AIP-278: Approved Educators, Publish your course with us

Approved Educators

Proposal Category Ecosystem Fund Allocation

We propose an immersive learning environment HOST platform for content creators, educators, and mentors to easily publish their Token Gated courses. To better engage learners and bridge the gap between web2 and web3, we are introducing the Otherside initiative, A way for creators to use Yugalabs Otherside to create interactive courses alongside our traditional PowerPoint curricula. All successful participants who complete a course will be issued an SBT (Soul Bound Token) certificate of competency, and those without a digital wallet have the option of a digital PDF.

The platform merges web2 with web3 blockchain technology to create a more efficient learning environment. Through our Governance token, we incentivize high-quality content creation, reward educators, and make educational resources accessible to students. SBT metadata will also be refreshed as students complete other courses on the platform, providing a digital CV/resume.

About Me:
My name is Guy Madden, I am a retired 38-year-old construction superintendent, looking to change the way we learn evolve and navigate the new world of web3 safely.

Our Team:
We have a design and development team working on our website, as well as a separate development team focusing on our smart contracts, tokenomics, and other elements of our ecosystem. Additionally, we are supported by a lawyer specialized in operating agreements such as terms of sale, privacy policy, and token issuance agreements, as needed. We are currently in the building phase and will expand our team in the near future.

Motivation: Our motivation is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. We recognize a lack of comprehensive education surrounding web3 security, and the information overload from web2 learning resources makes learning a hard and difficult experience. Online learning will help the global community to find jobs — not only in G20 countries but also predominately outside — thus strengthening overall global architecture.

We believe our proposal and partnership with Otherside and Apecoin will bring a more immersive and equitable future to the way we learn. Our ecosystem is designed to reward users who are active on our platform through our internal token and DAO structure. We will also utilize Chat GPT and AI technology to assist creators in creating the courses. These tools will enable users and creators to cross-pollinate ideas. We have also given ApeCoin a secondary use case within our ecosystem, by just holding 1 ApeCoin you will get 10% off any courses hosted on our platform, Discount % is dependent on market conditions.

Specifications | A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.
We will merge web2 and web3 technology allowing blockchain token-gated courses, AI integrations for creators and future metaverse learning models. Please see whitepaper below

Approved Educators

Steps to Implement | The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.
Steps for Phase 1 have already begun, Design and development team have started and are working off an upfront FEE Our proposal category of $50,000 will allow us to successfully finish on time.

Phase 1 of the build is estimated to take 3-5 months The timeline and estimated costs for Phase 2 on YugaLabs Otherside remain unknown due to several variables.

Phase 1 $50,000 USD
Phase 2 Unknown Will get a better understanding once Otherside integrations are released.

We propose a kickstart of $50,000 in ApeCoin for Phase 1, and also enable our platform to use APE coin as a payment gateway. Powered by APE

We strongly believe our proposal is a step forward in streamlining how we approach education, and we are excited to partner with other leaders in the web3 space to bring this vision to life. We look forward to your feedback. Thank you for your consideration.


There’s a big gap between Web2 and Web3, i feel this will help in bridging that gap. I will love to be part of this. I hope the proposal gets accepted, good luck.


Thanks for the feedback, we even reached out to current web 2 educational host platforms, they were un- interested to merge the tech. So will be good to fill the gap ourselves.


This is one of the more thoughtful AIPs I’ve seen. Token-gated education definitively serves the vision of ApeCoin to bring culture forward towards the metaverse.

Will come back here for more thoughts when I have more time to review in further detail.


I like the idea overall. Honestly, if courses can be held on the otherside, it can be a good opportunity to offer tours of the metaverse etc too. I think this could expand into many opportunities, very curious to hear more!


I agree, an interactive learning experience is a creative way of keeping the mind active, much better than listening to a YouTube video or PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for your response :pray:t4:


Thank you, phase 2 we will push the curriculum into the metaverse, provided we can gain a better understanding of usability, but from what information is available now, it seems possible to create simple tasks within the Yuga ecosystem.


All for education, and online courses can be surprisingly useful. I actually recently purchased one for members of my team.

But as far as your pitch to the DAO — I do have questions.

  1. Define partnership

  2. What will your platform be called

  3. Will it have ApeCoin branding. And if so how much do you envision

  4. What will your vetting process be for creators to ensure the integrity of ApeCoin’s name is not jeopardized

  5. Do you have a list of creators and/or existing curated courses to populate the platform immediately, or will this require outreach




We are interested in forming a strategic partnership with ApeCoin to support and promote our platform, Approved Educators. This would involve using ApeCoin for payment processing and in-game learning purchases. Additionally, ApeCoin branding would be included featuring ‘Powered By ApeCoin’ with a payment portal for publishers to utilize the service.

Our internal governance token would be implemented to reward incentivized reviews, and a vetting process would be used to grant scholarships to higher-quality educators. We plan to partner with existing universities to allow more onboarding to our platform. We also currently possess a “Web3 onboarding MasterClass” developed by our sister company NFT APPROVED which offers educational products and services related to Web3, Blockchain Security and wallet hygiene.

We have already initiated some outreach and have received a positive response. As we begin our beta-testing phase, we should gain further insight into the demand for our service, which we should then be better informed when making decisions for our planning.


That sounds very interesting Token-gated education. I think it’s a very good Idea, as there is so much to learn in this space for everyone. :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback. Quick question, what happens after 7 days, does our proposal just get deleted? and or archived. It’s a confusing experience.

Hey @GuyMadden ,

Once you have completed the initial 7 days of community feedback, you have the option to extend for an additional 7 days to gather further input. If you have sufficient feedback, you can proceed with the AIP process and begin preparing your idea for the draft stage. Looking forward to working with you.



Makes sense, this early phase is like a soft pitch to gain feedback or interest. Thanks for the reply.

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Been around for 1000+ Years. Token was your high school diploma and then you got soul bound access to it. You used your soul bound access to get you into University. If you passed your degree you got soul bound access to your degree. Technically I can see how to make it, the question is what would be the business model for this?


The business model already exists, and you are right, We are just looking to evolve the immutable types of credentials and work with universities and JobSeek agencies to better recognise blockchain technologies. Non Transferable Tokens and education credentials go so well together, would be a shame not to explore these alternatives to a PDF cv/resumes.


Excellent proposal, I think this is one of the pillars we need to grow wisely, knowledge will train people to be better prepared for every situation and the entire market as a whole, NFT, WALLET, TOKENS, NETWORK, SECURITY, ETC…

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Also important, if all goes well…
while courses are being taught in English, we could select people, who could also do all the part in Portuguese language, so that we could work together in 2 nations, both USA / BRAZIL and also do the same for the other regions…

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I am very enthusiastic about knowledge, I think that learning takes us to a level of excellence…
without knowledge many things are done wrongly, and that’s not what we want!
That’s why I think this proposal is very valuable! @AllCityBAYC @GuyMadden

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I agree Rubinato, and thank you for your input, we will have location services as an option so people from around the world can select their own native language to view the curricula. No matter what language, our courses will suit the IP location or if using a VPN you will have the ability to manually select.

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We will make this happen, by having the right team in our corner can make all the difference though, thanks for the support.