our DAO with $1,100,000 of monthly profit, but we also strap a motor onto our DAO, allowing our members to take a deep breath and say… “SWEET, I don’t need to paddle anymore, our boat is finally moving! Instead of “paddling" against each other, let’s grab our TELESCOPES and work TOGETHER, to fully focus on the long-term opportunities.”

This is a massive energy shift, and allows our DAO to start uniting and gaining speed.

Not only will future Special Council and DAO members inherit an increasingly secure, prosperous, and abundant DAO, but by acquiring 7,000+ miners, we also breath new life into our DAO, granting us the ability to persistently focus all our energy on the LONG-TERM opportunities that’ll make our DAO a success.

Our most valuable asset is our members. And while our DAO identifies our main opportunities over the coming years, it’s crucial to use a mere 2% of resources to fill the air with momentum, and orient our DAO towards a long-term focus, so we can grab our telescopes and unite.

That way, the exact moment our DAO does identify our industry-changing opportunities, we can immediately pounce on them, with a cruise-ship-full of dedicated, energized, and UNIFIED members who are ready to bring our goals to life

If we already were profiting $1.1 Million each month, the Maui proposal would’ve passed, and Camp A would be happy and motivated.

If we already were profiting $1.1 Million each month, we wouldn’t be stressed about salaries, and Camp B would be happy and motivated.

Why is this important? Because the moment we start profiting $1.1 Million+ each month, not only does UNITY increase, but most importantly, the “shiny” short-term opportunities no longer distract us.

Now, our eyes are glued to our Telescopes, as we use the next 5 years to scan the sea, hunt for long-term treasure, and put ApeCoin DAO on an industry-changing trajectory, TOGETHER.

Why should we approve this AIP? Because the downside is completely mitigated, and the upside is potentially game-changing.

Worst case: we use monthly profits to buy-back EVEN MORE ApeCoin than we already have. That’s a massive win!

Best case: our DAO is transformed, and we start exceeding our potential. We’re acting with much more unity, and most importantly, now we have the ability to 1) fully focus ALL our energy on the long-term opportunities, 2) buy-back increasingly significant amounts of ApeCoin, and 3) allocate excess funds to opportunities we see as important, whether that’s taking calculated risks, or using funds to increase the health of our DAO (like hiring a retired SEC lawyer).

However our DAO decides to use funds, NOW we have the flexibility AND power to take control of our DAO, and steer our boat towards a successful future. And it’s all thanks to a massive motor propelling us forward with PERSISTENCE.

Will this be the turning point of our DAO? We’ll see! But it’s up to us to approve this AIP NOW, so we can acquire our 7,000+ miners. And no matter if we soar beyond our greatest dreams, or land in the middle, there’s no risk to approving this AIP, because worst case, we simply buy-back more ApeCoin than we had in the first place.

This grants us the peace-of-mind to use the next 5 years to lay the most solid trajectory we could ever dream of. And we can set this trajectory TODAY, by strapping a motor onto our DAO, and propelling ourselves forward with $1.1 Million of monthly momentum.


Managing 7,000 miners is a massive task. It requires SUPER cheap electricity, and a dedicated team who works 24/7, keeping our miners running non-stop. “Hosting” companies provide this service, so we can sit in peace, and earn Bitcoin around the clock. There’s FIVE hyper-successful Bitcoin miner “hosting” companies.

I call them the “Big Dogs”: Compass, Bitkern, Frontier, Wattum, and MiningStore.

Additionally, there’s many “mom and pop” hosting companies, but due to their low-scale, their electrical costs are WAY too high. Plus, they don’t have space for 7,000 Miners.

Why do I know so much about these companies? Funny story:

During my freshman year in college, I became obsessed with Bitcoin.

I emailed a few mining companies, offering to do an unpaid summer internship, as long as they let me join the big meetings and learn to my heart’s content.

A company called MiningStore accepted my offer. I was ecstatic.

I had two roles… 1) make TikToks, and 2) do market research.

AKA, I spent 5 hours each day calling electrical companies, to ensure MiningStore expanded to new opportunities, before their competitors did.

Let me emphasize… it was INSANELY boring. But now I realize… It was a MASSIVE blessing in disguise: I know all the “Big Dogs” like the back of my hand.

I know their electrical cost, I know their maintenance costs, I know what their customers think of them. Most importantly, I know which “host” will earn us the most monthly profit.

And I don’t just know their “advertised” costs. I know their EXACT bottom dollar, especially for electrical. How? Because I would contact the utility companies DIRECTLY, and figure out the true electrical cost at each viable hosting location.

Our obvious, safe, and MOST PROFITABLE decision is to choose one of the tenured “Big Dogs”:

But which one?

Thanks to my internship, I already had a pretty good idea which host will earn us the most profit… I knew it’d be close between Wattum and MiningStore. During my internship, they always won the biggest clients, due to their low electrical costs.

But, I had been out of the industry for 24 months, so I immediately contacted each of the Big Dogs, to see if anything changed. After gathering quotes, and using the best quotes as leverage to get even better deals, I ran the numbers, and our two best opportunities became clear.

