@Halina.eth - Special Council Nomination 01/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Halina.eth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/halina_eth

Educational Background:

I studied at the University of California, Berkeley as part of the class of 2022, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, a #2 ranked Undergraduate Business Program within the United States, as well as studying internationally at Yonsei University in South Korea for International Business Relations. After buying my first NFT in February 2021, I was consumed by the crypto & NFT world & left Berkeley to focus full-time on my conviction in driving change within web3.

Prior to my experience at Berkeley, I acted as the Chair of Finance within De Anza College’s student senate, leading an 11-member committee as well as the greater senate in a formal public deliberations & voting process to fully allocate the Senate’s $1.1 million dollar annual budget. The various program directors had submitted proposals for the funding amount they believed best, and through this intensive 4-month budget deliberations and allocations process, it was my job to lead the Finance Committee to critically review each budget proposal and compile a holistic annual budget recommendation for the greater Senate to vote on & approve. This process is a remarkable “real-world” analogy to the AIP process within ApeCoin DAO, and my role as Chair of Finance too has striking resemblances to the role of the Special Council within ApeCoin.

Awards & Leadership Roles:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, issued by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
  • Dolores F. Cerro Scholarship, issued by Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • Chair of Finance, De Anza Student Senate
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Officer of Operations, DECA Collegiate Chapter
  • Vice President for Circle K International Club Association
  • Senate Leader, CCCSAA Student Leadership Conference 2019
  • De Anza Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • Dean’s List & De Anza Honors Program certification
  • Inter Club Council Representative for CKI Club
  • Head Teacher’s Assistant for Political Science Department Chair
  • AP Scholar with Distinction Award
  • Maximum score in 7 Advanced Placement course exams, administered by the College Board
  • 1510 SAT exam score, administered by the College Board (99th percentile score)

Professional Background:

Within the University of California, Berkeley, I was accepted into the SkyDeck Accelerator Fund Program as a startup founder in Batch 12. Through this experience I met with prominent Silicon Valley program mentors, and was invited to pitch to prominent investors including Sand Hill Angels.

After leaving Berkeley to focus on web3 in early 2021, I’ve become a founding member of ApeComms, an official representative of ApeCoin DAO in our inaugural sponsorship of the Ethereum Global San Francisco 2022 hackathon, the frontrunner out of four elected Stewards in the first ever cohort of Stewards within ApeCoin DAO (Working Group Zero, established through AIP-196), and acted as a driving force within the Thank Ape (AIP-124) board, eventually joining ThriveCoin (company powering Thank Ape) and connecting with DAO and Foundation members from GitCoin, Optimism, Arbitrum, Nouns PropHouse, and other constituents across the greater web3 ecosystem.

I’m also proud to be a long-time member of the Bored Ape and ApeCoin DAO communities, as a founder of the Bored California regional group representing the Bay Area Apes, co-founder of Chinese Ape Club, and proud member of the Ladies of BAYC, Pink DAO, Mutant Cartel, and PAYC (Purple Apes). I’ve attended meetups around the globe with ApeCoin community members, including in San Francisco, LA, Vegas, Miami, NYC, Seoul, Tokyo, and even as recently as with ApeFest in Hong Kong, while meeting members of related web3 communities such as BAYC/MAYC, Mocaverse, Nouns DAO, Doodles, Azuki, Moonbirds, and more. Meeting all the talented and passionate builders in our ApeCoin and broader web3 ecosystem has inspired and emboldened me through my journey in leading ApeCoin to become the DAO that inspires all as a success story in web3.

Certificates & Roles:

  • Batch 12 Alumnus of Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator Fund Program
  • Y Combinator Startup School Certificate, issued by Y Combinator
  • One of 4 elected ApeCoin DAO Stewards in the first ever Steward cohort, WG0 (AIP-196)
  • Board member, Thank Ape (AIP-124 in ApeCoin DAO)
  • Early non-technical hire at ThriveCoin, the web3 startup powering Thank Ape (AIP-124 of ApeCoin DAO), as well as community empowerment and governance systems across Optimism, Arbitrum, and more
  • ApeCoin DAO Sponsor Representative, Ethereum Global San Francisco 2022 conference & hackathon
  • One of historically ~30 members of the ApeCoin governance Forums with the “Regular” badge
  • Founding member, ApeComms (AIP-348 in ApeCoin DAO)
  • Founder, Bored California (regional group representing Bay Area Apes)
  • Co-Founder, Chinese Ape Club (group of 500+ Chinese-speaking Apes around the world)
  • Club Representative, Bored Club Association
  • Ladies of BAYC member
  • Pink DAO member
  • Mutant Cartel member, OG Cartelian
  • PAYC (Purple Ape Yacht Club) member

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I believe that ApeCoin DAO can not just survive the current market, but thrive and emerge from this crypto winter as a trailblazer and leader for all of web3 within the DAO space.

