@0xSword - Governance Steward Nomination 7/2023

Hi Sword! Cool to see your thought process. I think I’m misunderstanding several things here, though, and so I have a few questions, if I may.

“A crucial part of my proposal is to collaborate with fellow Stewards in gathering information necessary to create a comprehensive DAO handbook”

The confusing part is the use of my in “my proposal”. The requirement for stewards to deliver a DAO handbook has been a part of Governance Working Group charter for months:

“Publish and maintain a DAO handbook which explains in detail how the DAO is currently structured.”

Would you mind clarifying how you mean it when you say “your proposal”? Apologies if I’m just misreading or missing something obvious.

Other parts of WG charter seem to be copy-pasted and referred to as “your proposed plans”. For example, the entire “Deliverables” section, items from which have been defined in the same way in AIP-239.

Another instance: “Upon being elected, I propose that the winning stewards should convene immediately to establish a framework for electing the metaverse working group” - isn’t that defined as part of Governance Stewards mandate in AIP-239? Just hoping to get clarity on what you mean when you say “I propose” when it’s something that AIP-239 actually mandates and is therefore a required duty, not an optional decision. Proposing something would mean it’s an option, not a requirement.

Point #5: you have attended the first Ape Assembly meeting over a week ago where this exact thing was not only discussed, but implemented via #assembly-votes chat by @Amplify in ApeCoin Discord. Some decisions have already been voted on and approved/declined by AA in that chat. So when you say “I propose” in a document that’s published a week after the chat’s creation, would you mind clarifying if you’re suggesting it should be modified, or perhaps a new system devised?

Point 8 “Outreach Campaigns” says the exact same thing as AIP-246 Marketing & Comms WG as far as SM and outreach campaigns. Does your proposal/idea differ perhaps from what that AIP suggests? Also perhaps you could define the term “the marketing forums” used in this sentence:

Under the heading “The key changes I intend to bring are:” you write:

Would you mind elaborating on how Stewards would have the power to “define” the role of the Special Council when this role was already defined by a DAO-wide vote in AIP-1 and would thus require another DAO-wide vote to be changed?

If you meant to say “document” instead of “define,” the process of documenting the current role of SC has already been undertaken by @badteeth in his upcoming AIP “Information Request - Role of Special Council.”. It would be polite to mention/credit him seeing as his efforts preceded this post by 7 days.

You ask to be elected as “Ape Assembly Steward”? Is this a new role? So far, only Governance Stewards role has been approved by the DAO.

Would you mind explaining references to yourself as if you’d have the power to make final decisions? Particular sentences that create some confusion (emphasis added): “It will be my responsibility to set up the sub-dao’s framework…”, " My plan is to reshape the Ape Assembly into a functioning sub-DAO…" and " Over the summer, I aim to redefine the structure…", “The Ape Assembly, under my stewardship, will serve all…”

Below, are you suggesting that the Working Groups or the Ape Assembly the DAO voted to create are not something you support?
“Over the summer, I aim to redefine the structure to properly represent our community and address the valid concerns about brand and hijacking risks associated with the sub-DAO representing itself as Apecoin.”

Apologies again if I’m entirely misunderstanding things. I’ve re-read multiple times and these are the questions I was left with. Thank you for clarifying.

PS: you use the term “sub-DAO” a few times. The term can mean many things to many people. What’s the scope or definition of it in how you’re using it in these documents?

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