Running the numbers is easy. I’m looking at Electrical cost and Miner cost. And most importantly, I’m looking at how these two numbers affect TOTAL PROFIT.

It quickly became obvious: Wattum and MiningStore still are the most profitable options, by far.

First, we’ll rule out Compass, Bitkern, Frontier.

We’ll also rule out another option… hosting our miners with Adam Weitsman. Us Apes love Adam. So to cover all angles, I asked Adam if he’d want to host our miners. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have ANY capacity to host our miners, and even if he did, it’d take his team 3+ months to install all 7,000+ miners (compared to 15 days), because we’d be 6x’ing his current capacity.

Back to the topic: let’s rule out Compass, Bitkern, Frontier.

The following calculations are based on an allocation of 10M ApeCoin (ApeCoin at $1.39), and Bitcoin price of $36,500.

A conundrum appears:

  • Compass has a great Miner cost, but their electrical cost is WAY too high.

  • Bitkern has a great electrical cost, but their Miner cost is WAY too high.

So hmm… What if we had the best of BOTH worlds?

Thankfully, we do.

The two remaining “Big Dogs” provide the best of BOTH worlds, and thus, are our most-profitable choices BY FAR.

As you’ll see, Wattum and MiningStore have 1) SUPER low electrical costs, AND 2) AMAZING Miner costs (due to their close relationship with Bitmain, the manufacturer of S19K miners).

We’ll start with electrical costs:

  • Wattum Management: 7.2 cents per kWh. (Natural Gas, in North Carolina)

  • MiningStore: 5.1 cents per kWh. (Wind Power, in Iowa)

So, hmm… isn’t MiningStore the obvious choice? Well actually, (and this will prove I’m not biased) it’s a much tighter choice than you think. I’ll explain…

First, I want to emphasize: I’m completely happy with whoever we choose. Wattum and MiningStore are by far the most profitable and trustworthy options out there, and that’s why I’m whole-heartedly recommending BOTH of them. Whoever we choose, we’ll be very very happy.

If I had an “allegiance” to MiningStore, I’d try to discredit Wattum. But during my 3 month internship, it became obvious that Wattum is a truly top-tier company. It’s only right to present the TWO undeniable industry-leaders, and let our DAO decide. :slight_smile:

There are 2 ways that hosting companies pay their expenses/earn a profit.

This is how Wattum earns a profit:

  • Their true electrical cost is 5.1 cents per kWh, and they sell it to us for 41% higher, at 7.2 cents per kWh. AKA, they instantly take a 41% chunk.
  • They also charge a monthly maintenance fee of $4 per miner ($28,000/month, which is automatically deducted from profit at end of month)

This is how MiningStore does so:

  • Their true electrical cost is 5.1 cents per kWh, and they give us that exact rate. AKA, they don’t upcharge us at all.
  • They earn 7.5% of revenue, and 20% of profit.

Wattum and MiningStore’s prices are designed to be equally-profitable for clients.

But in this case, Wattum is actually .1% more profitable: $1,073,925 vs. $1,072,265

But I have a trick up my sleeve. I’m not sure if it’ll work, but the CEO of MiningStore (JP Baric) owes me a big favor. (I’m writing this chronologically, and I just scheduled a call with JP. We’ll see if this works!)

During my internship, something crazy happened.

I posted a TikTok about JP, and it went absolutely viral… 35 Million views!

A few days later, I got an email from Dr. Phil’s Producer… “Hi, I want JP to be the Bitcoin expert on Dr. Phil’s crypto episode, ‘Cryptocurrency: Scam or Not?’

A few weeks later, JP flew to LA. (Fun fact: Yuga hosted the Otherside “Play Test” right next to Dr. Phil’s studio.)

The moment the episode aired, JP’s company SKYROCKETED, both in revenue and credibility. And it wouldn’t have happened without me.

As an unpaid intern, I gained no benefit from this amazing scenario. Obviously, JP was super grateful, and offered me a great job, but I wanted to finish college, so I declined.

But we shook on something else… If I ever want Bitcoin miners, he’ll give me an amazing deal. I’m writing this chronologically, we’ll see if this comes in handy!

When JP shook my hand, he probably was thinking… “I doubt he’ll ever need hosting, and if he does, it’ll only be 5 or 6 miners.”

So this call might be hilarious… JP isn’t expecting me to say “Remember our handshake? Instead of paying the favor to me, will you pay the favor to the DAO I’m in, and host their seven THOUSAND miners?”

To be clear: I’m not expecting JP to host our DAO’s 7,000+ miners for free. That’s not possible. I’m also not expecting JP to host our 7,000+ miners at the “friends, family, and employees” rate we shook on. “Friends and family” implies 5-10 miners, and anything above that would literally be a “parasite” to his company.

MiningStore is one of the “Big Dogs” for a reason… They maintain a super “healthy” business.

So here’s what I’m gonna ask JP… “Give us a deal that ‘stings’ a lot, but still allows your company to remain ‘healthy.’”