To do that, we must address internal challenges, such as balancing the unprecedented leadership structure within DAOs which must act with clear vision and oversight while placing an emphasis on our core web3 value of decentralization. At the same time, we must earn a reputation as a leader within the broader ecosystem, which includes extending a visible presence at industry conferences & events, collaborations with fellow prominent web3 leaders and communities, and initiating direct outreach & ongoing relationships with the industry builders who will bring the innovations that drive the next great crypto market boom.

I am best positioned to drive these goals for ApeCoin DAO. Since I left Berkeley, the #1 public university within the United States, to pursue my conviction in web3, I’ve built a reputation for cultivating relationships and enabling them to flourish. I am uniquely suited to building the relationships that will raise ApeCoin DAO to new heights- both within our own ecosystem, as well as in the broader ecosystem as a leader amongst every DAO in the world.

Additionally, throughout my consistent contributions as a core DAO contributor since September 2022, often as the only female and internationally-representative voice in the room, I never shied away from my profound convictions that the diversity within the DAO will enrich us all. Whether that takes the form of diversity of opinions, of cultural backgrounds, or of gender, as a member of the ApeCoin Special Council, I am confident I will represent the ApeCoin community in a way that one would be proud of, and open the door for more diversity within the DAO’s future elected roles, further enriching us all and allowing ApeCoin to lead at the forefront of our industry.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

I’ve always envisioned the power of ApeCoin DAO to fundamentally change the world and the possibilities within web3. We are uniquely positioned in a way no other entity can match- born of the efforts of Yuga, a multibillion-dollar valued company that has blazed the trail of culture into the crypto and NFT world like no other, and set to inherit the multi-trillion metaverse empire of the future, ApeCoin DAO truly sits at the intersection of culture and technology.

We are at the beginning of an inflection point in history. As a giant amongst giants, it is our responsibility to seize the opportunity we’ve been gifted, and act powerfully and with conviction for the betterment of the entire space.

There are several “low-hanging” inflection points for change we can currently reach within the DAO- these include a stronger presence at industry events, deeper relationships with other leaders and builders driving change in the space, and concerted efforts at inclusion for builders and community members around the globe to contribute to ApeCoin DAO.

Several excellent initiatives have already made impacts on these fronts:

  1. AIP-96 by former Special Council member Maaria has allowed ApeCoin representatives (including myself) to represent the DAO to the wider community during the Ethereum Global San Francisco conference/hackathon of 2022, and the follow-up AIP-230 does the same for further ETHGlobal conferences around the world (including in cities such as Tokyo, Lisbon, Paris, New York, and more) until the end of 2023.

  2. Through Thank Ape (AIP-124), ApeCoin DAO has been able to cross-collaborate with other prominent communities such as Nouns DAO and further engage with builders from our IRL presence events such as ETHGlobal. I’ve been honored to take the lead within the Thank Ape Board in conceptualizing, orchestrating, and executing the 8+ Nouns PropHouse funding rounds & Thank Ape Seasons 1-3 grants competitions that have collectively funded 250+ projects with 100,000+ $APE back to builders and leaders within the community.

  3. AIP-297 by former Special Council member Yat Siu sets the stage to bring in stakeholders from our wider community through the inclusion of Mocaverse, Cool Cats, World of Women, Pudgy Penguins, and Koda NFTs in the form of an ApeCoin sister DAO. AIP-304 by community member Machi does the same with Punks and other notable NFT collections. AIP-317 is a shining example brought forth by the current Governance Stewards of an inclusive AIP, going to vote on Snapshot with links to the proposal’s full details in multiple international languages. Finally, current Special Council member Vera the Ape has notably hosted events around the world and built connections for ApeCoin community members all around the world to enjoy. As someone who’s consistently advocated for inclusive timezones, attention to detail regarding language barriers, and broadly diversity & inclusion, it’s been an honor to witness these transformations in the DAO firsthand.

