Ape Gated Social Network

The Ape Network is an exclusive social network for ape holders. The development priority and fundings of the features are decided by the community.

Almost all NFTs communities do their online gatherings in the Discord. Even though that discord is a very good software but it has been designed with gamers in mind, not crypto communities. If we design our own software we can have a token gated twitter, a token gated discord, a token gated event system, some tools for management of IP rights, issueing POAP for joining a virtual event and a lot more.

We will first try to make an optimize network for the Ape owners and then will try to horizentally scale the system by creating sub-networks for other NFT projects ( Maybe even DAOs ) which we going to make profit from. Since BAYC is the dominant brand of the space, other projects will join the system. Besides that if we manage to become the social hub of crypto communities we gonna have a lot of influence for adding money maker features.

Besides the basics features of a social network for any advance feature community decides the priorities by funding their favourite feature to be developed. When somebody fund an issue they will receive an ERC1155 that will give them a dynamic “Prestige” point which is based on the amount of contribution and the time of it.
The “Prestige” point works like the tokens of other projects. First of all we gonna have a leaderboard that shows most prestigious users of the system. Also the recommendation algorithms of the system will prioritize prestige points. Also the profits of the system will be distributed between prestigious users. And since there is a limited amout of funding needed for each feature users that wants to gain prestige MUST buy it from a funding nft holder.
There would be another token in the system which is an ERC721 called Seed APE Coin, the purpose of $SAPE is to seed fund the development of the system. The $SAPE utility is that it will multiplie the prestige points. For example if somebody have 1 $SAPE their prestige points will be 2x and if they have 2 $SAPE their prestige points will be 3x.

Currently the high level features that I’m thinking of that can be useful are:

  • Basic token gated social network - photo or text posts
  • Messenger
  • SubCommunities - Bunch of apes can create a smaller community for themeselves
  • Events Manager
  • Stories - Instagram style stories
  • Intellectual Property contracts - If somebody wants to use your ape they can create an offer …

Steps to Implement
I need to create a proof of concept which I started building already.

After that I’m going to create the Seed APE contract. Total supply of Seed APE would be 100, 90 would be for ApeCoin DAO, 10 would be for founding team to have skin in the game.

I’m a senior web3 dev (My Github) with team of 3 other devs.
I think we need a first version with these features and cost estimates:

Signin system ( metamask, wallet-connect, hardware wallets ) $10k - 10 days
Posts ( Photos, multi photos, text, comment, reply, like, share, save, hashtags, mentions ) $15k - 15days
Messenger system ( direct messages, groups, voice message, files, and photos, reply )
$20k - 20 days
Profile system ( user info, badge system, follow ) $5k - 5 days
Funding smart contract ( smart contract - subgraph - leader board - tasks lists - nft images ) $15k - 15 days
Event Manager ( creating events, info, token gating, poap generation ) $15k - 15 days
Search and Notifications - $5k - 5 days
basic recommendations and monitoring - $5k - 5days

So after the completion of the proof of concept, we can work on getting the SeedAPE contract ready, and after getting the fundings it should takes around 3 month to have a good first version.

Overall Cost
We need $90k for the seed round in exchange of 90% of the $SAPE total supply.

I really appreciate to hear your feedback and adjust the proposal, it’s just my rough idea of what can be done based on my expertise.

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Hello there and welcome to the DAO forums. We’ve had a couple of others who have presented similar ideas. There are some difficulties with doing things like this that mainly center around A) adoption/use, B) developer experience/track record, C) market full of competitors.

Generally, the active users we see on Twitter enjoy interacting with others outside of the BAYC brand. If apes & nft collections moved to a new platform, they’d no longer engage new audiences.

Some of these features you’ve listed are really cool. IP contract is a great idea! So is token gates. One thing that could be really beneficial to the whole web3 space is token gate coding that can be added in the form of a wordpress plugin. Similiar to Collab-land for discord except for websites.

If you’re looking for grants - consider creating some solutions such as token gating that the DAO can offer to the larger NFT communities. I think there are many people here who would support those ideas.


Hello there, Thanks for your feedback. I’m trying to address the concerns one by one. I first try to address the C.

Even though there are a lot of social networks out there like Twitter and people enjoy it, the things we’re offering with a token gated experience are a lot different. For example, a normal BAYC or MAYC holder has almost no chance of being seen by snoop dogg in a social network where he has 30 million followers, but in a gated experience that chance is a lot higher. In fact, we’re offering an experience like a private club instead of a public one.

For the B we could first try something smaller, or put milestones for the grant.

And for the A yeah, I don’t think that’s a concern, instead, it’s a challenge, and we should try to find creative ways to solve it. I think that’s a challenge that EVERY product has and it’s the biggest challenge of entrepreneurship in general. And we have no way to find if we can overcome it without doing it. If this challenge stops people there was no product in the world. We should cautiously risk and try to overcome it and if we do we gain a lot more than we risked.

For WordPress, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make a plugin for it. The architecture of WordPress is too old and is not designed for these kinds of usage. The software we’re offering is something like a wordpress itself, and yeah it could be offered for larger NFT communities as well as I said in my original post.

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Hey, you’ve got a small team of developers and there are certainly opportunities here for you to build good ideas!

Again, I’m not sure about a new social network, maybe others will chime in and get excited about it.

There is a general culture of “let’s build web3 stuff for EVERYONE,” and I’ve met very few who want to use grants and the treasury for building private BAYC clubs. Which is a good thing really, hahahah!

Diving in here and in general chat, saying “hey what can we build together?” can open a lot of new doors! Can you tell us a bit about your team? More personal things like that?


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