And that’s how the call went… we caught up, and then I mentioned ApeCoin DAO and this AIP. I was straight to the point. It went something like this… “I LOVED working with you, but I need to be transparent with the DAO I’m in, so I’m presenting the two industry-leaders and letting them decide. It’s between you and Wattum, just like usual. But right now, Wattum is more profitable. And why would ApeCoin DAO turn down the extra profit?”

I then tried to act nonchalant, while conveying how big this opportunity is…

“I’m 100% okay with whoever the DAO chooses. You and Wattum are the best, so ApeCoin DAO will be thrilled either way. But I think you’ll regret if you don’t lower your prices to win this deal. The Apes are the source of crypto culture, and there’s no predicting what could sprout from this. You already know the power of social media. You already know what happened the moment you went on Dr. Phil. Imagine what’ll happen when thousands of the most influential people in crypto become fans of MiningStore overnight.”

Then I reiterated…

“But right now, why would ApeCoin DAO turn down the extra profit at Wattum? If you agree this is a great opportunity, then you need to take a big hit, and make MiningStore the obvious choice.”

I reminded JP about our handshake, and made the ask… “I don’t want ApeCoin DAO to be a ‘parasite’ to MiningStore. I want MiningStore to stay ‘healthy.’ But if you want our DAO to choose you, you need to provide a deal so good that it ‘stings’ a decent amount, a deal that our DAO can’t turn down. If you see the value of being associated with the Apes, make it obvious, and we’ll see who the DAO votes for.”

JP said he’ll run the numbers and get back to me.

Obviously that’s a super condensed summary, and it makes me sound WAY more eloquent than I really am, but it gets the point across.

A few hours later, he emailed me… “I can do 7.5% revenue and 18% profit.”

I was expecting this to barely beat Wattum. But I plugged in the numbers, and it showed MiningStore is now $25,508 more profitable for our DAO each month.

I was pumped! But I negotiated one more time, to see if he has ANY extra wiggle-room. I got him to drop the profit share to 17.6%. Now, MiningStore is $31,744 more profitable for us each month!

Then, I negotiated one more time, to see if he could drop .1% more. He declined at first, but I noticed his website hadn’t been updated in a few months, so I offered to update his website, if he drops the profit share by .1% more. He declined at first, but then said yes.

I spent the past 5 days updating MiningStore’s website, for free, to honor my side of the deal. I was a bit bummed, JP doesn’t really like the website. He doesn’t like how it’s all about him, but I told him that’s the whole point…

People trust Mint Mobile because Ryan Ryenolds put his reputation behind it. And that’s what I told him… from what I noticed during my internship, people prefer hosting miners with him, rather than a ‘personality-less’ company, because his transparency is so clear, his ‘personal connection’ is way higher, and if his profitability is higher, then it’s just the smart choice. Hopefully the website will grow on him. Nonetheless, he honored his word, and now our rate is .1% lower… 7.5% revenue and 17.5% profit.

Thanks to this “painful but healthy” deal, MiningStore is now $37,317 more profitable for our DAO each month.

$1,111,242 for MiningStore vs $1,073,925 for Wattum. (MiningStore is 3.5% more profitable)

Naturally, I immediately called Wattum to see if they could beat MiningStore. They dropped their electrical rate to 7.175 cents, but wouldn’t go lower.

MiningStore is still $33,303 more profitable. (3.1% more profitable than Wattum)

We identified our two best deals! Who would’ve guessed it all started with a TikTok!?

The chart below will summarize MiningStore vs Wattum.

To clarify, MiningStore’s “profit split” model and Wattum’s “hosting” model are essentially the same thing… a company manages our miners for us, and it really comes down to personal preference.

From what I saw during my internship, some people prefer a “hosting” structure, because it feels a tada more simple, and others often prefer a “profit split” structure, because the lower electrical cost creates a much larger upside for the client. Why? Due to the profit split model’s super cheap electricity, your Bitcoin miners last potentially 1-2+ years longer. Miners usually last 5 years. They don’t “explode” on their 5th birthday, they just become less profitable. So, hosting companies with HIGH electrical costs start turning off their miners at year 5.

However, since MiningStore provides electricity at a 40% cheaper rate, our miners have the potential to keep mining strong until year 6 or 7+. That’s a big deal: potentially 1-2+ years of extra monthly profits, on top of everything else.

As I mentioned earlier, at MiningStore we have the ability to implement the “miner-selling” strategy, to sell our Bitcoin miners at the peak of the bull run (when each miner is ~$13,000 to $19,000), allowing us to accrue an additional profit of ~$114,000,000.

We’ve narrowed it down to our two undeniable best options! After you’ve decided which option you prefer, please vote on Snapshot! Let’s acquire our miners TODAY, so we can start profiting $1.1 Million+ each month, within the next 30 days. It’s key for us to acquire our miners now, BEFORE the ETF approval.