These initiatives have made such an impact- however, we can always do more! Given my specialized skills and experience with this DAO, I am confident I can continue in the work I have done through the past 14+ months in ApeCoin DAO and lead the DAO to even greater prominence and influence through a role in Special Council.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

I’ve always been a high achiever and statistical outlier, whether that has taken the form of academic achievements, leadership roles, or ability to perform in high-stress, high-stakes settings. However, above all this I consider my true power in my ability to build, maintain, and enable relationships to flourish.

Stemming from the beginning of my time at ApeCoin DAO, I’ve built lifelong bonds of friendship with the members of ApeComms for over a year. These peers are brilliant individuals, all of whom have since created tremendous impact within the DAO, serving in positions ranging from Discourse Facilitator, to Governance Working Group Steward, to Special Council itself. Many of us spent time together serving as Working Group Zero (WG0) Stewards, and spent countless hours envisioning and architecting the seeds that would become the current Working Group structure of our DAO.

As a member of the Thank Ape Board, I’ve encouraged and empowered our ApeCoin community to expand and reach our true potential. The work of reaching out, encouraging, and answering questions from community members of all kinds of backgrounds, as well as welcoming non-ApeCoin community members to join the DAO may seem tedious at a glance. However, I’ve never felt more fulfilled than when I was sharing opportunities to talented builders and leaders, and watching them challenge themselves and flourish in the process of ideating, applying for, and campaigning for grants that mean the difference between the life or stillbirth of a cherished idea. To see all the brilliance and ecosystem-changing projects that have come to life as a result of my work and the work of my fellow Board and team, evokes a joy and passion that truly cannot be described.

Finally, in my personal capacity as a web3 citizen and community member, I’ve participated in wide-ranging communities including regional California and Chinese-speaking communities, Ladies of BAYC, Mutant Cartel, Pink DAO, Mocaverse, Azuki, Doodles, and more. I’ve heard these community members express their delight and joy in the good times, and their fear and desolation through the bad times. Yet through all of this, community sticks together. We find passion, we find meaning, and we find new ways to build and support each other that make the world a better place.

I truly believe that my love of cultivating relationships, my track record of building flourishing communities, and my confidence in letting my unique strengths shine while part of a team, all speak for themselves. It would be an honor to continue my journey of serving our community as a member of the ApeCoin Special Council.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

In addition to these experiences, I have been fortunate to make connections and learn from industry leaders across the space through my personal connections and time as part of the ThriveCoin team.

During my time at ThriveCoin, in addition to serving and leading in my role at the Thank Ape Board, I served on community councils and worked with leaders at top DAOs such as Optimism, ShapeShift, Aavegotchi, and Arbitrum. These brilliant leaders and collaborators have not only taught me about the dynamics of the greater web3 ecosystem, but also about the internal workings of other top DAOs and how they handle universal topics such as governance, fostering community & participation, and balancing decentralization with efficiency.

As ApeCoin DAO moves into a new stage of our existence, debating key topics such as automation, governance, and the future of ApeChain, it’s crucial for us to keep in mind that we are not alone and learn from the successes and failures of other great minds in our space. I am excited to collaborate and lead our DAO in this endeavor, and together we in turn can inspire- and become a leader for other DAOs to emulate.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

ApeCoin DAO is strong. We’re powerful. And we’re going to prove it to the world.

This is the vision I’ve held since starting as a DAO contributor over a year ago, and it is still the vision I hold firmly today. All my experiences, from managing a $1.1 million dollar “web 2” budget and grants process, to my time as one of ApeCoin DAO’s 7 inaugural WG0 Steward cohort, to my time enabling 250+ builders to make a difference through ApeCoin with the Thank Ape Board.

I welcome everyone to reach out to me with your vision for ApeCoin DAO. My Twitter(X) messages have always been open for everyone, no matter your background, to reach out to.

Join me, and campaign together for an ApeCoin DAO that leads the world!


Thank you everyone for your attention! I’m so grateful for all my experiences over this past year with ApeCoin DAO, and am honored to earn your support as a Special Council member to continue serving our DAO.

Let’s bring the DAO to new heights!!


