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Hi - I know one of the most important components of AIPs are their respective KPIs/ROIs. Is there a good place to see progress being made across all accepted AIPs, what their original KPIs were and their progress in accomplishing them? I’d posted this on the transparency forum, but never really got info. (Apologies if this isn’t the right place, I’d done a few searches and couldn’t find a good place)

a) I know for each AIP we ask for KPIs/ROI to be tracked is there a specific location this information is collected?
b) There are a variety of positions within the DAO, some coming up for vote here soon, is there a place to see who are all of the individuals currently employed by the DAO?
c) Do we somehow track what different employees / working groups are tackling? What was completed in Q1 and what is being worked on in Q2?
d) Are there KPIs/ROI associated with those individuals that are being tracked? Akin to a quarterly or annual performance review.


Great questions @drucritt. I believe the @Facilitators or @Stewards_Governance will be able to answer in a more detailed way.


Hi @drucritt,

a) While AIP clearly tend to vary, as you’ve noted each AIP that would entail Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) would have stated those in their AIP’s “Steps to Implement” section. To your question, Facilitators conduct interviews and follow-up research on each relevant AIP to help determine which stated milestones and KPIs have been reached and report them back to the community. These updates can be found on each accepted AIP’s companion page, in the AIP Implementation Updates section.

One of the most recently updated examples is from AIP-383: The Public Bored; check out that Implementation Updates page here.

b) The Special Council members can all be found on the apecoin.com “About” page, and can be seen here:

Here’s a Working Group visual:

[Please note: @BojangleGuy has stepped in for @Vulkan as our acting DAO Secretary.]

c) Each group has its own charter, and I encourage you to check out the following for more information:

While the Web3 Development Working Group team has yet to be voted in, you can find that charter in AIP-376.

d) The Announcements category is a resource for these sorts of inquiries. Here you’ll find updates regarding quarterly and annual reporting, as well as regular ad hoc updates on the happenings in our ecosystem.

Hope this helps, and thanks for your inquiry.


Thank you for this deeper dive question !
Im actually missing generally transparency reports, should we have them back but in different form?

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