JP really wants to win this, so he wanted me to include these things as well:

  1. TikTok Marketing: During our call, JP said something like this about his TikTok @JPBaric (~500K followers). Summarized to the best of my memory: “My TikTok is slow since it’s the bear, but during the bull run I average 5-10 Million views each month. If ApeCoin DAO chooses MiningStore, I’ll put this in writing: My editor will make/post 5 videos about ApeCoin DAO and/or their Bitcoin mine each month. Even if one video goes viral each month, it’s great publicity. I hired a new editor and he needs extra ideas, so it’s a win-win.”
  2. Visitation: ApeCoin DAO members can visit the Iowa facility whenever desired, as long as 1) they schedule the visit 5+ days in advance, and 2) JP receives direct Twitter DM confirmation from at least 2 presently-serving Special Council members, granting permission for that DAO member to visit the facility (for security purposes).

I ask our DAO to please look at the chart below. After you’ve identified which hosting company you prefer, please vote on Snapshot!


The moment we approve this AIP, our “host” does ALL the work for us. We never need to dedicate ANY energy to this AIP ever again. We simply sit back and are propelled forward with $1,100,000+ of momentum each month.

The Day of Approval:

  • A SC or WG member will use Over-The-Counter methods to convert ApeCoin to USDC, ETH, or BTC (both hosts accept all three, so we’ll convert to whichever coin is easiest/most-effective)

  • If OTC methods are not available, a SC/WG member will begin converting 10M ApeCoin to USDC, ETH, or BTC, as slowly as necessary over the span of 3-21 days to ensure ApeCoin’s price is not affected (this time-period can be increased to 44 days, if absolutely necessary).

  • Based on the -2% depth of ApeCoin (7 figures), converting 10M ApeCoin into BTC/ETH/USDC (in very small chunks over the span of 21 days), will be a safe way to convert ApeCoin, without impacting the market.

  • No matter how long the OTC/conversion period takes, the key is that we approve this AIP now, so we can acquire as many miners as possible, during this 90% discount.

  • Each time a batch of ApeCoin is converted, the SC/WG member will send the funds to our chosen “host,” who will immediately order another chunk of miners, until all 7,000+ have been ordered.

  • Most importantly: the day we acquire our miners, this initiative will serve as an upward buying pressure for the next 5 YEARS straight.

15 Days Later:

  • Delivery: All 7,000+ miners will arrive at our host’s facility within 15 days of ordering.
  • Installation: Our host will spend the next 15 days installing all 7,000+ Miners. By Day 16, all 7,000+ miners will be running. From that day forward, our miners will work around the clock for the next 5+ years, propelling our DAO forward with $1.1 Million+ of monthly profit.

Every Month For The Next 5+ Years:

  • On the last day of each month, our “host” will send that month’s profits to ApeCoin DAO’s preferred wallet. Funds will be used however our DAO desires, pursuant to the normal AIP process.


10 Million ApeCoin will be allocated to acquire 7,000+ S19K Bitcoin miners, which will propel our DAO forward with $1,100,000+ of monthly “momentum.”

All 7,000+ miners will be running within 30 days of AIP approval/funds being converted. This grants us the peace-of-mind to use the next 5 years to set ApeCoin DAO on the most industry-changing trajectory we could ever dream of.

I agree with the idea whole heartedly that the DAO should explore ways of profiting in order to safeguard its treasury. Not sure Bitcoin Mining is the answer but it could be, returns at that level wouldn’t be unfeasible for around $12 million in and other AIPs are by definition not trying to be profitable for the DAO. Miners usually become heavily discounted when they are defunct or new chips/asics come out that make them outtdated and they usually won’t pull consistent returns very long - so I would be weary about the heavy discount thing. I do very much like your idea about the $APE buybacks though and I am a Bitcoin Maxi. Should definitely be discussed more

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Hey @grimyfrankie !

Thanks for reading, and for your response!

Exactly, I love all that you said. Our DAO has been talking about profit generation for a while now, and obviously, generating profit is not easy. Do we make a fastfood chain? do we make a blockbuster movie? do we star a car wash? all of those things would be incredibly difficult, exposing ourselves to tons of uncertainty.

Most importantly, any “normal method” of profit generation requires massive amounts of work and energy. We have tons of passionate members, but our DAO is already spread super thin, and we don’t want to exhaust ourselves. We need a way to generate profit, but we can’t risk exhausting ourselves to death.

That’s why I believe Bitcoin miners are the perfect solution… we already have conviction in the crypto ecosystem, we already know the ETF/bull run is coming, and we already have faith that crypto’s future is bright.

Think about it like this: by acquiring Bitcoin miners, we’re acquiring a temporary 5-year motor, to propel our DAO towards success, and buying us time and energy, while we identify our main opportunities.

By acquiring bitcoin miners, we buy ourselves the peace-of-mind to use the next 5 years to focus all our energy on the long-term, industry-changing opportunities, because the short-term opportunities no longer distract us. Most importantly, the Bitcoin miners do the work for us!

Our “host” manages our miners, and now, our DAO members no longer need to “paddle”. Now, we have an abundant setting, to take out our telescopes, and work TOGETHER to fully focus on identifying and achieving our DAO’s industry-changing opportunities.