Additional Resources:

Full Nomination Profile (8 languages available):

English: HALINA for ApeCoin Special Council - Full Nomination - Google Docs
French: (Français) HALINA pour le Conseil Spécial d'ApeCoin - Document de Nomination - Google Docs
Spanish: (Español) HALINA para el Consejo Especial de ApeCoin - Documento de Nominación - Google Docs
German: (Deutsch) HALINA für den ApeCoin Special Council – Vollständige Nominierung - Google Docs
Chinese: (中文)HALINA ApeCoin 特别理事会 - 提名文件 - Google Docs
Japanese: (日本語) HALINA for ApeCoin 特別評議会 - 推薦書類 - Google Docs
Korean: (한국어) ApeCoin 특별위원회 HALINA - 추천 문서 - Google Docs
Arabic: (عربي) المجلس الخاص لـ HALINA for ApeCoin - وثيقة الترشيح - Google Docs

Huge thanks to @FUDmaster, @David_Crypto, @YuAyato, @Wuestenigel, and others for supporting these translations! If anyone else would like to support, please reach out and let me know.


Nomination Brief:

Hello, I’m Halina.eth and I’m running for ApeCoin Special Council because I believe in our DAO’s ability to thrive in this crypto winter and set an example for the entire web3 ecosystem.

Our DAO faces challenges, both internally and externally. We need visionary leadership, a stellar reputation, and a vibrant community of builders for the future ApeChain ecosystem.

I am uniquely qualified to achieve these goals. Since September 2022, as an ApeCoin DAO core contributor, I have:
• Helped establish the current DAO Working Group structure as a WG0 Steward, giving Stewards autonomy while upholding decentralization (AIP-196, 239, 240).
• Showcased ApeCoin DAO at Ethereum Global San Francisco 2022 conference & hackathon, paving the way for more successful sponsorships worldwide in 2023 (AIP-96, 230).
• Led multiple rounds of grants through the Thank Ape Board, empowering over 250 builders with 100,000+ $APE of funding (AIP-124).

My track record speaks volumes. It’s time to unleash the true potential of our DAO- we stand at the intersection of culture and technology, with a chance to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Join me in campaigning for an ApeCoin DAO that leads the future!


Reserved for additional comments.


Halina!!! So excited to be running alongside you in this election. You are such a great member of the DAO community. Pink Apes stay together.

Stay Bored.

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excited to be campaigning with you as well

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I have had the opportunity of working with Halina during her time as WG0 Steward, Thank APE Board and ThriveCoin Customer Success. Ever since she entered ApeCoin DAO, she has found success by diving in fully and participating wherever she could add value. Her commitment to the community has been evident in her work.

Looking forward to hearing you showcase your work during this election season, Halina!


Congratulations on the nomination! i know you will be great in any role. Not just because you have full skill for DAO. you are also one of the kind person really shared your love and help to the community.
A real builder and building with heart :heart: . Excited your run! i am so proud of you!!!

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I struggle to find the proper words for the impact Halina has had on my time in the community. She has been nothing but positive and amazing with her efforts and time.

Her dedication to web3 and ApeCoin has been exemplary.


Halina, I share your thoughts regarding our ecosystem and as a long time and very active member, I am excited to see you running and bringing your perspective to the SC role during your candidacy and then potentially as SC. Good luck and thank you for all you do for the ecosystem. :saluting_face:

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Nothing but only great things from this fine lady here. She has been helpful and committed in guiding ever since I have joined the community :heart:

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Halina is an earlier member of the ApeCoin Dao. Her most active period was before I deep dived into it. However, I can see she has been involved in programs which I took part that have expanded the influence of the Dao such as ThankApe which she sits on the Board. She is doxxed and I think the SC should have a good mix of doxxed publicly and those not doxxed publicly (but KYC’ed for legal compliance).

@Halina.eth what things do you think are being done right at the ApeCoin Dao and what areas do you see to change methods or have improvements?

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Early evangelist of Apecoin DAO, someone who needs no introduction <3
Wish you all the very best Halina <3

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I am a huge fan of Halina. She and I joined the DAO at a similar time, and she was one of the first people I spoke with upon joining. My impression after our first conversation: smart, thoughtful, infinitely passionate about ApeCoin.