Thankfully, if our DAO approves this, we’ll be acquiring the newest miners, either ~7,000 S19K or an equivalent amount of S21 miners. Luckily, our timing is really great. As we saw last cycle, “S19j Pro” miners appreciated from $1,500 all the way to $15,000+ during the bull run, and those mining rigs were already years old, before the bull run started. Our timing is even better!

Not only are S19K miners 25% more efficient than S19j Pros, but most importantly, they were just released 1 month ago, so they’re the newest miner on the block! Pun intended :wink:

I’m not sure if you saw, but I’m really keen about the prospect of acquiring ~7,000 miners, and then mining for 3 years, and selling all 7,000 Bitcoin miners at the peak of the bull run, when each is worth between $13,000 to $19,000. This will allow us to generate an excess ~$114 Million dollars, and exit our investment in an even more fruitful way than we ever could imagine!

Thank you for saying that! I agree, I think the ApeCoin buyback is the most attractive part of this whole thing. Because we’ve mitigated the risk: worst case, we buyback more ApeCoin than we had in the first place, providing us an upward buying pressure for the next 5 years straight (and in the case where we mine for 3 years, we have a great upward buying pressure for 3 years, and then we have a MASSIVE upward buying pressure, due to us selling all miners for $114 Million dollars).

Thank you again for contributing your thoughts to this! And awesome MAYC! Hope to hear even more thoughts from you!


i totally agree with the idea that the dao has to find ways of profiting in order to safeguard the treasury, but as @Grimyfrankie says, i dont think mining bitcoin is the smartest choice.

ill start with an honest and simple question, have you ever mined bitcoin?

because one thing is buying a couple antminers and put them to work in your basement and another thing is trying to run a mining pool with 7k machines.

are you considering the following costs:

  • the power source (needed to make each antminer to work)
  • the fees for importing 7,000 antminers

the next bitcoin halving is around the corner, which means the rewards for mining bitcoin will be cut by a 1/2 and in 3 years the machines bought today will be useless, there no way to sell them at $13,000 each. sorry but thats the truth.



Hey @TripleCube,

Thank you for sharing your detailed proposal. While it’s evident that you’ve put a significant amount of effort into researching and presenting this opportunity, I feel that this initiative might not align with the core principles and vision of ApeCoin DAO, especially in the context of our focus on the metaverse, $APE culture, and the broader Yuga ecosystem.

Usually in the Idea phase, I provide feedback and suggestions, but in this case, I believe the overall approach may not be the best fit for the DAO and the $APE ecosystem.

Wish you the best of luck with your proposal.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Hey Chaps!

Thanks for your comment! I’m gld you agree: profit generation is key. The question is how?

Our DAO is already tired, and it may take 2-3 years to identify our industry-changing opportunities. Once we find these opportunities, our DAO will fill with energy! But what if we exhaust ourselves before then?

I totally agree… Bitcoin miners should NOT be the central purpose of the DAO.

I view this initiative like this: these Bitcoin miners are here to propel us forward for the next 5 years, buying us the time, energy, and peace-of-mind to identify and achieve our massive opportunities. These Bitcoin miners are not the central purpose of our DAO, it’s simply to usher in a new energy so our DAO can start operating at it’s absolute peak.

It’s a 1-2 punch. At some point, our DAO needs the first domino to fall. We don’t just need profit, we need momentum, and we need something to makes our members feel proud and productive, so we can stop dividing and bickering.

We need a sense of achievement so we can keep coming back every day, full of passion and proudness, so we can focus all our energy on the big opportunities, even if it takes 5 years to identify them. With 7,000 Bitcoin miners propelling us forward, it serves as a continual “1 punch”, propelling us forward for long enough, until we identify our “2 punch” and then our “3 punch” and so on!

Great question! Yes, I have deep experience in the Bitcoin mining industry. As a freshman in college, I did many papers on the industry, and I even did an internship in the space, where I was tasked with market research. My job was super boring, but now, i see it as a great blessing: I know all the “Big Dog” miner “hosting” companies like the back of my hand. If you look deeper in the AIP, you’ll see all that information, where I reveal the pro’s/con’s of each hosting company.

Great question! Yes, my proposal accounts for both these things (halfway into the proposal, I mention our electrical rate options, and the all-inclusive miner prices)

I identified and compared the 5 “Big Dog” hosting companies and revealed their offerings. They offer super cheap electricity, and thanks to their direct relationships with Bitmain (and thanks to their economies of scale), we’re able to acquire our 7,000 miners for much cheaper than one-off sales.

In the middle of the AIP, I listed the exact price we’ll be able to acquire our miners for, which includes all taxes/import fees.

Yep! I actually was super conservative with my estimate numbers. After the halving, profit will drop by half for just a bit of time, and as the bull market comes around, profits will soar back above $1,100,000.