Since then, I’ve worked with Halina in a variety of capacities. Most relevant for ApeCoin, she’s served on our Thank APE board, and been a voice of Thank APE to our community for over a year. During that time, my admiration for her has only grown. She deeply cares about this community, and she’s put her heart, soul, and intellect into making it better.


Hi @Halina.eth, I am asking all candidates the following same questions:

If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO?

What is an area of expertise that you will be bringing to the table?

Are there any factors in your life that may limit your time and ability to serve? (Running a business, extensive traveling, secret agent for the SEC, etc…)

What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in its current state?

Currently, many of the proposals are determined by large wallets, there are many grumblings about it though I stand neutral on this; if possible, would you change this? and if so, how and why?

Will you be an active participant in the DAO even if unelected?

Thank you and best of luck,


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Hi Halina!
I just wanted to show my fullest support for your nomination for the Special Council!

Your journey from Berkeley to immersing yourself in the Web3 space is incredible.

Your consistent dedication and contributions to the ApeCoin DAO are amazing, and seeing you stepping up to do even more makes me excited about the future of the DAO.

I’m especially excited about how you could play a very impactful role in supporting and empowering builders and contributors like myself. The Thank Ape program has been lifechanging for me and many others and I hope to see more of that :pray:

Also your active presence across Discourse, Discord, Twitter spaces, and beyond is truly impressive. Unlike many candidates who might feel distant, you’re always close to the community, engaging and very much accessable.

Whenever I see or hear you, you shine so bright and fill the room with energy and positivity, I love that about you.

Halina, if there is anything I can do to help your campaign, please let me know. You have my absolute support :smiley::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m now mostly an observer but from what I see and follow, Halina is one of the most dedicated and passionate contributors who is doing a marathon, not a sprint. I wish you luck (or rather just merit-based appreciation!) in your nomination. Cheers!

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Gm @bigbull, thank you for the kind comments!! I too have been glad to see you join + blaze a trail in the DAO these past months. To answer your questions:

What's being done right in our DAO:

Big picture, we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve balanced DAO structure with leadership + decentralization, established a global presence in the wider web3 ecosystem, and several big proposals have been passed as our DAO reaches a shared realization that we need to include talent and builders from other communities, and expand the base of ApeCoin DAO members.

Expanding on each of these:

  • the WG0 Stewards (AIP-196) established the foundation for the Working Groups + Stewards system (AIP-239) that exists today, establishing a balance of specialized leadership with decentralization in our DAO structure. It was an honor for me to be elected and serve as be part of this cohort of inaugural Stewards in the DAO.
  • Our former Special Council member @maariab established a relationship between ApeCoin DAO & ETHGlobal (a network of hackathons and conference events spanning the wider Ethereum ecosystem) through AIP-96 in 2022 and AIP-230 in 2023. Special Council member @veratheape represented the DAO to the wider web 3 ecosystem in several of these sponsorships, including for ETHTokyo, ETHParis, and other community events around the world.
  • AIP-297 by former Special Council member @yatsiu sets the stage to bring in stakeholders from our wider community through the inclusion of Mocaverse, Cool Cats, World of Women, Pudgy Penguins, and Koda NFTs in the form of an ApeCoin sister DAO. AIP-304 by community member @Machibigbrother does the same with Punks and other notable NFT collections.
  • AIP-317 is a shining example brought forth by the current Governance Stewards of an inclusive AIP, going to vote on Snapshot with links to the proposal’s full details in multiple international languages. As someone who’s consistently advocated for inclusive timezones, attention to detail regarding language barriers, and broadly diversity & inclusion, it’s been an beyond exciting to witness these transformations in the DAO firsthand.

Finally, want to touch on a keystone of my platform around supporting builders- really proud as a Board member of Thank Ape (AIP-124) to see the hundreds of builders we’ve empowered across the ApeCoin ecosystem, as well as the positive reputation it’s built for ApeCoin in the broader web3 world & the new talent that’s been brought into the DAO through our microgrants.

What we could improve in the DAO:

3 key categories we must focus on are further empowering builders, building ApeCoin’s reputation in the wider web3 ecosystem, and automation of processes to free up those serving the DAO to do more.

  1. Empowering builders involves many pieces. Many factors can make our DAO a more attractive choice for top builders: shortening length of time from AIP Idea to Snapshot vote, setting expectations around proposal amounts, shortening time to receive funding after an AIP passes, scaling back intensity of negotiation required when authors sign with the foundation, increasing the accessibility of voters’ feedback and access to direct conversation, and creating new avenues for builders to create with the DAO aside from the main AIP process.
  2. We build a reputation through industry events, representation, and collaboration with other key players in the ecosystem. We must increase our visibility at broader industry events such as ETH SF, Consensus, and Token 2049. Build relationships with leaders from Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and beyond. Study from the successes and failures of other DAOs like Nouns, Decentraland, or the Optimism Collective.
  3. Go further with what we have with automation. Currently there’s many portions of roles that can be automated or made more efficient with AI and current technology. For example, we can free up meeting notetaking time with AI notetaking software for internal + external meetings, especially as the numbers of active Stewards + Working Groups grows. There many such parts of the AIP process which could become more automated.

Thanks again for your thoughtful questions BigBull!!

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:

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Thank you for the great questions @foxSlightly !

Making ApeCoin DAO the first choice for talented builders. Currently our reputation is held back by length of time to approve a proposal, time to funding, and low acceptance rate of AIPs. These metrics can all be improved or worked around- empowering microgrants & alternate funding methods through initiatives such as AIP-124 and AIP-209, working with legal counsel to ensure a less adversarial contract negotiation process for authors of approved AIPs, and highlighting education and support to authors on common pitfalls + less intuitive parts of the process (for example: Delegate Ambassador Program, AIP-354), are a few of the changes that come to mind for supporting builders.

I’ve always been a top achiever, whether at academics, leadership roles, or learning on the fly in high stress, high stakes environments. But my most treasured skill is my ability to build relationships and cultivate the talent that lies within each of us.

Building trust & community is my strongest asset. Even in this forum, I’ve been humbled to see the many expressions of mutual respect & trust our DAO members have built with me over time.

My experiences listening to builders’ concerns, encouraging hundreds of community members’ projects and contributions to the DAO, and designing opportunities for builders use their talents for the betterment of ApeCoin through my role by your side on the Thank Ape Board (our Nouns Prop House numbers include 8 rounds, 300+ proposals, and 80+ projects selected to implement) have demonstrated my ability to distill connections and relationships into tangible change for our DAO.

I’m excited to continue supporting builders and cultivating a growth-oriented environment, both internally and externally.

No. I am willing and able to devote my full time and attention to solely advancing the interests of our DAO, and have done so since September 2022.

Currently, the trust in ApeCoin DAO is fragmented. Our DAO’s very birth coincided with a community schism over staking. In too many conversations, assumptions of good faith are lacking. Even recently, the GWG stewards made the decision to sunset the Ape Assembly initiative due to debates lacking good faith, and the ensuing lack of participation.

The narrative in the DAO for a long time has been “us vs. them”- big vs. small voters, authors vs. against votes, those with pure $ape vs. those with Yuga assets.

With the question of ApeChain(s) on the horizon, this is especially the time to shift our narrative. We all wants what’s best for the DAO, informed by our diverse experiences and perspectives. Productive discussions hinge on the foundation of mutual respect and an openness to new information.

With the biggest decision of the DAO in 1.5 years on the horizon, it’s time to unite over our common goal and get to work.

I don’t believe targeting large wallets will lead to a desired solution. Aside from the question of passing these governance changes in the DAO, methods like quadratic voting or caps on voting power are too vulnerable to sybil attacks and workarounds as long as KYC is not introduced.

Large votes are often composed of delegations, and thus an opportunity to include holders in the voting process who otherwise wouldn’t have the time to vote. Overall, instead of directing our energies against those who act on their faith in the ApeCoin ecosystem, we should work to encourage more participation, a plurality of delegations, and more consistent community wide dialogue on key issues.

Yes. Just as I have since September last year, and I will additionally continue to serve in my role on the Thank Ape Board regardless of the results of this election.


Thank you again for asking Fox! Appreciate you & the insights you bring to our DAO.

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:

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Thank you for always being so welcoming and inclusive @phibacka31!! I’ve been inspired every time we chat, and am likewise so glad to run alongside a community builder and educator like you. Pink Ape power!!

LFG @Raymond - great hearing you in Spaces today and can’t wait for more. Always better together!

@BoredApeG, thank you for being a true friend through this past year and through my greatest moments of growth. You have shown everyone what it means to excel in the role of Special Council!!