Thanks for asking about this! Before my internship, I didn’t think this was possible either. But I quickly realized it’s actually one of the best strategies. Obviously, if you’re using a super old machine, then no one’s gonna want to buy it. But as we saw in the previous bull market, when you have a new machine, and then the bull market starts, a big demand surge happens, and Bitmain isn’t able to keep up with demand. People with massive pockets come in, and start buying all the used miners they can get a hold of, causing used miners to soar to crazy high prices. Yes, this is referring to used miners. I will attach a graph below. As you can see, the S19 miner (the predecessor to the S19K) was already on the market for 2 years, before it appreciated past $10,000.

This means we’re in an even better spot than we ever could hope for. S19K miners are 25% more efficient than normal S19 miners (with no “K”). Most importantly, normal S19 miners were 2 years old before the bull run even came around, and the S19K is literally a month old. The bull run is almost here, and even if we’re only able to sell our miners for $10,000 each when the bull market comes around, that’s still an additional $75 Million dollars of profit for our DAO.

We need profit generation, but profit generation is hard. The odds we make a record-breaking movie is slim. Starting a fast food chain requires 50+ employees and tons of uncertainty. All of us already believe in Bitcoin, and we all trust the system that Satoshi created. Let’s tap into the power of Bitcoin miners, and use this profitability to propel our DAO forward, to energize us while we identify/achieve our main opportunities!

Best case, our DAO is transformed forever. Worst case, we use monthly profits to buy back more ApeCoin than we had in the first place. The risk is completely mitigated, and the upside is absolutely massive. I hope this provided a lot of energy and thought that filled you with more conviction towards this, and I hope to keep talking with you about this opportunity!

@Grimyfrankie and @MisterHype tagging you both here, as I saw you liked! :slight_smile:


We don’t have mining permit.

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I’m also in agreement with the fast that a specific amount should be allocated monthly as profits for the DAO, it could help boost and also improve the DAO


by the way, I was wandering if we had a mining permit :thinking:


Great question @TheFatherOfAllStorms !

Thankfully, we don’t need a mining permit, because the most effective AND profitable way for us to mine, is to hire a “hosting” company to manage our miners FOR us.

If we wanted to mine on our own behalf, it’d take years to set up. We’d need to win a cheap electrical deal, we’d need to build a site, we’d need to hire technicians.

Thankfully, “hosting” companies do all this FOR us. They’ve already built the sites, they already have the technicians, they already have cheap electricity and permits. They are ready!

We simply choose which host we want, and they do all the work for us! No permit required. We just decide how many miners we want, we choose our host, and we sit back and are propelled forward thanks to these Bitcoin miners!

Tagging you here too @Harata !


Totally! It may take a few years for our DAO to identify our industry-changing opportunities, and in the meantime, it’s key that we use this time to enhance the health of our DAO.

Not only does monthly profit increase the financial health of our DAO, but most importantly, it also allows our DAO members to take a breath of relief and say “hey, I’m not sure where we’re going yet, but I’m not leaving! I’m dedicated to doing the hard work, along side you all, to achieve our long-term opportunities.”

Right now, we don’t have anything “sustainable” that continually propels our DAO forward with energy, momentum, and abundance. And thus, our DAO members are becoming drained. We can’t keep going down that path. We need an energy shift, and that’s exactly what we get, when we’re propelled forward with $1 Milion+ per month.

By the way, I answered your question about mining permits above, I tagged you in the post! Great question, and thankfully, we don’t need a mining permit, because the most effective and profitable way to mine bitcoin, is to have a “hosting” company manage our miners for us.


thanks on your response.
ill take my time to fully read it and shoot you with more questions or comments.

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Hi @TripleCube!

Love the enthusiasm you’re bringing to the discussions here :slight_smile: it’s great to see such keen energy focused on the long-term sustenance of the DAO.

My exploration into this decentralized ecosystem commenced in 2017 in part with the conversion of my garage into a fairly well automated mining farm, equipped with advanced 2-stage soundproofing and leading edge ventilation. It was an enormous amount of fun, and highly profitable for me at the time. I ran a mid-sized construction company at the time and leveraged my experience in that realm to make it all happen.

While I have many thoughts re your post, here’s my comments re just a couple areas of it;

Every venture has risks, I’d be cautious about stating information as facts, in the way that you have. It’s usually better to underpromise and then overdeliver, than otherwise. And this size of an ask is larger than the majority of other AIPs. I for one would feel more comfortable in this discussion by having a successful project lead from a larger scale farm such as this chime in and share their battle tested wisdom on the pros and cons of such an endeavour.

Do you intend on bringing in such an individual for an open/public discussion on the topic?

I too experienced the delight of watching my miners quadruple in price during the 2017 bull run. However, I also learned through that experience that I would have had much less stress in my life by simply holding crypto, and since currently the overwhelming majority of the ApeCoin treasury is held in $APE, I ask you, is it really fair to say that engaging in a complex mining operation venture would bring more value to the DAO than simply holding our existing $APE?

As a startup founder myself, I recognize the value in being agile and prompt when good opportunities arrive. That being said, there’s enormous risk involved if/when crossing the line from agile into the territory generally referred to as ‘rushing’. I would not suggest the DAO make any sort of rushed decision of this nature. Due process, discussion, and diligence must be followed. This loops back to my question above regarding next steps, in potentially bringing in a seasoned mining veteran for discussion and to weigh in on the matter. Curious to hear your reply.

Again, just noting, that I also helped, from the construction perspective only, with the movement and early startup of a 3,600 S9 mining farm ‘back in the day’. Tbh, that venture did not work out whatsoever and I’m fortunate to have not been involved in its operations. The opportunity was ripe for them, but opportunity and execution on that opportunity are very different topics. They would have been significantly better off, and with less headaches, by simply holding bitcoin instead of doing the substantial work of setting up a large scale farm with all it’s complexities.

Again, love your enthusiasm, curious to hear your replies! :heart: :gorilla:


If Apecoin were the minting coin and we actually can mine it and give to holders - that then would be a very interesting thing to do. Thankfully all Apecoin is deployed and has unlocking mechanics where part goes to the original supporters including one big non profit and rest to the open market. Bitcoin miners that more then 50 percent were in China now had in large to relocate and looking for investors, in past 2 years there was a huge bitcoin crash due to China regulations & also their new regulations prohibiting crypto trading for any Chinese National. Obviously lots of minting companies now exited China territory and many establishing themselves in USA at the more acceptable regions, obviously this exclude Miami and now NY state where laws in general is not so “positive” for WEB3. I think Thai is a very interesting discussion and just would love to hear more details on the company and region and their contracts and what your connection is to them.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, I like the way you detailed it out. very nice, thanks once more for clearing my doubts :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:


Hi @TripleCube,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.



Hi @MisterHype !

For anyone who says “this isn’t aligned with the purpose of the DAO”, please read this.

I’ve gotten this question a lot on Twitter. This response usually makes people say “aha! I see!”

Because I agree… at first glance, this doesn’t feel aligned with the purpose of the DAO. But as you’ll see, the entire purpose of this AIP is to propel our DAO forward, so we can succeed in those EXACT areas you listed.

Our DAO is NOT about Bitcoin mining. Our DAO is about creating the ultimate version of the metaverse, with ApeCoin at the center.

The thing is: it may take 2-3 years for our DAO to actually identify our main industry-changing opportunities. Our DAO is already losing energy, with division and exhaustion on the rise. If we don’t change anything, our DAO might implode by the time we even identify our main opportunity, yet alone achieve it.

That’s why I believe this allocation is so important: we now have a guaranteed way to propel our DAO forward with abundance, energy, and momentum for the next 5 years, granting us the peace-of-mind to use the next 5 years to identify (and achieve) our industry-changing opportunities.

Eventually, our DAO will be a massive success. And in order to become a massive success, we need DAO members who come together every day, filled with a passionate, abundant mindset, knowing their hard work and dedication will pay off.

Acquiring 7,000 Bitcoin miners propels our DAO forward with abundance, persistence, and momentum, allowing our DAO members to adopt the frame that is necessary to create success. This bitcoin miner acquisition is the “spark”, and it propels our DAO forward for the next 5 years.

Because we have two options 1) we either can wait around for 2-3 years, and keep bickering, arguing, exhausting, and dividing ourselves, AND THEN dedicate all our energy to our main opportunities when they appear (the issue is, what if our DAO completely implodes by then?)

Or, 2) we can use 2% of funds to propel our DAO forward for the next 5 years, and that way, when our main opportunities appear in 2-3 years, our DAO members will be filled with passion and energy, ready to execute on our main opportunities, all thanks to the motor that’s propelled ourselves forward for the past few years.

Our DAO members are the most valuable asset of our DAO. But no one likes working in an environment of turmoil. In fact, no one even CAN work in an environment of turmoil for more than a few months, without it totally affecting/diminishing their abundant mindset and passion, which is an absolute requisite for creating success.

When an organization starts profiting $1M+ per month, abundance, achievement, excitement, and momentum fill the air. Now we’ve checked off the profit generation box. Now our DAO is making enough money where we don’t need to divide ourselves over short-term opportunities. Now we can focus ALL our energy on identifying and achieving our industry-changing opportunities.

This is the key: when those opportunities do appear… instead of our DAO members being exhausted, all our DAO members will be full of life, ready and energized to bring our industry-changing goals to life.

This AIP is not about changing our DAO to be “a Bitcoin mining DAO.” This AIP is about propeling our DAO forward with momentum, so when we actually identify our main opportunities, we’ll have enough energized and passionate members to bring those goals to life.

This is the spark that begins our trajectory towards success, buying us peace-of-mind for the next 5 years, so we can fully identify (and achieve) our industry-changing opportunities.

But if we don’t have that spark, then our DAO members might be completely divided and exhausted in 2-3 years, and if a DAO doesn’t have passionate members, then it’s not even a DAO anymore, and naturally, our 20-100 year plan of success would never even happen.

This is the “spark” that begins (and safeguards) our trajectory towards success, so in 2-3 years, our DAO has the momentum to become a “wild fire”, rapidly taking over the gaming/metaverse industry once and for all.

Quick summary: This is not about changing the DAO’s focus to a “bitcoin mining DAO,” this AIP is about propelling ourselves forward, so we can buy ourselves the time to focus on our main opportunities. If our dao members are exhausted and depleted in 3 years, then our DAO wouldn’t even exist anymore.

this allocation allows our DAO to feel productive and relieved over the next 5 years, so we can work in abundance, and actually achieve our DAO’s goals, because our members will actually have the energy to do so.

Our DAO is NOT about Bitcoin Mining. Our dao is about finding smart ways to implement ApeCoin, to change the industry, and bring value back to the DAO. The thing is: it might take 2-3 years for us to identify those massive opportunities. And if we keep frantically paddling against eachother for the next 2-5 years, our DAO will be completely exhausted, and we won’t even have the energy to execute on our massive opportunities.

This AIP isn’t about “let’s stop focusing about Ape, and let’s start focusing on Bitcoin miners.” This AIP is about granting us the peace of mind AND abundance, so we can use the next 5 years to put ApeCoin DAO on the most industry-changing trajectory we could ever dream of.

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Hi @MemeBrains

Love this story, and your ingenuity. That must’ve been a blast to build!

I’ll answer your questions:

Yes, I am simply proposing this opportunity to our DAO. Before vote, I’ll have our DAO connect with the CEOs of our best options for hosting, so our DAO can hear the recommended strategies from these experts, and decide.

Our DAO has been talking about profit generation for like a year now. I am simply following their desires.

If our DAO wants to generate profit, I naturally would assume they want to produce the most amount of profit, from the smallest investment. I don’t think there is any other venture that could produce more profit from this. So yes, it is a larger ask. But it also is directly connected to the Bitcoin network, which we all believe in. Yes, we are at the beginning of the bull market. Worst case, we just use proceeds to buy back more apecoin. The risk has been mitigated, and the upside is high.

In life, it’s all about mitigating the downside, and maximizing the risk. That’s what we have here.

Very very true. If you’re building your own Bitcoin mine from scratch, it’s a massive hassle, and you never know what you are getting yourself into, until you do.

However, building a Bitcoin mine from scratch is totally different than buying bitcoin miners, and hosting them with a seasoned Bitcoin mining company, who has years of industry-leading expertise. If I was recommending our DAO to build our own mine, I agree, I hope everyone would vote it down.

However, I’m proposing the strategy that maximizes our returns (since hosts have super cheap electricity), while limiting our work and risk: we buy bitcoin miners, and a host manages them for us. These are nearly billion dollar companies, we can trust them to host our miners.

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Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms !

I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

These are great questions: first of all, yes, we technically could mine in other countries, like Paraguay, Ethiopia, Khazakstan, etc. (Those are the most popular non-USA, non-China, non-Russia mining spots)

However, as we’ve seen over the past few years, the risk of mining outside the USA is massive. All the bitcoin mines in Khazakstan got forcibly shut down. And mining in places outside the USA, like Paraguay and Ethiopia brings ethical questions.

The main point is this: if we can find a “host” in the US that provides an electrical rate that’s just as low as mines in Ethiopia, we should mine in the USA. Not only will our returns be the same, but the risk of mine being shut down goes from 50% (in Ethipia) to 0% (in the USA)

I’m going to condense the AIP a ton. I initially wanted it to tell a story, but most people didn’t read. I’ll make sure to answer any other questions you have in there!


Our DAO has been talking about profit generation for 12+ months.

There’s no higher conviction, higher-reward opportunity to make profit than this:

If we make a fast-food chain, it requires 50 employees, $2M of initial capital, and only makes $30K max per month.

If we make a movie, that costs $400M, and MAYBE we’ll break even.

We already have conviction in the future of crypto.

Any other method of profit generation pales in comparison to this opportunity. A fast food chain will make us a 10% return each year.

Bitcoin miners allow us to 10x+ our position, in 3 years.

The risk is mitigated: worst case, we just buy back more apecoin that we already had.

success comes to those who make convicted decisions.

success comes to those who create opportunities with massive reward, and fully mitigated reward.

the risk of NOT taking action is too great. our DAO is filling with chaos. we can’t let that continue.

the risk of taking action is nothing… there is NO risk: worst case, we just buy back more apecoin than we already have.

best case, our DAO is transformed. if we want to become a success, we need to make the high conviction, high reward decisions, and we need to mitigate the risk. we’ve already done that.

and we need to make these decisions when the time is right.

that time is now.

this is not about changing the dao’s vision to be “bitcoin miner oriented”, it’s about propelling ourselves forward, so we can buy ourselves the time to focus on our main opportunities.

if our dao members are exhausted and depleted in 3 years, then our DAO has died. this allows everyone to feel productive and relieved over the next 5 years, so we can work in abundance, and actually achieve our DAO’s goals. OBviously our DAO is NOT about Bitcoin Mining. Our dao is about finding smart ways to implement ApeCoin, to change the industry, and bring value back to the DAO.

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